This is a one shot fanfic, it goes around the funeral of Gibbs father and the approach of an old member of the team. Hope you like it.

I guess it's been a while since the last time I attempted to write something, this year is getting a bit hectic but I couldn't let pass the opportunity to write something regarding the last imdb prank (well at least it's what I think). As a Ziva fan I've been notified that it could be possible to have her voice in next episode and my mind couldn't stop thinking about a possible plot. I know it might be silly but this site is for people to just get some fun imagining things.

I'm sure ya'll notice I might not mention some new characters or situations because to tell you the truth I stopped watching since 11x05 for personal reasons, so please forgive me if the story I'm trying to tell is not quite close to what's going on right now in the show.

Anyway, as you already know, I'm not a writer, neither an English native but I'll try to not tear that beautiful language.

The scenario shows one of the saddest scenes ever, the funeral of one of the greatest characters in life, Gibbs' father. It was odd to finally succumb to a natural course of life when an old man reaches the time most people fear.

After a tempestuous relationship with his father Gibbs finally found some peace and understanding with his old man, from time to time he used to call him just to hear his voice and acknowledge about his health and how things were doing. In the last years he tried to visit him in Stillwater during the holidays to spend some time with him, trying to make amends especially for the time missed, the activities around him were the same, getting the store in order, doing some handyman work and having coffee and reading the newspaper with his father.

Gibbs' was known as a very private person and even Tony respected that. However, when the team got to know Mr. Gibbs, the father of their greatest boss, that was a sign of trust, sign they took very seriously and whenever they got the chance to talk a little bit with the old man in his short visits it was always a pleasure, especially for the girls. Abby and Ziva were always the ones who liked to greet him first and enjoyed the expression of Gibbs' face every time his father just show up.

Last time Gibbs was with his father was last Christmas, he could notice how thin his father got and also how difficult for him to keep doing the same things he was used to, being in charge of the store, driving and cooking were a huge goal every day for the old man. Jethro offered him to sell everything and go with him to DC, it wasn't that bad since they were having a better relationship, besides Jethro would have the chance to take care of him in case is needed, but as stubborn as his son, Mr. Gibbs refused his help and also found it offensive, deep inside he knew it was the smartest thing to do but he also knew Gibbs' job was demanding and having him around wouldn't help to focus in the cases and his team, so he decided to play all "I-can-do-my-own-things" charade.

The winter season was almost over and with spring around the corner it was a perfect time to start many things, in Gibbs' case, a new project in his basement. However, he didn't know what to do yet but it was too early to think about it, so he decided to just head to the navy Yard and start his day earlier so he could solve whatever case was about to solve and get back home with an idea for a new project, maybe calling his dad at the end of the day to give him some ideas was better.

In his ride to the office he stopped in the coffee shop for his regular coffee of every morning, as he was paying for it he heard a little girl about 7 years old speaking Hebrew to his father and couldn't help but think about his lost member, that Israeli ninja chick as Tony liked to name her, Ziva. She was like a daughter to him in a way, their relationship was odd at some point, so many strong feelings between them over the years, finally he understood her in a way nobody did and that was special. He was wondering what she would be doing these days, when is she going be ready to come home and almost smiling…. when these two would break rule #12. He knew one day they will do it and for him it was fun to play the hard boss but in the end he knew he will give up with those two.

As always Gibbs was early at the office, as usual he went upstairs to have the morning talk with Leon about what case he'll be assigning to Gibbs' team and with that was about to start, a regular day or so he thought. In this opportunity, there was no case yet and so they just chat about family, last holidays and simpler things.

When Gibbs reached his desk, everyone was in there doing their thing, Tony as usual complaining about a loud teenage neighbor and his metal music and Tim was just enjoying his latte when Gibbs' cellphone rang as usual and he just answered it with "Gibbs".

The team was used to the same, Gibbs receiving a call and after that the magic words "Grab your gear, dead marine…." But this time it was different, Gibbs' call was from Stillwater, it wasn't the call he expected for the beginning of the day, Tim and Tony noticed something different about the call, Gibbs' expressionless face was getting them the creeps, he was getting more pale and was just listening to the other side of the line. The call was quick but hurtful in a way he never imagined. He just said "Alright, I'll be there soon". He stood there without saying a thing, Tony stood up and face his boss with "Boss?" Gibbs' eyes were getting red without even noticing, Tim didn't think about a better thing to do to find out what was going on that to track last call on his boss cellphone. It took him just 20 seconds to find out he received a call from Stillwater and just signed Tony to look at his screen and both knew something wasn't good at all in that peacefully town. Gibbs was silent putting his things down, his badge, his credentials and his gun in the right drawer of his desk and just grabbed his keys and with "I've got to go" he just left. None of the guys know what to do, it was the first time they felt their boss was torn with the news. Tim called Stillwater to find out details and a kind woman at the Police Station told him Mr. Gibbs had a heart attack during the night and died peacefully in his bed, the neighbor next door always checked on him every day and when the store was closed way pass 7am he got worried and used a spare key to check on him finding him in his bed, he was like he was sleeping with the difference of being really cold and motionless.

