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It was just another boring day of cleaning, (which Levi seemed to enjoy greatly) and Eren found himself leaning against a wall outside yawning. He was very tired as he had been working since early that morning and had barely had time for lunch before Levi was cracking the figurative whip. 'He'd probably enjoy cracking a real whip.' He thought with a snort. The day was growing long and the sky was a pretty pink. Looking around, Eren sat down, "I'll just sit for a bit." He yawned again and felt his eyes droop. A flash of yellow and white out of the corner of his eye startled him. He came fully awake at the sight of Armin scurrying by. What startled him was the fact that Armin was about a foot tall, and had a strange red vest on over his usual clothes. Eren blinked at the furry white ears poking out of his blond hair. "A-armin?!" Armin didn't even spare him a glance as he pulled a pocket watch from the vest and mumbled, "Oh dear, I'm so very late!" Eren jumped up and chased after him. The Armin rabbit was very fast indeed as he chased it across the yard to the well where Hange had attempted to get him to turn into a Titan in. Eren saw him jump inside, but when he peered over the edge, all he could see was darkness inside. "Armin?" He called into the dark hole, but received no answer. With a sigh he decided to jump in; if he got hurt, he would heal eventually anyway. As he hurtled down he frowned; he should have hit the bottom by now. "I wonder if I should have told someone where I was going? Levi will be mad if I'm not where he left me." Eren watched the walls as they changed to cupboards and shelves filled with various items. After falling for quite some time indeed, Eren glanced down to see the floor rushing up to meet him. He winced and curled into a ball to better protect himself from what was going to surely be a rather painful hit and was extremely surprised to land gently. He blinked around just in time to see Armin scurry around a corner. Scrambling to his feet he gave chase and stopped in a room filled with doors. He groaned as he realized he had lost sight of Armin. The door he had just come through shut behind him. Eren found that all the doors were locked. In the middle of the room was a table that held a small key. Eren tried the key in all the doors, but it wouldn't work. Frustrated, he kicked a cloth, hanging on the wall and discovered another door. After trying the key, he gave a small shout when the door unlocked and opened, but then he scowled as the door would do him no good. If he were smaller he would fit. Eren lay down on his stomach and peered through the doorway to see a garden beyond. He sighed, got up and walked back over to the table to see a bottle there. He frowned; that was not there before. He picked up the small bottle and read the note attached to the neck of the bottle, it said, 'drink me'. Skeptical, he sniffed the contents and found a pleasing scent, so he took the plunge and drank it down. All at once he felt a curious shifting in his body, much like when he was changing to a Titan, only instead of growing, he felt himself shrinking. When he finally stopped shrinking, he ran over to the door to see that he was finally small enough to fit, only the door was locked again. It was then that he remembered pulling the key out and placing it on the table next to the bottle of 'drink me'. He sighed and looked up at the table, realizing it was much too high for him to reach, "If only I had my maneuvering gear." Eren noticed a small box under the table and opened it. There he found a small cake with the words, 'eat me' spelled across it. He bit his lip and finally decided to eat the cake.