Bumi Is A Kid Again.

Our story begins in the city of Omasha, where King Bumi was in his castle sitting on his thrown as he continued to sit there and
rule his kingdom one of his servants walks into the thrown room, and he says to King Bumi.

"Sire, there's someone hear to see you."

Suddenly, Aang The Avatar, walks into the thrown room and with a great big smile on his face says to his old friend.

"Hi Bumi! it's me Aang."

King Bumi now rise's up from his thrown, first he snorts and then he says with a crazy happy look on his face.

"Hee, Hee, Good to see you again Aang how are Katara & Sokka?"

He tells his old friend the king.

"There both fine, we're all about to travel to Capitel City to find out where the fire nation's army is location
at this moment, but I just wanted to say goodbye to you before I took off."

As King Bumi sat right back down on his thrown, he then starts remembering the good old days back when he was a kid
hanging out with Aang in Omasha City, playing on the delivery slides after he got done thinking about the past.

He told Aang right before he left the kingdom.

"I hope to see you again real soon Aang, I do miss the days when I was still a young boy having fun with you."

As he was now leaving the city of Omasha, Aang then wave goodbye to King Bumi, and while he was already leaving the kingdom, an old witch
who was entering Omasha City, snuck inside Bumi's castle and decided to some kind of a spell on him? while King Bumi was putting on his pajamas
to get ready for bed, she appears in his bedroom with out him seeing her, and she put some fairy dust on his back side, and then she disappeared.

The Next Morning... Bumi who was now waking up from his bed, not yet realizing what has happend to him goes into his own bathroom to
wash his face, but for some reason he saw the sink was a little bigger then his whole body? he was now thinking.

"What the heck? am I'm dreaming or something?"

As he was now looking at hands, he then saw that they were a little smaller and wrinkle free! and while he was rubbing his head he was feeling some
hair on top of his head? he then quickly jumped on top of the sink to look in the mirror, and was now looking at his munch younger self.

He says to himself while he was still staring in the mirror.

"Could it be? Yes I'm young again!"

He then begin to laugh & snort he was so exciting that he started to do back flips in his room.

To Be continued.