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Chapter 11: The 3rd Task! Voldemort Returns!

Last Time

Harry laughs at this and says "I would actually pay to see that...Hahaha... Good bye dad." and with that the boy vanishes in a cloud of mist, leaving the elder Vampire to stand there by himself and lose himself in memories of the past, and the relationships hes had with the members of his family.


Time Skip: June 23rd 1995

Its the night before the 3rd and Final Task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, and the weather in Scotland is warm. The 5 Champions are all handling the stress of what's to come tomorrow night in different ways, in the case of Cedric Diggory he's handling the stress by dueling with his girlfriend Cho Chang, running through all the spells he may need in the Maze in which the 3rd task is to take place.

For Victor Krum, he's handling the stress by exercising in his room aboard the Durmstrang ship, currently in the middle of push-ups. Neville Longbottom is dealing with his stress by spending time with his best friends Ron Weasley, and his now also girlfriend Hermione Granger, who is cuddled up to him reading a book while he plays a game of Wizards Chess with their red haired friend.

As for the the last 2 champions Fleur and Hadrian, they are feeling no stress at all, as at this precises moment they are in the boy's room inside the Beauxbatons Carriage, engaging in a bout of passionate lovemaking. Now why are all the champions handling their stress for the 3rd task in these ways you may ask, well the simple answer is that the last couple of months leading up to tomorrow have been hectic, with training and school work, not to mention the revelation back in April of what the Final Task of the Tournament will be.

It was revealed to the Champions by Mr. Bagman that they would have to brave a Maze of plants situated on the Quiditch Pitch, that would be filled with all sorts of dangerous creatures and other things. They would have to reach the center of the Maze, where they would find the Tri-Wizard Cup. The first to reach and touch it would be declared the winner and receive 1000 Galleons in prize Money and eternal glory for their school.

Naturally this caused most of the Champions with the exception of Hadrian Dracula to freak out and start to wonder what kind of creatures might be in the maze when the day came. So they all started to read books on every creature they could, to try and come up with strategies to combat whatever may be in the maze, except the young Dracula Heir who simply went about his days as if there was nothing wrong.

Also in the months leading up to the 3rd task Harry has spent a great deal of time with both Daphne Greengrass and Susan Bones, getting to know the two young ladies, and finding them both to be more then pretty faces. With Daphne he found that she was intelligent, cunning, and has a macabre sense of humor, but under all that she is a very sweet and caring person, and fiercely loyal to her family and those she truly calls friends.

The only friends she has are one boy named Blaise Zabini, along with Susan and one other girl named Tracey Davis.

With Susan he's found that she to is very intelligent, however she is only mildly cunning, which comes mostly from being raised by her Aunt and being friends with Daphne, however she is the epitome of her house's traits, those being loyal and hard working. Susan is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty, something the Dracula Heir can appreciate. Susan is also very kind hearted and nice, and hasn't a mean bone in her body, thats not to say she cant be angered, and when she is, watch out, because she has no problems speaking her mind.

Especially when it comes to her friends like Hannah Abbot who is her best friend, as well as Daphne, Tracey, and a few others. Aside from getting to know those two ladies, Hadrian has spent a great deal of time hanging out with Neville, and now considers the boy his best male friend, they have bonded over many things, among which is their like for strong willed women, as well as the deaths of their birth parents and being raised by other people, and the fact that they were originally God-brothers.

Aside from all of that Harry has been handling the finances of House Potter, having invested heavily in the Mundane world in companies that he knows are going to take off in the next few years. Also he and Fleur have continued to keep up the physical side of their relationship, each and every night one sleeps in the others room and they engage in long, passionate sessions of intercourse, and these sessions can go on for hours and hours due to the two having more stamina then ordinary human beings.

However before each session Fleur makes sure to cast the contraception charm on herself to keep from getting pregnant, like tonight. So as the Champions do what they do to handle the stress for tomorrow, forces are at work to make sure that tomorrow will be a day that the Wizarding World will never forget.

