Tittle: You Make Me So MAD

Description: A set of cut scenes between Emma and others that takes place between when everyone gets their memories back and Emma confronts Hook about Zelenas comment about Hook and what he failed to do for her, and when we see Henry at his father's grave.

Author's thoughts: For the sake of this story I am going to have the two previously mentioned scenes take place as if the second is taking place then next day.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but this story idea, all of the characters and the worlds that they come from belong to much better writers then me.

Rating: T

Killian lay on his bed in the room that he had rented from Granny, starring at the ceiling. Like many other nights that he had found himself in this position he wondered why it was that he had let himself become so soft. For over three hundred and fifty years the only person other than his Milah that had been his primary focus had been himself. Now on an almost daily basis he was putting his life on the line for Emma and her Family. Even though they themselves had told him on more than one occasion that they needed his help, it was sad to know that the members of the Charming family didn't trust him enough to believe in him. Everything always went back to him being a pirate.

The sad thing about it all was that he could not blame them for their opinions of him. Had he not proven with Prince Eric that he was no better than what they thought that he was? When he looked back on everything that had happened, Killian wished that he had chosen a different path. If he could do everything with Ariel again he would have given up his ship for the information that they needed and then gone after the Jolly Roger at another time so that in the end both he and Ariel would have gotten what they wanted.

If one thing about his incredibly long life had taught Killian it was that "what if's" in life, were as numerous as the stars in the night sky and that just like the stars, they were completely out of a person's reach.

When the first nock came at Killian's door he almost missed it, being as involved in his own thoughts as he was. When the nock came again he sighed to himself and wondered who could be at his door at this time of night. Without further thought however he got out of bed and went to the door. When opening the door revealed Emma to be the one on the other side, Killian was so surprised that he didn't even have a witty remark for her. Instead he leaned on the door and waited for Emma to say whatever it was that she had come to him for this time.

"We need to talk." Killian still said nothing but just waived her into his room before closing the door behind her. Looking over to where Emma was standing, looking out the window by the bed, Killian could not help but wonder what it was that she could want to talk about that they had not already yelled about at each other earlier that day.

"So, what can I help you with now love?" Killian asked after waiting for Emma to start.

"I have just one question for you." Emma told him as she turned to look at him. Her green eyes were guarded and most of the customary sparkle that Killian thought of as all her own was now gone from them. Instead Emma just looked tired and worn out. "Why, why did you not tell us about what Zelena had done to you? What were you hoping to gain by not telling us?"

"That's actually two questions love." Killian knew that he was just trying to hide behind his bravado with that last statement and Emma could tell as well what he was doing. When she cocked her eyebrow at him in much the same manor that he had used on everyone else, Killian's shoulders sagged and he drifted past her to sit on the edge of his bed. "As I said before in the diner that is a rather long tail."

"Well I guess that it is a good thing I have lots of time on my hands this evening."

Killian looked at Emma for a long time and could see in her eyes that he would have to ether tell her to go away or confess the truth of what had happened during their year apart. Running his good hand threw his hair; Killian sighed and leaned on his knees while looking at the floor. Perhaps if he just told the tale without looking Emma in the eye he could get through it all.

"I suppose that I would half to go back to when we all returned to the Enchanted Forest. As you may have herd when I arrived back with the others and we ran into Arora and Philip who told us that much had changed so your mother and father decided to make their way to the queens castle. While this decision was being made I left the group so that I could find my ship. The Jolly Roger may not seem like much to anyone else but to me it has been my home for over three hundred years and as Regina said all of our things along with us were returned to the Enchanted Forest so getting my ship back would only be a matter of finding it.

Over the course of the next few months I traveled to all of the ports and asked around if anyone had seen the Roger but again and again I came up with nothing. I did however find some of my crew and so we set out together and along the way pillaged, peacefully I will add, what treasures that we came across." Emma could only shake her head at this. Once a pirate always a pirate even if they were not killing anyone to get their treasures.

"This continued for many months and after a time I had almost given up hope of ever finding my ship again when I was attacked by a friend who accused me of having stolen her husband. When I informed the lass that I had no idea what she was speaking of she informed me that a fellow captive had escaped a ship named the Jolly Roger and that since I was her captain that it had to have been me that took him."

"Who was the friend?"


"But I thought you said that you had never seen her before she arrived her in Storybrook?"

"I lied. I was too ashamed of what had taken place that year to tell her and the others what I had done. It didn`t matter though because when I did try to confess what I had done I found out that the person that had been hear in Storybrook that day had not been Ariel at all but in fact was Zelena, discussed as our friend so that she could get close to me and place the curse upon me."

"What did you do Hook? Whatever it was, I know it has something to do with why Zelena was able to curse you in the first place." Emma had a bad feeling about where this was headed but was confused about what it could be as she clearly recalled seeing Ariel and Eric in the mirror together.

Killian looked Emma in the eyes and she was surprised to see the look of defeat on his face. Whatever it was that he had done was enough that he regretted it. "I chose my ship over saving Ariel`s husband from Black Beard, the pirate that had captured him."

"What?! Why?"

"Because at that point I had given up on love …again. All I could count on was my ship and my crew and in so doing I lost the last part of me that was a good man. It was one of the main reasons that when I got the message telling me that I had to find you so that you could break the new curse I grabbed at the chance to try and redeem myself of what I had done." Killian waited for Emma to respond but when she didn`t he felt that he had to explain in detail what had happened.