Tony and Tim went down to Abby to tell her the news and all three went to autopsy to finally tell Ducky and Jimmy. They were all concerned about Gibbs because he was facing that pain alone but at the same time they didn't know what to do, in the past whenever Gibbs has suffered severe trauma he just shut down to the world and last time he was like that after an explosion with signs of PTSD, not even Ducky was able to get him out of it. However this time was different, Ducky experienced the loss of his mother some time ago and knew how hard was to process that. As seniority goes, Tony was the one who was supposed to be in charge in Gibbs' absence so he decided to go to Vance's office and tell him the news.

Vance was ending a call with Sec Nav and when Tony arrived to his office, Vance was done with that phone call. Tony told him the news and also told him Gibbs was in the way to his hometown because of what happened. Vance understood the situation and confirm Tony to be in charge of the team until Gibbs finds his way back to work after that life changing event. He also told Tony that if they want, the team could go to be there for Gibbs because there was no cases for now and if he need them he'll call him. Also told Tony to notify him about the funeral arrangements because he wants to attend.

With that, Tony left Vance's office and went down to autopsy where the rest of the team was, Abby was in tears, he cared about the old man and McGee was sad, pensive and quiet, also was Ducky and Jimmy. Tony decided that Ducky should go first, he knew the pain of losing a loved one because of his mother and he could be a better company at first. Jimmy offered to drive him there and stay with them as long as needed. They left the Navy Yard sooner than expected but it was necessary for Gibbs' sake.

Tim was making arrangements for Delilah to get some company during his absence, because he didn't know how many days would he be away, he told Tony he would be going home first to grab some things and to meet him in the Navy yard in a couple of hours. Tony agreed to that and got upstairs to Abby's lab with her.

Tony's mind was somewhere else because Abby was telling the few stories about Mr. Gibbs and notice Tony wasn't even listening, she decided to get his attention asking him what was going on:

Abby: "Tony?"

Tony: "This isn't right"

Abby: "What Tony?"

Tony: "I know she asked me to leave her because she needed to get better to come home, that she'd be coming home when she gets ready but this isn't right"

Abby: "Tony, are you talking about Ziva?"

Tony: "Yes, she needs to know Abby, she's still part of the team even if she's not here now, and she's family, right?"

Abby: "Yes Tony, she is. I miss her."

Tony grabbed Abby from the shoulders and with inquisitive eyes he just said:

Tony: "You're my only chance to find her, so make your magic and track her down, search in every data base possible, send her messages to all the email addresses she got in the past 10 years, text messages to all cellphone number you know she got in the past 10 years. I have some Israeli contacts I'll be calling and when Tim arrives I'll tell him to help you, ok? Please?"

Abby gave Tony a kiss in the forehead and told him:

Abby: "WOW… I expected you to ask for that since the day she left… I've been tracking her down and I think she'll get the message" For a moment Abby got excited about her new assignment, she knew in this special moment the team should be together and without Ziva it wasn´t possible.

With that, Tony went to his place to grab some things and get back to Bullpen and started calling to Israel, he got a couple of numbers and kept calling, Abby got the time to get some things for her too after Tim was back in her lab. All three jumped into one of the cars of the agency to go to Stillwater, As usual Tony was driving, mostly because McGee and Abby were in their respective devices trying to get in touch with Ziva. During all the ride they tried their best but Ziva seemed to be disappeared and that was killing Tony, not only was sad about Gibbs' old man but now he was worried about his partner/friend/everything. He was blaming himself of not coming up with the idea of tracking her down earlier, but he wanted to respect her wishes, he didn't want to lose her forever, he knew if he wanted her for the long road, she needed to make that decision by herself when she gets ready, that's something Jethro Gibbs taught him about Ziva.

Gibbs was accompanied by Ducky and Palmer, Palmer made a great job arranging everything because Gibbs wasn't in the mood of that. Ducky and Gibbs stayed all night long talking about the old man and all his stories, in that night Ducky got to know Gibbs more than all those years of their friendship, most of Gibbs' behavior has a lot to do with his relationship with his father.