Dracula Penthouse, London, England

June 24th, 1:00am

Adam Dracula stands on the balcony of his penthouse suite, looking out over the city, drink in his hand as he contemplate whats to come. However as he is in the middle of his introspection his loyal guard and friend Cassius appears kneeling and addresses him, "My Liege, is there something wrong? You seem... Troubled." The blonde Vampire turns to the red-head with a piercing look and responds.

"Can you not feel it Cassius? The energies of Death and Magic are beginning to converge together. This day marks the Summer Solstice, one of the few days of the year where magic is at its strongest and the barrier between life and death is at its thinnest." The read haired vampire nods his head and replies, "Yes my lord, I can feel these things, any Vampire worth their salt can. Its the same every year, but what makes this year worry you so much?"

The elder vampire chuckles before speaking once more, "This year the barrier will be pierced and a vile man will return to this world in full. A man who believes that he has beaten death and become Immortal due to trinkets." Cassius sneers and comments, "Soul Anchors. Disgusting objects made by cowards to extend their lives. What shall we do about this fool who believes himself immortal My Liege?"

Adam sips his drink then turns back around to look at the city before answering, "We do nothing for now my old friend. When the time comes, and his resurrection is completed, then shall I deal with the man who calls himself Dark Lord . I will show him what true darkness really is." As he begins to chuckle darkly, with Cassius showing a smirk full of sharp teeth.

Hogwarts School, Scotland

June 24th, 1995, 7pm

Outside The Maze

Standing outside the Maze that makes the final task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, is all the school heads, and the 5 champions. Sitting in the stands are all the students of each school, members from all three of the competing school's Ministries, as well as the Romanian Ministry for Magic, and the families of all the champions. Standing at the entrance and directly infront of the Champions is Ludo Bagman, and Percy Weasley who is standing in for his sick boss, Bartimus Crouch.

Ludo steps forwards and clears his throat, getting the attention of the Champions and the spectators, "Welcome one and all to the Final Task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament! Now for our final challenge each Champion will enter the maze behind me, and must traverse it to the center where we have place the Tri-Wizard Cup. However it will not be easy as they will have to make it through Many traps and dangerous Magical creatures to reach the center. The one to touch the Cup first will be the winner!"

Everyone listens intently at this, except Harry as he looks in the stands at his father with a questioning look on his face. However the blonde-haired Vampire King locks eyes and begins to speak in his mind, "Tonight is the night my son. Tonight is when the pretender will make his reappearance, you will have to play this very carefully Harry. You and Neville must touch the cup at the same moment, I can sense that it is a portkey and has been altered. Where ever it drops you will be where he will make his re-birth."

The black-haired teen nods his head as he replies, "Yes father. But who will he attempt to use to bring himself back to power? Will it be me the one who destroyed him in the first place, or will it be Neville the false savior?" Adam chuckles at this internally before he answers his only son, "He will use Longbottom without a doubt. The man prides himself on being a so called Pure-blood when he is really a Half-blood. So if he has to choose between using a boy with creature blood and a Pure-blooded Wizard, he will choose the second without a doubt." Harry nods his head at this as he prepares to turn back to Bagman who is now addressing the Champions.

As he does he hears his father say one last thing, "When you arrive he will have no use for you and will attempt to kill you. When that happens allow whatever curse is used to hit you and pretend to be dead. Even if it is the Killing Curse fear not, for you are the No-Life Prince, you hold the souls of those you have killed inside of you, so one of their souls will be released from your power."

Harry takes in that information calmly as he listens to Bagman say, "Now the Champions will enter the Maze by way of their scores. Which means the first to enter will be Hadrian Dracula, followed by Mr. Diggory 3 minutes later, followed by Mr. Longbottom, then Mr. Krum, and finally Miss Delacour last all in 3 minutes intervals." Once everyone has taken in his words and he feels they understand he says, "Mr. Filch if you would please fire off the cannon and Mr. Dracula enter the Maze."

With that Filch fires off the cannon, setting off the start of the 3rd and final task, as Harry enters the Maze which closes up behind him. The dark haired teen smiles at the feeling of darkness and the smell of danger he gets from the maze, as he closes his eyes, takes a breath, and takes off like a shot, quickly making his way through the maze with his vamperic speed. As he goes through multiple traps and dangerous creatures he hears the cannon being fired off for each of his fellow champions but pays it no mind as he wishes reach the center and await Neville to arrive.

