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Earth, Wind, Fire, Water these element governs the reign of human. Controlling the terrains and humans in each nation. Four nation each representing their chosen element. In days of old before the hundred year war, each nation was respected and prosperous. However there is another nation that surpass them all. The elemental kingdom where all benders and non-benders were once welcome. They close themselves away from the rest of the world avoiding the greed and desire of man that lead to the hundred year war.

The founders of the elemental kingdom was Hashirama Senju, who was bestowed by not one but two deities the ability to bend earth and water. Through natural talent and hard work, paired with a mind that surpass others in his generation he was able to create and bend wood. A feat only Hashirama Senju was able to accomplish. With his inhumane strength and desire for peace people gave him the title of demigod; a title that fits a god among men.

Hashirama closed off the elemental nation from the warring world beyond its border, protecting his people within. This allowed the citizen of the kingdom to focus on other fields such as technology, medicine and bending itself, thus the elemental nation surpass all four nation. As times goes on other nations grew jealous of the prosperity of the elemental kingdom. No matter how many attempt outsider tried to invade the kingdom they always return as failures.

This stories focus on the granddaughter our demigod, Tsunade Senju…