The Saiyans, Soul reapers and Arrancars

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A/N: The characters from Dragon Ball Z are Broly, Raditz and ; with a few mentions of Nappa, Goten, Bulma etc and finally few appearances of Vegeta.

The characters from Bleach are Tia Harribel, Neliel, Stark , Lilinete, Milo-rose, Apache, King Barragan and Sung-Sun . The other characters are also mentioned. The story starts with a LITTLE introduction on how the saiyans arrived to Heuco Munde, then follows Bleach episode 284(Chain of Sacrifice) and a bit of episode . DO NOTE THAT THIS IS ALSO A SPOILER TO MY MAIN STORY OF ONLY DBZ: DBZ-L.O.S.E; Therefore DO NOT copy the plot and especially the introduction.


Long before Sosuke Aizen ever thought of betraying the 13 court guard squads and before he joined them as a lieutenant, there was chaos in Heuco Mundo. It was during the start of Barragan's reign. Three Strangers with IMMENSE power had arrived. Barragan knew that they were not hollows and asked them to join by his side. After they declined, a battle between Barragan and one of the strangers with long spiky black knee-length hair began. The stranger transformed into a golden being with even longer locks of hair and defeated Barragan. However he did not end him and the plausible leader carrying a broad sword warned Barragan; he then declared that neither of them should interfere in each others' way. Barragan accepted and asked why they appeared in his territory of Heuco Mundo. The leader said that they came from another realm and were being chased by a species of mostly female beings. He had the power of opening portals and stopping time and with it he opened a portal. The next thing they knew, the three of them were in this place. Barragan then learned the names of the strangers. The leader was a young man with silvery lavender hair named Trunks, the second in command was a behemoth of a man at +8ft with something deep within his gentle nature; he was called Broly. Lastly the stranger whom Barragan fought was called Raditz. Barragan kept his promise and never interfered, while the strangers trained and battled each other. The other hollows, whether being adduces, vasto-lordes etc were all frightened of their power and NEVER got close to them or EVEN their surrounding area. A few centuries later, the three of them met with Stark and Lilinete. As they were moving forward they saw an adduces being killed off by another vasto-lordes, who saved an adduces. Stark said that they both were females and were mostly targeted by the males. However not as lovers, mates but as food. The saiyans were disgusted and moved on.

A few decades later the saiyans, stark and Lilinete were requested to aid king Barragan in training his army. Trunks agreed and went up to meet him. However they came during a meeting of Barragan and the female vasto-lordes.

"it is annoying for you to be operating so independently within my sight, however it would be a waste to kill someone with such power. Therefore I have come to you with two choices. The first is to accept my previous offer, join me and become a part of my army. The other is for you to vanish someplace clear of my view. The problem for you unfortunately is that no corner of Las-noches exist that is beyond my reach. ha ha ha ha !" Laughed Barragan along with his army. Raditz decided to intervene and let their presence known my appearing between them. The men in Barragan's army were frightened and some even whimpered. Barragan welcomed them with fear and listened to their demand in letting go off the females. Unbeknownst off the people except for Trunks and his men, Aizen, Gin and Tosen watched them.

A few days later Apache and the others rested in their cave after defeating an adduces. Suddenly they were Attacked by one of Barragan's men, who had his mask broken and in a new form. Harribel arrived and was in problem but still she ordered them to retreat. However the three returned and aided Harribel. Lastly when she was about to be finished off, Aizen intervened and killed off. When Aizen was rattling on about his promises, which the saiyans overheard due to their ability, laughed. Stark intervened and attacked Aizen. Aizen got hit and his subordinates attacked Stark.

"Hey Aizen, how about you show me your sword. If we get hypnotized then we will join your army and if it does not happen, then we will think of something." Trunks smirked knowingly of the outcome. Aizen was even more surprised and agreed. He used his shinkai on all of them, which to his, gin's and Tosen's shock failed. Raditz and Broly started playing pass the dumbasses a game they invented, with the balls being Aizen, Tosen and Gin. Stark after being helped by Harribel laughed at the sight. Trunks thought that they had enough and allowed them to go injured, humiliated and filled with fear, along with hate. The group of five re-introduced themselves as they have not met after Barragan's meeting. Harribel learned Aizen's true scheme and that he 'succeeded' in hypnotizing Barragan. It was later found out that during a training session, Aizen and his comrades interfered and blabbed on about nonsense, while Trunks, Broly and Raditz remained hidden. Later when Aizen completely departed from Heuco-Mundo after reverting to his dorky self, Trunks and the others helped Stark, Barragan and few of his fraciones. A plan was made to kill Aizen after Aizen saw how pathetic and weak it was to fight with borrowed strength. Trunks and Broly found out about Aizen's plans against the soul reapers and using the Arrancars/re-formed hollows. Barragan was hesitant in helping the soul reapers because of their history. Trunks said that they came here looking for their lost kin. The nine decided to meet in a barricaded part of Heuco-Mundo, courtesy of Trunks, Broly and Raditz. This place was unseen by Aizen even if he succeeded in his plans of taking the hogyoku.