However just as he is almost to the center he feels a tug on his mind from his bond with Fleur and knows instantly she's in danger, so gathering the shadows around him he disappears from his spot and reappears infront of his lady love just in time to repel a Cruciatus Curse sent the Veela's way. When he looks to the attacker he finds that it's Krum, as he hears Fleur exclaim, "Mon Amour! Merci Morgana vous êtes arrivé dans le temps." He looks at her out the corner of his eye as he replies, "Ofcourse dragul meu, I will always be there to protect you. Now Krum why are you attacking my Lady?"

However he receives no answer and thats when he notices that the Bulgarian's eyes are blank, and realizes he's under a spell, but not just any spell, but the Imperious Curse. Realizing this he sighs and decided to speak in the older boy's own language, "Vizhdam, taka che de sa nechiya marionetka v tozi moment. Az si mislekh da ima po-silen um togva togava che Viktor.(I see, so you are someone's puppet at this moment. I thought you to have a stronger mind then that Victor)" He still receives no answer from the older teen, except for him to launch a green colored curse at him, which he recognizes as the Killing Curse.

So he quickly picks up Fleur and vanishes, when he re-appears its in the spectators area as he walks over and hands the girl to her father, "Here you are Monsieur Delacour. She was attacked in the Maze by Krum. I must return inside to take care of him, I know you'll take care of her while I'm away." The man nods and the teen disappears again, when he reappears its to find Cedric and Neville battling the Bulgarian teen, dodging all kinds of dark curses, so he decides to end it, sneaking up behind the older boy and hitting a nerve cluster in the back of his neck, causing him to fall into unconsciousness.

Once Krum is down and out Harry waves his hand covering him in shadows and teleports him away, then turns to the remaining 2 champions, "Well boys shall we finish this maze? Last one to the center is a rotten egg." The other two smirk challengingly at this and nod, as the three move forward to make their way to the center of the Maze, dealing with all the creatures they come across together. Harry counters every trap spell they come up against, and eventually they come to the final challenge, a Sphinx, who gives them three riddles, which they each correctly answer one and it lets them pass. When they reach the cup Cedric speaks up, "What do you guys say we all grab the cup at the same time? That way all of us wins and splits the prize money and glory."

The two younger boys nod and they begin to count down from 3, when they reach one unseen by anyone Harry sends a telekinetic wave at Cedric sending him stumbling back far enough that only he and Neville are able to grab the cup. When they touch it they suddenly feel like a hook attaches behind their navels and are transported away, leaving Cedric to stare in shock. The only thing the boy can do is send up a Red Flare and a moment later one of the teachers appears and transports him out of the Maze.

When he arrives he is beset by Dumbledore, Minister Fudge, and others, however it is the old man who asks, "Mr. Diggory what happened? Where are Misters Dracula and Longbottom?" The Hufflepuff shrugs his shoulders, "I don't know sir. After Krum attacked us and Hadrian took him out, the three of us decided to get through the Maze together. When we got to the Cup I suggested we all three touch it at the same time and become the 3 co-champions, but just as we were about to touch it something hit me and I was pushed back. A second later Neville and Hadrian touched it and vanished. I think it was a portkey."

Fudge huffs at this and says, "Ofcourse it was a Portkey you daft boy! It was meant to bring the champion directly back here. Where are they Dumbledore? You did the enchantment yourself so they should be here." The old man sighs and rubs his beard, "I'm afraid I don't know where they are Cornelius. It's possible that someone messed with the portkey's destination, and if that's the case then they could be anywhere." Just then they hear a chuckle, when they turn in the direction it came from they find it's coming from Adam Dracula who is dragging Moody along the ground by the throat.

