The Saiyans, Soul reapers and Arrancars

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Chapter 2: The New Captains of Gotei 13

It was now time for Broly to begin his bankai assessment. He would have trouble, but as he was in his gentle form he had an idea. He called out his ki and all the captains noticed his suppressed power and in doing so the even realized that the rings and necklace were the items in suppressing his immense power. Broly thought of what suited him best and then said " Bankai: chaos and death By the Devil,Amatsu Mikaboshi To Amida. ". After reciting, he formed a giant sword in his right hand and a giant battle axe in his left using his ki and he formed into his legendary form- the 10 feet muscular behemoth. Then he was about to become violent and had his sights upon all the captains. Zaraki knew this feeling but with the immensity of Broly, Zaraki held himself back and even Kommamura, along with Byakuya were scared. Yamamoto decided to test himself and his two 'sons' Shunsui and Jyuushiro went to help. However Raditz then recited: "Bankai: Mori no shizukesa To Sekai no ansatsu-sha, Haniyasu-Hiko." after the recitation he formed a spear in his right and a claw like weapon attached to his left forearm, with his ki. He threw the spear at Broly and hit his shoulder. After the spear had hit, Broly began to scream and howl. His rage subsided and along with it his demonic power. Later he became unconscious in his gentler form with his clothes ripped plus Raditz in his 'bankai' had his upper body and arms bear as well.. Unohana and Soi-fong were blushing and on the inside they became horny. Ukitake was sad and Zaraki was jealous. However Ukitake and Shunsui were pleased as not only one but three more captains had two zanpakutos just like them. Yamamoto was intrigued by Raditz and Trunks, but was hesitant of Broly.

"Very good! However I do think that neither of your two guardians have a shinkai, due to their immense powers. Am I correct?" Yamamoto asked looking at Trunks and he nodded." Very well. Now Captain Unohana will tend to Captain Broly if the need be while the hell moths will tell the news of the new captain to all of Seretai .Now after Captain Broly awakens, please choose you squads from numbers 3,5 and 9; meet with their vice captains as well." Yamamoto finished. After Broly was healed, now in his gentle form he apologized and Zaraki asked to have a spar. Later Izuru Kira, Momo Hinamori and Shuhei Hisagi arrived as ordered. Head Captain Yamamoto asked the six to choose each other and later he would make the final decision.

Raditz stepped up first and spoke to the three vice captains. "I am the new captain and am looking for a squad and its vice. My want is to have a lieutenant who is fast or can make his/her enemies slow down and collapse, someone who is also good in performing healing kido. I don't care too much about paperwork, it is completely up to you. I am VERY DEVOTED, well all the three of us are. Anyway, I am fast as well and HATE betrayal but sometimes if it is a mock betrayal to get info from enemies then I will help. Now, one of my fellow comrades will express themselves.

Then Trunks came up and said: "Greeting, my name is Trunks and I am looking for someone who is great in management of paperwork, or who can learn it from me. secondly, I would like to have a vice captain who can slice and reap through their enemies. I am very loyal, can control time for a while, perish almost all types of evil. Lastly our shy comrade Broly, but the most powerful will say his part." finished Trunks.

The behemoth of a man who is nearly the size of Captain Kommamura then spoke."I despise treachery, welcome someone who needs or wants support , can obliterate their enemy and who is kind. I am very peaceful, however when someone attacks or hurts my loved ones I change to my darker side. Please now think which one of you will suite whom among us three and explain only your abilities."

Izuru Kira went up and spoke gazing at Captain Raditz. "I am lieutenant of squad three Izuru Kira. I am a former member of squad four and am sufficient in healing, I can slow down enemies using my shinkai: Wabiske by weighing them and their body parts or anything in their surrounding; with each strike from my shinkai the weight gets doubled and then with the second strike, it become four times as heavy and so on. I think I am best suited for Captain Raditz, if you will have me sir." He finished and received a nod from his new captain.

