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Its the early hours of the morning of November 1st and we find ourselves in Little Whining, Surrey, England, on a street filled with houses that all look the same, with perfectly cut lawns and similar vehicals in the driveways, the Uniformity of the neighborhood could be considered droll. On this day we find an Old man in strange clothing walking down the sidewalk, hes wearing what appears to be cartoonish robes littered with stars that as he walks seem to move on their own. As he walks each street lamp seems to go out before him casting the man in shadows, however from the brief glances of the light one can see hes very tall, maybe 6'2, skinny, has a long flowing white beard and glasses on his face. Eventually he comes to a stop in front of a specific house, with the number 4 on the front, when he hears a cats meow, he turns and sees a Maine Coon cat and smiles while saying "why hello there Professor McGonagall, Fancy meeting you here this evening." suddenly the cat jumps from the wall its sitting on and mid air transforms into a tall, Black haired, Stern looking woman wearing Blue robes. The now identified Professor McGonagall snorts and responds "People are celebrating all over Britain, if they aren't careful the Muggles will find out about us." the old man smiles and chuckles and responds "its a great time, The dark lord has been vanquished, so they deserve to celebrate after so many years of fear and suspicion. Surely you wont fault some people getting out of hand Minerva."

Said woman just shakes her head and says "So its true then Albus? The potter boy defeated He-Who-Must-not-be-Named?" The now named Albus nods his head and says "Yes it seems that way, however i do not believe Voldemort is truly gone, but thats me." the woman scowls and says "But how did it happen Albus? How could one child not even 2 years old defeat such a powerful Dark Wizard?" Albus sighs and says "I'm still not sure about that. However thats why I've chosen to place him here with his Muggle relatives, for if he were to stay in the wizarding world he would become arrogant and big headed due to his fame, as already they call him the Boy-Who-lived." Minerva frowns and says "really Albus does it have to be these people? I have watched them for 48 hours and must say they are the worst sort of Muggles I've ever seen. It's not the right sort of place for the Heir to the Most Ancient and Noble house of Potter to grow up." the old man sighs and says "I understand how you feel Minerva, but they are his only remaining relatives, also Lily placed a powerful blood protection over young Harry, one that will be strengthened by living in this house with his mother's sister. Its really for the best Minerva." before she can respond to this they hear the roar of an engine and turn in time to see A flying Motorbike land on Privet Drive, being driven by a huge man with a bushy black beard, wearing a large fur coat.

The man pulls up to number 4 and turns off the bike, then dismounts and walks up to the two professors, Albus greets him "ah Hagrid, so glad of you to join us. Where's Harry?" Hagrid goes inside his coat and brings out a bundle of blankets and uncovers the face of a 15 month old child with Wild black hair and striking emerald green eyes and replies " 'es righ' ere professor Dumbledore. Little tyke slept most o'da way." Albus smiles and says "excellent. Now give him here." the big man hands the child over to the older man as Minerva decided to pique her curiosity asking "Hagrid where did you get that Flying Motorbike?" Hagrid smiles and says "Got it from young Sirus Black i did, e wanted ta take Harry, but i told 'im i ad strict orders from Dumbledore i did, so e gave me is bike." the stern witches face softens at this. Albus proceeds to take out his wand and create a basket which he places the boy into, and then casts a warming charm on the child to keep him warm, and proceeds to place a letter on his chest then turns around and addresses his colleges "Alright lets go. We've done all we can." Minerva nods tho under protest and proceeds to transform back into a cat and run off, as Hagrid gets back on the bike and flies off, and Albus clicks a device the releases balls of light that rush to all the street lamps as he looks back and says "good luck Harry Potter, you'll have a hard life here but one day you'll understand it was all for the greater good." after that he disappears with a pop.

However after they're all gone the shadows begin to writhe and begins to take a Humanoid shape, after a few moments the shadows retreat and reveals a man with Dull blonde hair, dark blue eyes that seems to glow with power, wearing a black suit with a red tie, and on the tie is a coiled dragon. The man looks around the neighborhood and sneers at it, then he walks over to Number 4 and looks upon the boy on the doorstep and smiles, showing that his his incisors are slightly longer then the average humans but not as long as a Vampire's, as he leans down and picks the child up and says "Hello Hadrian. Fear not uncle Adam is here and i wont let you stay with a bunch of bigoted, narrow minded, hateful Mundanes. You parents would turn in their graves if they knew that child Albus was ignoring their will by placing you somewhere that you were never supposed to go near." after saying this Harry wakes up and looks up at Adam and smiles at him, reaching for his face. The blonde just rocks him and says "But never you worry, I'm taking you home with me little man and tomorrow "Harry Potter" Dies, and in his place will be Hadrian Adamantius Dragonov-Dracula, Heir to the Most Ancient and Royal house of Dracula and Most Ancient and Noble House of Dragonov, Prince of Vampires, and My son." and with that he turns and walks away from the house, vanishing in black mist when he reaches the end of the block.

Tonight would go down in history as the day Harry Potter, The Boy-Who-Lived, disappeared from Wizarding Britain never to be seen again, however no one would know until 10 years later when the Savior of the wizarding world never showed up for his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, after this Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of the school would make a trip to number 4 privet drive to find out why harry didn't come. He would find out from Petunia Dursley, the sister of Lily Potter nee Evans, that she never found her nephew on her doorstep and so had no idea where the boy was. The old man would lead and investigation into the boys whereabouts, however nothing would turn up. Until 3 years later at the Tri-wizard Tournament.

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