The blonde stops infront of them and tosses the man at their feet, "Good job on another epic screw up Albus. You're right someone did screw with your portkey destination, and that person is him. Tell me something, how could a man who is supposed to be the most powerful Wizard of his time not know that he's been employing a Death Eater under Polyjuice for the entire year?" Everyone stares in shock and disbelief at his words, however he turns around and starts to walk off, as Amelia Bones asks, "Where are you going Lord Dracula? Your son could be prisoner of Death Eaters at this moment, are you not going to help us look for him?"

This only causes the Vampire King to chuckle, "My dear Madam Bones, I dare say that if Death Eaters have my son, then the British Wizarding World is going to lose quite a few powerful Lords. My son is the Prince of Vampires, his strength and power is beyond any Human's, and he will kill all who try to hold him down, and drink them dry. However just because I have faith in my boy does not mean I'm not going to try and find him, I just work better alone." With that he vanishes, leaving everyone with a chill down their spines.


Little Hangleton

At the same time as all the adults are trying to figure out what happened to Harry and Neville, the two boys themselves reappear in a dark graveyard, surrounded by many graves. Neville lands on his back while the black haired boy lands on his feet and begins to immediately scan around for threats, as the Longbottom Heir gets up and dusts himself off and asks, "Where are we?" However before the Dracula Heir can answer they hear a hissing voice say, "Stun Longbottom and get rid of the spare." When they look towards the voice they see a short, fat, balding man who resembles a rat who calls out, "Stupefy! Avada Kedavra!"

Two jets of light head towards them, the red one hits Neville and knocks him unconscious, while the green one strikes Hadrian straight in the chest and sends him flying back to land on the ground seemingly dead. When Neville wakes he finds himself tied to a statue of an angel of death that rests above a grave, and when he looks up he sees the form of the fat man from earlier busying himself with what looks to be a ritual. The man drags a large cauldron over infront of the grave, placing logs of wood around under it and then lighting it with a flame spell.

The man notices that he's awake and says, "Welcome back Longbottom." The boy glares at him, "Who are you? Why did you attack me?" The man smiles and responds, "My name is Peter Pettigrew. You are here for one reason only, to help revive my master and then you will die. So until then be quiet. Silencio" He casts a spell which makes the brown haired boy unable to speak, as he begins the ritual, first throwing what looks like a deformed baby into the now boiling pot, then he points his wand at the grave causing it to crack open and a bone to come from it as he says, "Bone of the father unknowingly given, you will renew your son."

As he levitates the bone into the cauldron and it changes colors, then he walks over and places his hand over the liquid, takes out a knife and continues, "Flesh of the servant, willingly given, you will revive your master." With that he cuts off his hand from the wrist and lets it drop into the liquid, changing its color once again, then he cauterizes the wound with fire and walks over to Neville ripping his shirt arm and then slicing at his left arm with the knife, "Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken, you will resurrect your foe." With that he walks over and drips 3 drops of the boy's blood in, then steps back.

When he does the cauldron begins to smoke, and the flames rise up higher, then the cauldron explodes and the smoke comes together to form a human shape, the person in question is pale as a ghost, with a slick bald head, two slits for a nose, long and bony fingers, and when he opens his eyes they are red and slitted. This is Lord Voldemort in all his glory, as the man quickly orders Pettigrew for to robe him. At the same time as the ritual finished, the noise from the destruction of the cauldron covers up the cough of Hadrian Dracula who opens his eyes and stares at the sky, "Ugh... That is never a good experience. I still can't understand how father does it as easily as breathing air, those souls are a noisy bunch."

At that moment he picks up the sound of multiple Apparitions, then hears Voldemort talking, so he shakes his head and stands up, slinking into the shadows to watch what's about to happen. The snake-like man looks at all his supposed "Loyal" Death Eaters as he says, "While I was stuck living off the blood of unicorns and the filth of life, all of you were living good lives. Not one of you thought to look for me." At this Lucius Malfoy speaks up, "My Lord if there had been any signs I would have come to you right away." At this the man turns his red eyes on the blonde before raising his wand and hissing out, "Crucio!" Casting the torture curse on the Malfoy Lord, causing him to squirm in pain for a few seconds, "Signs Lucius? There were always signs!"