The team drove all night and got to Stillwater in the morning, they found Gibbs in the local church in his father's funeral, especial mass was starting and the team just arrived in time to be there to join Ducky and Palmer and support their boss. The mass was lovely, all the town was there, they loved the old man, and even the ones who weren't too fond of the man were there to show their respects as usual in a small town. Tony gave Vance the coordinates to get into Stillwater and he arrived just in time to also support his best agent in this difficult time. Gibbs appreciate all that respect for his father, he was a man of few words, and so was his father. However, he felt the need to stand up and say a few words about his father and also to thank all the town for being there for him and his father. It was the most hard thing to do, he wasn't used to do it, Dinozzo was always the one receiving in his place all the medals and recognitions all the time. Tony noticed Gibbs' hesitance to go to the podium and speak up in the first place, so he did what he always does, he offered to say a few words about the old man until Gibbs gets ready to do it. As expected, Tony dedicated some of the greatest words for Gibbs father, his speech was memorable and later Jethro expressed his gratitude to the people in there and for his father also. It was a very emotional situation and to have his team as he called also his family was a very important moment.

After the mass, as usual every single citizen of Stillwater met for the last time the coffin in which Mr. Gibbs was resting, the whole day would be that way, people coming, expressing his condolences to Jethro and finally leaving. Next day his father was being buried and all team stayed at a local inn except Tony who decided to stay with his boss in his father's house.

Ducky, Jimmy and McGee were exhausted, too much was going on so they decided to go to bed and get some sleep, and also Director Vance decided to do the same after he made some phone calls to check on the job and his kids.

Everyone seemed to be trying to get some sleep except of Abby, she needed to contact the missing member of the team, she kept searching in her laptop until she just got too exhausted to keep going, and she just gave up and went to bed.

However, in the other side of the world, Ziva was getting back from a refugee camp, after Tony left her in the tarmac she decided she needed to find the meaning of life, the good feeling of making a difference and being important to society. For some odd reason she wasn't feeling that way in NCIS, although she loved her job, she was confused lately about the purpose of it and until she finds some sort of balance in her life she needed to do something meaningful in the meantime. At the time she didn't know how to start over so she called the woman she prayed to be alive after how things went in Colombia, Monique. She was a good friend of Ziva, like a big sister and after making a few calls she finally got her and both decided to go to the refugee camp for raped girls in some country in Africa. It was hard for her to go alone to Africa since last time, however these were other circumstances and the best part was that Monique was with her. Both taught little girls to believe in themselves, to read and write in English and French and to believe there was more outside. After 6 months they were scheduled to get back to their places, so Monique asked Ziva to join her in Paris but she promised herself next time she goes to Paris would be with Tony and just to enjoy themselves so she declined the offer promising to stay in touch. Ziva was enjoying his father's beach house, after being in the refugee camp she decided to take care of her father's assets in order to be ready to leave when the time comes to do it, however she decided to keep the beach house because it was located few meters from Aunt Nettie's house, the closest family she actually has so for now she was getting some peace and was enjoying visiting her aunt every now and then. Just when she was starting to relax… an alert came through her cellphone. When she left DC she changed her cellphone, email address and everything related to her old life just to start over, she thought of contacting him, the one who makes her feel human, feel whole, but she needed to be a better person just to be able to finally be happy with him and if he was able to contact her she knew for sure he would have kept getting back asking her to go with him and that was not the process she needed. However, she knew if something happen and she needed to be contacted, a special alert about the possible addresses of people who wanted to contact her in case of emergency could forward a message through her new account and for default to her new cellphone and so it happened… a message from Abby´s email popped up in the screen of her cellphone, it was a small message and said:

"Ziva, you need to come home NOW! IMMEDIATELY! Please… there's something really bad going on and all the team needs you, especially someone you care like a father. I'm sorry to tell you this but Jackson Gibbs has just died, we're all in Stillwater but he needs you. Please if you get this come home we all need you Zi"

Ziva was in shock, she was in Israel and all her team, her so called family needed her and mostly, Gibbs needed her especially in this hard moment. Without hesitation she just went to Aunt Nettie's house, told her she was getting back to DC immediately and to take care of the house because she might not get back in a very long time. Aunt Nettie knew she was ready to get home and she also knew it'd be a while before she'll see her again. She grabbed her things, she had a few because most of her things were in DC in a storage facility which was finally emptied by Tony.

In the meantime, Stillwater was preparing itself for the bury of a good man, the graveyard was full of people who appreciate the man, another hardest moment to face for Gibbs, almost all the team was there, even Director Vance, after the ceremony, the speeches and flowers, one by one the assistants start to leave the graveyard until just the team stayed there. Director Vance talked a little bit with Gibbs telling him to take all the time he needs and also telling him about Tony being in charge which was the right thing to do and Gibbs agreed on that. The team was leaving Gibbs alone in the graveyard because they imagined he needed to be alone to pay his respects to his dad. Just when Gibbs was about to leave his phone rang, an unknown number was listed he hesitated on answering it when he finally gave up and heard this: "Hello Gibbs, I am truly sorry for your lost" all he could say was "Ziver?" and with that they both had a quick conversation in the phone that had many promises in between.