Emma listened to exactly what had taken place. About how he and Ariel had found his ship and how Killian had challenged Black Beard for her. How in the end Killian had been forced to choose between getting his ship back or leaving it with Black Beard in exchange for the information about where Eric was. Emma tried to understand why Killian would have chosen his ship over Eric's life when he had proven that he was willing to give up procuring her in the past for the life of Neil. When Killian spoke of the parting comments that Ariel had given him it was as if a light had gone off and it made sense to her again as to why he had done what he had.

"Killian how was Zelena able to curse you?"

"While she was pretending to be Ariel, I tried to apologize for what I had done to her. She asked how she could believe a man that no longer believed in love and when I told her that I still did she had me swear it on the name of the person that I cared for. Zelena then changed back into herself and told me that in selfishly invoking the name of the woman that I loved she was given the way to curse me."

"It was my name that you invoked"

"Aye" Killian responded sounding rather defeated.

"That still doesn`t explain why it was that you didn`t tell us about what Zelena had done." Emma wanted to believe in Killian, after everything that he had done for her and her family while they had been in Neverland and then again since he had brought her back to Storybrook with looking after Henry while he had no memories of the past, and trying to help them stop Zelena from her master plan. These were just some of the reasons that she wanted to believe that he could be a better man then just the pirate that he claimed he was.

"Zelena told me that if I informed you or any of the others of what she had done then she would kill your parents, friends and son. She may not be able to harm you love but that doesn`t mean that she can't hurt the others that you care about." Killian observed Emma hoping that she would see the truth of what he was telling her. Using her special power Emma could tell that Killian not only believed what he was telling her was the truth but it was also the main reason that he had not said anything to her or her family.

"Well the cat is out of the bag now and we are all still hear so she lost in her grand plan of splitting up our family." Emma sat beside Killian and took his hand in hers, giving it a squeeze. Both looked down at where their hands were joined and then back into each other's eyes.

"Family ah, well it has been some time since anyone has grouped me into that category."

"Well what with Regina now getting together with Robin Hood that brings our eclectic gathering up to a thief, a not so evil queen, a princess, a shepherd turned knight, a savior and a child that has the heart of the truest believer. Why not add a pirate to the mix." Emma smiled at Killian who was giving her his signature smirk in return. This of course caused Emma`s attention to be drawn to his lips. Killian had to stifle the grown that was trying to come forth when he noticed both where her attention was drawn and the slow burning lust that was filling her eyes.

"Emma, love please don't look at me like that." Killian begged of her. "You have no idea how long I have wanted you, but know that if you kiss me now and that with this curse still upon my lips, all of your magic will be gone and there will be no way of stopping Zelena."

"Regina is looking into how to remove the curse." Emma told him weather to convince herself or Killian that everything was going to be alright. Looking into Killian`s eyes she saw not only the lust that was forming over how close the two of them were to one another but also another emotion that she was too frightened to admit too. She had known for a while that Killian wanted her but to see that it went deeper than that meant that she would have to confront what she also felt for him and she was not sure if she was ready for that yet. "Zelena said that you had to kiss me for the curse to be enacted correct?"

"Aye" Killian carefully responded.

"`But she didn't say anything about you being kissed did she." Emma said slowly leaning closer to Killian so that her breath was ghosting along his checks.

"Emma, love, I don't think…" but he was unable to continue that thought as Emma's lips kissed a trail along his jaw. This time nothing could stop the moans or gasps of breath from escaping his mouth as she continued to trail wet kisses towards the soft tissue behind his ear. "Woman it`s not nice to tease a man, especially when he can't reciprocate the affections." Killian growled into her ear and found that he was fast losing the control that he had, as he pulled Emma into his lap and let his good hand roam her back and into her silky curls while his hooked arm held her close to him.

Emma didn't stop as she slowly kissed every part of his face and down his neck, lavishing at his pulse point. When Killian grabbed her breast in his hand, Emma could not help but moan out her own pleasure at where things were going.

"Emma we are going to need to stop this soon or we will fast reach a point of no return love." Killian tried to warn the siren that was now pressing herself into his hand and was running her nails lightly threw his thick hair.

"Well you`ll just have to show some of that pirate strength and resolve then and satisfy yourself to just holding," Emma whispered into Killian`s ear, which garnished a shiver out of him that even she felt. "Touching" slowly her fingers trailed their way down his chest and stopped just above the waist band of his leather pants. "And stroking." Killian growled out lowed as Emma palmed his straining erection threw his pants. "Just remember no kissing, okay Captain?"

"Woman you will be the death of me." Killian moaned as if he were almost in pain into her ear as he rolled Emma onto his bed and under him. "First and for most love, I want you to know that if we do this it will not be just a one-time thing savvy?" Emma searched Killian`s so that she could try and gauge what it was that he was trying to tell her and saw the same look in his eyes as before. The realization that the emotion was not going away allowed her to believe that he may indeed love her as much as he was saying he did.


"Well then love, I guess that the fun really will begin." Killian stroked the side of her face trailing down her neck and side, back towards Emma`s hip where he pulled them close to one another again. "And when Regina gets rid of this pesky curse I am going to ravish you the likes of which you have never been ravished before."

"Well with three hundred plus years of practice I would expect nothing less of you Pirate. After all pillaging and plundering is what you do best." Emma said smirking at his own eye role.

"Aye love that is what we pirates do."

And so ends this one.

I hope that you all enjoyed this as much as I did and I look forward to any concluding comments that any have to share.