Story: Hermione Goes Dark

Crossover: Star Wars/Harry Potter.

Rating: T

A/N: This is a new type of writing for me. Evil is the predominant factor in this story.

Summary: Hermione is left feeling bitter about being usurped by Luke Skywalker as Grand Master of the Jedi Order. She travels back four thousand years and decides to change the galaxy forever.


Hermione walks down a corridor leading to a secret chamber known to only a few. There she picks up a rare crystal and uses the force which sends her back in time and reduces her from forty to eleven. When it finishes she finds herself as an eleven year old Jedi aboard the Endar Spire as part of the force sent to assist Padawan Bastila Shan.

A few days later Hermione and her bunkmate named River are woken by alarms ringing all over the ship. They were under attack from the Sith and they had boarded the vessel. Hermione put on her armour which was a variation of Zeison Sha initiate armour. Intsead of being silver and purple it was red and black.

They were running down a corridor when two blaster shots came from around a corner and two Sith soldiers firing at where they were hiding. River was an excellent scout and quite accompished with all types of weaponry and only extending out the blaster fired two shots dropping the Soldiers.

Further on they encountered a Dark Jedi and a normal Jedi in combat and Hermione felt that she should try and use a power she had just found. Reaching out with the force she enveloped the Dark Jedi and started to draw both the force and life out of him at the same time. The Jedi cut down the Dark Jedi just as Hermione finished and Hermione started doing the same to the jedi. An explosion destroyed the Jedi a split second after Hermione had finished.

They reach the bridge and realise the person they went there to support was not on the bridge so they continued on until they came to the escape pods.

There was a Soldier waiting at the escape pods and went with them when they boarded it to go down to the planets surface where they crash land just out side a building full of apartments. Carth the Soldier and Hermione were fine but River was unconscious. They dragged her away from the crash site and spent three or four days with River slipping in and out of consciosness. When River finally comes around fully and after the strange dreams she finds out that they are on a planet called Taris where the Sith have imposed a planet wide quarntine and no ships were coming in or going out. They decided to find Bastila and get off the planet.

That is the first cyhapter written and please let me know what you think any reveiws are very appreciated. I would like at least two reveiws before I update and believe me this is going to be my most chapters yet. If you want me to put in some dialogue let me know. So until next time. Goodbye and good health to you.