He then turns towards Neville, "Ah but where are my manners, we have a guest. The young Longbottom Heir graciously provided his blood to help in my rebirth, however he is not the one I wished to have here in this position tonight. The one who was responsible for my former state was the Potter Heir, however when I learned that he had become a filthy creature I had to change my plans." He then begins to monologue about how the night he went to kill the Potters he underestimated Lily Potter and the lengths she would go to protect her child and because of that when he turned his wand on little Harry the Killing Curse rebound back onto himself.

"Luckily I put contingencies in place to keep from death, and have achieved true immortality! Now it is time for me to send a message to those fools of the light, and I shall do that by killing their new golden boy, Neville Longbottom." However before he can move to do anything everyone hears clapping, as they look around for the source they quickly find it, as Hadrian Dracula comes out of the shadows, "What a wonderful story Lord Flight From Death. It had everything, suspense, action, sadness, the only thing missing is an un-happy ending."

Voldemort stares in shock at the young man stand before them, "Potter?! This can't be, you're dead! Wormtail hit you with the Killing Curse straight to the chest. How are you standing there talking?" The black haired teen chuckles, "Your right I was hit with the Killing Curse, but here's the thing, I'm the Prince of Vampires, the No-life Prince. A Killing Curse to the chest is not nearly enough to end me. You'll have to try harder to kill me Flight From Death." Voldemort hisses at this, "Shut your filthy creature mouth! I am Lord Voldemort! The most powerful Wizard to ever live, descendant of the great Salazar Slytherin! You are nothing Potter, and I will prove it now."

With that he raises his wand and prepares to cast a spell, however Harry shows no fear, he just looks over at the still bound Neville before snapping his fingers, causing the ropes that bind the boy to break. Then he uses his speed to rush over and catch his god-brother to help steady him, "You alright there Nev?" The brown haired boy nods his head and points at his throat to let him know he cant speak, so Harry cancels the silencing charm on him and he answers, "Thanks Harry. Yeah I'm ok, just wish I hadn't grabbed that cup now. You think you could send me away, this seems like it's between you and snake face."

Hearing this causes all the Death Eaters and Voldemort to make sounds of anger, while the Vampire Prince chuckles at it, "Yeah sure thing Nev, make sure you go to Poppy first thing." The Dark Lord laughs at this, "You really think that either of you can escape here? I've placed anti portkey and Apparition wards, no one leaves until I say they do." Hadrian shakes his head, "Oh how foolish you are Voldemort." He waves his hand over Neville and the boy is covered in shadows and then vanishes, surprising all the Death Eaters and Voldemort.

The teen then turns to the snake-like man who laughs at the serious look on his face, "Oh, what a scary face Heir Potter. Are you prepared to meet your death finally at my hands?" Harry shakes his head and responds, "Most everyone meets death at some time. However today will not be the day I meet mine." The snake-like man sneers at this, "We shall see about that boy. Now let us have a proper duel, you do know how to duel do you not Harry?" The teen nods, and the two bow to one another, when they come up Voldemort immediately casts, "Avada Kedavra!" Firing off the green beam straight at him, however instead of trying to defend himself he just stands there.

All the Death Eaters and Voldemort himself smile at this, thinking the teen has already given up, knowing he can't win. However just as the spell is 5 feet from him, a swirling mass of bats appears and deflects the spell onto the closest Death Eater, shocking everyone. The bats proceed to gather together and form a human shape, and soon it's revealed to be Adam Dracula who has a look of rage on his face, "Did you really think that I would sit idly by and allow you to try to kill my son Tom?"

The snake faced man scowls at his true name, but smirks cockily, "Well well, the King Of Vampires himself has decided to grace us with his presence. You know I sent envoy's to Romania during the last war, their mission was to meet with you and convince you to help me to take over Britain, however only one returned and he was missing an arm." The blonde laughs darkly at this, "Yes I remember that. I ate the rest of your envoys. The one I sent back was as a message that Adamantius Vladislaus Dracula does not bow to neophyte Dark Lords, especially not those who lie to their followers, claiming to be Pure-blood when they are in fact Half-blood."