Shuhei approached the remaining two captains and said: "I am the lieutenant and acting captain of squad nine. My ability is to reap and slice through hordes of enemies and I am very organized and respected. I hope you will accept me as your vice and the soul reapers of squad nine as your followers, Captain Trunks." He too got a nod of approval. Lastly Momo and Broly accepted each other and then Yamamoto approved their decisions. Parties were held not at the individual squads but in all of Seretai. Weeks passed by and everyone welcomed the three new captains. Momo became somewhat of a daughter to Broly and Broly became somewhat of a dad. Hisagi and Trunks had well meaningful conversation and competitions in finishing paper work, plus he also got dating advise from Raditz. Raditz helped Izuru to let go of Gin and become more outgoing with his constant parties. Every one could see that EVERYONE of the dual zanpakuto wielding captains walked, fight and conversed together. They formed a dual zanpakuto association which welcomed soul reapers with two zanpakutos. The new captains had a plan of strengthening and improving the speed, balance and agility of all squads through Izuru. Squad six, two, seven, ten and eleven captains along with squad six and seven lieutenants, plus Ikakku and Yumichica joined the hybrid training of speed and strength. As Izuru could not strike himself, Raditz and Trunks aided Mayuri to make bracelets or cuffs that increase weight of joints and muscle. They were used to help Kira's strength and speed; while he improved his anaerobic endurance by striking all the participants' specific body parts or supplementary equipments. There were ten stages of the training. The first five stages had increments from 2- 200 times gravity, while the 6th, 7th and 8th had increments from 220 to 1000 times and the last two had from 1100-2500 times gravity. The highest to be reached was that of level eight being by Kommamura, Zaraki and Ichigo in striking of lifting parts; the same level but in speed was achieved by Soi-fong, Yorouichi, Byakuya and Ukitake and Raditz. The hybrid at stage eight BUT at times 980 was that of Chojiro, Shunsui, Isshin and Kisuke. Lastly at stage eight's peak of 1000 was Yamamoto, Broly and Trunks. This group training had continued until all the soul reaper except the captains could not go beyond. However they were now as strong as the espadas from #6-10 .

On one night it was an odd sight and only Yamamoto, Chojiro, Unohana, Ukitake and Shunsui knew about it; all being in the soul society for more than 2000 years. This night was the beginning of the seven dark moon phases. Each phase was visible for two days and along with the phases, came calamities and blessings. the first phase was of a light blue moon . Then all of soul society heard a beautiful, serene but sad tune. The closest being the squad members were wanting to follow but Raditz and Broly stopped them. Yamamoto and Chojiro were about warn the squads when they saw all was quiet. A meeting for Unohana, Ukitake, Shunsui, Chojiro, Broly and Raditz was called by Head Captain Yamamoto to discuss the occurrence of the moons.

"The four of you know that these moons bring about disasters and rarely blessings after every 1000 years. The last moon phases was seen when the academy had its first batch of students, whom were the four of you. However Captains Broly and Raditz, I do not think you fellows know about them and where is Captain Trunks?" When Raditz was about to answer, Ukitake and Chojiro fell down into unconsciousness. All the remaining captains were stunned and especially Yamamoto; for this did not happen before to his first batch of students. Then Broly came in front of Yamamoto and touched his bald head. Then Yamamoto saw and heard everything from Broly's spirit, soul and mind. He then nodded. After that Ukitake and Chojiro were taken to squad nine along with the remaining captains.

In squad nine and the rest of the squads, everyone had awaken from Raditz's hit. All could sadly remember that they turned on each other and began to apologize among them. Then all the lieutenants had arrived with except Chojiro. The other captains had arrived as well. Then Head Captain Yamamoto explained the situation. Then he asked Raditz to take his place.

"Thank you head captain. Now I ask you all, do any of you believe that among the three of us, are we younger than Yamamoto? If so then I will reveal the truth. Trunks is the only one who s the same age as Yamamoto: the head captain of the 13 court guard squads; Trunks is also the same age as the king of Las Noches: Barragan Louisenbarn. Broly and I are much older than the three of them. The reason for Captains Trunks, Ukitake and lieutenant Chojiro is may have been due to Trunks' family curse. His father Vegeta, our king, lord and emperor had caught the lustful gaze and interest of a very powerful she-devil. However his soul, spirit, mind and body was chosen for Bulma: our queen and as was her soul, spirit, mind and body chosen for Vegeta. Furthermore the also accepted each other. They had two children. The first born was Trunks and the second: a daughter was name Bulla. The she devil bit and cursed the family that if any parent and child of the Vegeta family would be together during the days of the moon phases, then disasters would strike them. Trunks fled because of that and after Vegeta became overseer and one of the lords of the universe still the curse did not go. Trunks found his mate and she found hers and had three offspring. Two sons and a daughter, his sister Bulla mated with Goten, my nephew and had as well two sons and a daughter. As Trunks was near, Chojiro and Ukitake became sick. Thus it means that they are his sons. The curse also stated that even if the cursed would be near among nephews and nieces, then the nephew/niece or both will encounter changes in their souls by the second day of the first phase. That night is tomorrow, so please inform us captains and all of Vegeta's children and grandchildren are mighty powerful: the power to reach bankai or its equivalent. Let us wait and see." finished Raditz.

Head Captain Yamamoto then ordered all soul reapers who had and has reached bankai level strength and power with the exception of himself for obvious reasons, the unconscious Ukitake and Chojiro to stay at squad 4. It included Ichigo as well.

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