"Alright, Aizen should be stopped as he is a hindrance to us. Barragan, the three of us will go to the soul reapers and see what is going on with Aizen. In the mean time bring some of your highly ranked warriors to this place while Harribel and Stark please find some other vasto-lordes. Can you all do that?" questioned Trunks and after he got a confirmation, Barragan opened a gargantua to the soul society. After arriving, Trunks said he will investigate as he is the only one with a sword, while Broly and Raditz would make camp. Trunks stopped time for a bit and stole a soul reaper robe and entered the Seretai. He followed the highest amount of spiritual power/pressure and luckily they were all in one place. He happened to find the soul reapers fighting and decided to help out. He defeated Karia, while the substitute soul reaper with captain level power, finished the bount off. Head captain Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto noticed the suppressed power, yet it was equal to Shunsui and Ukitakes' combined power; of course in their shinkai. He immediately called for a captains meeting and interrogated the powerful warrior.

"Speak young one, what is your name? I see that you do not have a specific squad insignia, which I can assume that you have just graduated from the academy. Am I wrong?" questioned Yamamoto to Trunks with the assembly of the remaining 13 court guard squad captains. Trunks thought that he was no younger than Yamamoto and Barragan themselves, but they would know soon.

"My name is Trunks. Yes, I have recently been graduated along with two of my guardians: Broly and Raditz. They are outside the Seretai fighting off hollows, training. Each of them have a similar level of power as my own. I see that there are three captain positions vacant. As I have been summoned to fill one position after a test, I would like to request the same opportunity given to my guardians as well. For I know that after I become a captain, there would be no lieutenant position vacant and both deserve ATLEAST a lieutenant position. Do I have your permission?" Asked Trunks.

Yamamoto looked hard and long at him, while Soi-fong was complaining about the gal of this man. After a nod of approval from Yamamoto, Trunks went to their camp site. After explaining the situation, trunks used his powers to stop time and using that they went to the academy during the exams. There they gave the exam after studying and placed their scripts on the examiners' tables. Although it was a risky idea as all the students were numbered and if a few students were more, then suspicion would arise; luckily the three found very dull students who would fail the exam and end up being humiliated. So the saiyans took them to a place and trunks resumed time and explained their situation. The real students did not care for a reason but appreciated their help in saving them from humiliation. After time had resumed, the trio of saiyans came back to the assembly where the captains were shocked by their results in the written exams. Trunks scored the highest overall, while Broly scored highest in offensive kido and lastly Raditz scored highest in . there scores were not only the highest of this year's batch but it rivaled the highest scores scored by the senior captains themselves, which does not include Byakuya. Raditz scored equal to former captain of squad 2 Yorouichi, Trunk's score rivaled Jyuushiro Ukitake's and Broly rivaled Retsu Unohana's score but only in the offensive type as the former practiced healing and defensive type. Soi-fong was stunned and jealous of Raditz and the saiyan noticed it and smirked. Later on the captains exam was taken and for the first time in history all present captains along with Yamamoto tested the new arrivals. Finally it was time for bankai assessment. It was easy for Trunks as he showed his two swords(on his right, was the sword given by Tapion; while on his left was the sword of ). This pleased Shunsui and Ukitake as another dual sword wielding captain would join in their ranks. Trunks only said bankai and communicated with Tapion's spirit while the other sword was of his own. After saying bankai, his two swords combined into javelin and with it he opened a time portal and with the other he empowered all the captains.

"What is this feeling? How did we all heal and I feel more powerful than ever!" asked and exclaimed Yamamoto while Shunsui had his hangover fixed and Ukitake had his coughs partially cured. "Furthermore, what is that portal and where does it lead to?" questioned Yamamoto further.

"Well one of my powers is to heal and strengthen comrades and another of this same head is to weaken my enemies' powers. The other head has the power to open time line portals. I have opened a portal in time about the betrayal of Aizen. So if you please follow me." The captains nodded and Ukitake, Shunsui, Yamamoto, Zaraki, Kurotsuchi, Byakuya and Soi-fong entered; while the rest tested Broly and Raditz. In the portal the group saw and heard everything from how when Aizen, young Gin and Tosen experimented on the former captains of squads 3,5,7 and nine including the former lieutenants of squads 12,9 and 8. Shunsui was enraged after seeing what happened to his precious Lisa, Soi-fong and Yamamoto felt guilty in how they fell for Aizen's plan and accused Kisuke Urahara who was only trying to help. Then they saw the meeting the between the traitorous soul reaper captains' group with Barragan. Everything became clear and Trunks was appraised.

As they returned, the others' tests began.

A/N: MAIN CHAPTER IS 2000 words.