At this all the Death Eaters protest, claiming that their lord who is of Slytherin's blood and is more powerful then even Dumbledore could never possibly by a half-blood. Voldemort himself glares at the Vampire King, "Enough! Tonight you will bow before me Vampire King. You will bow or you will die!" Adam smiles at this, showing off his sharpened teeth and responds, "I will very much enjoy your attempts to kill me Tom. I am the No-Life King! I am a true Immortal! I am eternal, I have seen the rise and fall of entire Empires, and will see the rise and fall of many more to come. Even when you and your followers are long dead and your bones are not but dust I will still be here."

As he speaks he begins to walk forward towards Voldemort, making sure that his son wont be in the crossfire of their coming battle. When he is but 7 feet from the snake-like Wizard he continues, "I do not require splitting my soul to escape death as you do. I am the most powerful Magical Being in the world, I trained Merlin and Morgana, helped in the training of the Founders, including your ancestor. Have battled with the Gods themselves and survived, I may not have always won, but I made damn sure to leave my mark. So I say to you Thomas Marvolo Riddle, you had better bring all the power of the world to kill me. For even an Army cannot possibly hope to end me!"

At this the Dark Lord takes that as the cue to start the fight, so he motions to his followers to step back, raises his wand and casts the first spell, which predictably is, "Avada Kedavra!" As the green light streaks at the blonde, he simply shakes his head, "Atât de previzibil(So predictable). Fulger!(Lightning Bolt)" He fires off a beam of pure lightning from the tip of his right pointer finger which intercepts the Killing Curse and causes a small explosion and shock wave, causing Voldemort to stumble slightly.

The Vampire King smirks at the Wizard, "Come now Tom, due try to show some variety. Always going for the Uciderea Blestem(Killing Curse) is quite droll. Lets try this again shall we?" The Dark Lord growls before he points his wand at the ground and casts a spell, "Lapidem Anguis!" As a large snake made of dirt and rock from the graveyard forms, the creature hisses as it rears back and lunges at the blonde. Adam however is un-effected as he simply raises his hand, conjuring black colored flames in them, and intones, "Iadul de foc Balaur!(Hellfire Dragon)"

As the flames grow and take the shape of a hulking dragon, which strikes at the snake, biting into its neck turning it to nothing more then ashes within seconds. The blonde then dismisses the dragon as Voldemort begins to sweat, knowing that he still hasn't fully recovered his power, the snake-like man decides to retreat so he summons up what remains of his reserves, leaving just enough to Apparate away, and casts, "Bombarda Maxima!" Adam just sighs at this and prepares to bat it away bare-handed, however that idea is quickly thrown away as he sees that the intended target is not himself, but his son.

Acting quickly he speeds infront of Hadrian and takes the full brunt of the Bombardment Curse, the result is having half his body blown off, as Voldemort and his Death Eaters begin Apparating away. Before he leaves the Dark Lord leaves some parting words, "You did not win here tonight Dracula, you merely delayed the inevitable. One day your brat and I will fight, and when that day comes I shall end him and take my place as ruler of the Magical World!" With those final words he vanishes, running with his tail between his legs.

Adam Dracula just grunts as the shadows rebuild his body, leaving him in perfect condition. He turns to his son, "Are you alright fiul meu(my son)?" The dark haired teen nods his head, "Yes I'm fine tata(father). You sent snake-face running, I see now why you are the Rege(King) and I am still the Domnitor(Prince). I have much to learn yet." The blonde nods at this and responds, "Ah you do, however what you saw tonight was only a fraction of my power, as well as a fraction of Tom's. I suspect that being newly resurrected had an affect on the level of his Magical Power tonight. Those Killing Curses as well as the Stone Snake spell took more out of him then they should have. Make no mistake he will be back, and next time he will be at full power."

Harry nods at this as he comments, "I know. Next time I will fight him myself, and you will help me to be ready for it." Adam nods in agreement as he summons the Tri-Wizard cup over to his hand and give it to his son, "Here you are my boy, your prize. Lets get back to Hogwarts, young miss Delacour will have my head if I don't get you back to her immediately." At this the Vampire Prince chuckles and the two vanish into bats.

