As Bumi and Ty Lee continued to ride Flopsie through the woods to escape Princess Azula, Poor Flopsie started to get very tired. And he could not
go any more further, Bumi who was now trying to get Flopsie to run again. Said before Ty Lee got off to help him.

"Come On!...Please Flopsie, You can do it just get up."

Ty Lee while then tells him.

"He is really exhausted, But we have to keep moving Bumi!"

Bumi said while thinking up a plan.

"Wait, I have an Ideal!"

Suddenly...Princes Azula had finally approached the spot where the other three were at, But no one was there? As she kept looking all over the woods
trying to find where Bumi and Ty Lee were, But she couldn't find those two, Not even the giant bunny Flopsie?

She says to herself before leaving to go get some of the Fire Nation soldiers.

"They won't get away, I must find them and capture The Avatar."

All of a sudden...Bumi and Ty Lee who were both hiding from under one of the bush's, Got up and came to get Flopsie who was hiding under the ground.
Bumi then used his Earth bending technique to move the ground open and dust off all the dirt that was on Flopsie's fur.

As the two kids kept dusting all the dirt off of him, Ty Lee then says to Bumi.

"Say Bumi, I'm real sorry I got you into this and with Azula after you and all."

He then told her with a smile.

"Don't worry about it, I enjoyed hanging with you and swimming Too!"

Ty Lee was now kissing young Bumi with her Tongue! And Bumi then closes his eyes and snorted after the kiss was over.

But meanwhile...Princes Azula and the rest of her Fire Nation army were getting ready for the mission. Princes Azula who was on the
stage near The Fire Nation's capital building, says to all of the soldiers who were all there.

"All Right Listen Up...I need you to find a weird ugly little punk and Miss traitor Ty Lee, I want you to lock Miss Ty Lee, But I want
this strange kid dead and burned Alive!...Now Get Going!"

To Be Continued.