Chapter 3


Hermione finally reaches Tatooine after stealing a ship from one of the farms on Dantooine. While there she helps out the locals by attacking a group of sand people and killing a Krayt dragon and taking the skin to make more of the blaster proof suit she wears under her armour. This dragon was so large it had two pearls inside whereas most dragons only have one.

After being finished on Tatooine she travelled to a planet which she didn't know the name of but knew it had too many Y's and K's and also sounds like you are gargling gravel when you say it. There she helped Czerka take over the Wookie natives and killed a mad claw in the shadow lands.

Next she went to a planet called Manaan, a planet covered completely in water the only land was the floating city of Ahto. Here there were strict neutrality laws any breach of the law in any way resulted in either Kolto restrictions or in extreme cases death. Hermione infiltrated the Sith Embassy and went down to the Hrakert reef research station where she killed a giant firaxan shark. When she got back the court banned her from coming back to Manaan ever again.

Finally she arrived on Korriban and entered the Sith Academy to train as a student. She headed into the valley of the sith lords after Encountering and Draining Darth Bandon and the two sith with him. The first tomb she enters belongs to Ajunta Pall a fearsome Sith Lord who carried a sword of unbelievable power and destruction. After taking the sword out of the sarcophagus she encounters the force ghost of Ajunta Pall which she absorbs into her, increasing her power even more. From the silver lined sword she got she crafted a pendant in which she could store excess force energy that she couldn't absorb. If she put any more in her body it would send out a force explosion which would not only kill her but would level any planet she was on.

The next tomb she came upon was the tomb of Marko Ragnos a dangerous half breed that died almost one thousand years before. In his tomb was an assassin droid that had gone insane because the audio receptors had become more sensitive. She destroyed the assassin droid and took Marko's Gloves of power.

The Next tomb she happened to come to was the tomb of Tulak Horde a most accomplished lightsaber wielder and one of the most powerful sith lords. In this tomb Hermione found Jorak Uln, who of course she drained along with Mekel who was also there. She took the writings of Jorak along with Tulak Horde's Headpiece.

Finally she had gained enough prestige to enter the tomb of Naga Sadow the most powerful sith lord buried there. In that tomb Hermione killed two terentarek with her lightsaber considering they are immune to force attacks. She finds a special ice Grenade and uses it to freeze a pool of acid. Finally she reached the back room and collected the sith lightsaber that was there. While exiting the tomb she ends up draining both the sith master of the academy and his apprentice, storing the power in her pendant. When she returned to the academy she drained every sith there.

At last she reached her destination which was the star forge on which she faced off against both Malak and Revan who had been renamed River (from the first chapter). First she drained the remaining life from all the Jedi held captive. Secondly she used a great amount of force energy to hold both still while she drained them.

She left the Star forge after placing detonation packs all over it including the one she set off in the energy core. The Explosion destroyed all Republic and sith ships in the area and Killed many Jedi.

The galaxy was plunged into darkness for five years until a new Jedi who was exiled returned to power.

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