Hogwarts School


Everyone is in an uproar because not more then 20 minutes ago Neville Longbottom appeared in a wave of shadows and announced that Lord Voldemort had returned. Now ofcourse many scoffed at the boy's words, not believing them for a second, especially the British Minister Cornelius Fudge, however Neville quickly shut up Fudges words about him being a delusional, attention seeking brat by swearing a Wizards Oath that Lord Voldemort had returned, and when he was able to cast the Lumos spell after the oath everyone including Fudge finally had to acknowledge the truth. Acknowledging that Voldemort is back is what sent everyone into an uproar as many can remember when he was last in power and are afraid of what he'll do this time.

It is to this fear and canopy of voices that 2 swarms of bats descend, causing everyone to quite for a moment, as the bats begin to form together as they get closer to the ground. When they get 10 feet above the ground the two bat swarms mash together and form The Draculas, who just smile at everyone present. Hadrian Dracula quickly makes his way over to Fleur who jumps into his arms sobbing, "Mon amour! Je pensais que je pourrais ne jamais vous revoir. Je craignais tant que Lord Vol De Mort aurait pu te tuer(My Love! I thought I might never see you again. I was so afraid that Lord Flight From Death might have killed you.)."

The dark haired teen for his part just gently runs his hands through her hair, "Shh...Il est bon mon princesse. Je suis parfaitement bien vous voyez? Il n'y avait jamais aucun danger de visage de serpent me tuer. Je suis avec vous aujourd'hui et ne te quitterai jamais, de sorte que les pleurs arrête maintenant , Je t'aime(It's alright my Princess. I'm perfectly fine you see? There was never any danger of snake face killing me. I'm with you now and will never leave you, so stop that crying now, I love you.)." at this he raises her head and plants a kiss on her lips.

Their parents watch on with smiles on their faces, however those are quickly wiped away by Dumbledore and Fudge walking up to the young couple. The old man clears his throat, getting their attention, "Mister Dracula would you mind telling us what transpired in the cemetery after Mister Longbottom was sent away?" Just as Hadrian is about to call him a bad name and tell him to go away, Adam steps in-between them and replies instead, "I can tell you what happened Albus. After Neville was gone, Tom turned his wand on my boy, firing a killing curse at him. However just as it reached him I arrived on the scene and redirected it at a tombstone."

This causes many to gasp in shock, however Fudge is unconvinced, "Redirected it? Thats a load of Bullocks! The killing curse can only be dodged or blocked with something, it can not be redirected." The blonde glares at the fat politician, "Be silent! If you interrupt me again I will feed you to the ghouls in Castle Dracula for dinner!" At this threat the man hides behind Dumbledore, and satisfied that he wont speak again the King continues, "As I was saying, I redirected the Killing Curse from my son. After that the Neophyte Dark Lord and I had some words and then we dueled. He used some pretty high level spells, including one to create a giant snake made of earth and stone."

Hearing this causes many to shiver in fear, as that confirms to them that Voldemort is back and stronger then ever. However the Vampire is unconcerned and continues, "After I summoned a dragon made of flames to devour his snake he knew he could not defeat me. So in true cowardly fashion he aimed a full-powered blasting curse at my son knowing I would move to take the hit myself, which I did, blew the right half of my body away. While I was distracted and healing, he and all his Death Eaters fled. Among them the Lords Nott, Malfoy, Crebbe, Goyle, Parkinson, and others."

At this many of the British wizards and witches present gasp, while Fudge scoffs, and Amelia Bones gets a glint in her eye. Dumbledore however voices his disbelief at this news, "Are you sure about that Lord Dracula? I ask because the Lords you have Named are fine upstanding citizens, and while they served Voldemort before they did so under Imperious." At this Hadrian steps forward and with a slight growl speaks, "You dare to call my Father a liar Dumbledore? My father is a great many things but a liar is not one of them. The men he named where there and they were on their knees in fealty to that Half-Blooded weakling."

At this Fudge's rage finally gets the best of him and he steps forward, his face purple, "Now see here! I will not have two foreigners making such accusations about Lords of the Wizagamont! Furthermore we will not be taking the word of filthy creatures such as yourselves!" However the last thing was the wrong thing to say on his part, as Adam Dracula's eyes begin to glow with a red light as he points his hand at the fat politician. Making a gesture as if lifting something in the air Fudge is instantly off his feet and hanging in the air while grabbing at his throat in an effort to get air in his lungs.

The blonde walks towards the British Minister for Magic slowly, "Filthy Creatures are we? Well this filthy creature has your life in his hands. It would be so easy for me to kill you, all I would have to do is make one little motion with my hand and your neck would snap. Let me remind you of something Cornelius Oswald Fudge, the Wizagamont evolved from the Wizard's Council. The Wizards Council was founded in 1001 by the Houses of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Emrys, LeFay, Potter, Black, Bones, Greengrass, Peverell, Lestrange, and Dracula!"

All those present are shocked by this, many having forgotten most of the original Families that created the Wizards Council. Fudge gasps, rather from the information or the lack of air is unknown. Adam continues on, "I helped to create the foundations of what is now the Wizagamont. Out of all the Families that were in the Wizards Council my house was the oldest then and it is still the oldest now. It is me you have to thank for the power you currently hold you fat pig, so watch your tongue when you speak of or to me and my son. Else I will see to it that your position as Minister is taken from you, your accounts frozen and a thorough investigation is made into your policies and dealings."

With his piece said the man lowers his hand and Fudge is dropped to the ground, taking in large breathes of air, as the Vampire King turns around and begins to walk off. He's soon joined by his son, the Delacours, as well as Neville Longbottom and Hermione Granger, and even the Greengrass family and Susan Bones. The Romanian Minister for Magic comes up to his British counterpart and helps him up while saying, "Consider your-self warned Fudge, This insult to one of our most prominent citizens will not be overlooked. You can consider any talk of trade and alliance null and void. Good day to you Minister." With that the tall Romanian and his entourage follow in the footsteps of the Draculas.

However the fat man's bad night isnt over yet, as Amelia comes over to him and clears her throat, "I think it prudent to let you know Minister that I will be arresting Lords Nott, Malfoy, Crebbe, Goyle, and Parkinson for conspiring with a known terrorist. If you attempt to stop or block me in anyway then I will be sure to bring the Full Weight of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Bones down upon the Noble House of Fudge. I know that should I bring it to the Wizagamont I will have the full support of the the Most Ancient and Nobel houses of Black and Potter, as well as the Ancient and Most Noble House of Greengrass, as well as the Most Ancient and Royal House of Dracula."

Cornelius can do nothing but glare at the red-haired woman with contempt, but he knows he's stuck between a rock and a hard place and so swallows his rage, "Very well. Do what you have to do Madam Bones, you'll have no complaints from me." The woman smirks at this and nods her head before she turns and walks off, intent on having one more moment with her niece before starting her arrests and investigations. Dumbledore looks on with slight rage, thinking silently to himself how his plans for the magical world have gone completely off track, and makes a decision right then and there, Adam and Hadrian Dracula must be killed, all for the Greater Good ofcourse.

Annnd Cut! Well there you have chapter 11. Now as you can see I made the fight in the graveyard between Dracula and Voldy, the reason for that is that even in his weakened state old Snake face is still to powerful for Hadrian to take on currently. However when he finally does go toe to toe with Lord flees from death Harry will be more then a match for him, and will send him running for the hills himself. Now let me make this perfectly clear, Hadrian Potter-Dracula is not a hero, he's not a good guy, so when he does finally fight Voldemort his reasons wont be nice, he'll be fighting for revenge, revenge for the deaths of his birth parents, as well to test himself and see just how far he has to go before he's ready to become the next king of Vampires. Now he's not a bad guy either in that he's not going to decide he wants to show voldy how being a Dark Lord should really go. He and his father as well as their allies are more Neutral then anything, they wont help Magical Britain against Tommy boy, but they also wont work against them and ultimately help Riddle take over wizarding britain. anyway thats about it, as always please read and review. Until next time.