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After that walk and another night at Mr. Gibbs' house, Tony was instructed to go back to DC, there was this case he needed to take with the rest of the team while Gibbs was finishing with his father's things. Ziva decided to stay with Gibbs in Stillwater to be with him and help him with his father's stuff.

Back in DC…

Tony was in a very good mood, he got to his apartment and as soon as he got there he started to move things, to make room for Ziva's things, to clean the whole place because it was messy, he wanted everything to be perfect. He needed to tell someone about what he was experiencing, he was excited, he was over the top with what Ziva asked for, she didn't want to waste time, she didn't want to play the same game they had played for so long, she just wanted to be happy and to be happy with him.

It was 7pm at night, he dialed McGee's number asking him to come over, he needed a hand with all the changes he needed to do an also some ideas.

McGee was at his apartment, he was playing some video game when his cellphone rang and he saw the ID caller and answered…

McGee: "Tony! What's up? Are you already in your way to DC?"

Regardless the greatest news, Tony got a serious tone of voice and said…

Tony: "Tim, I'm already in DC, I've just got home"

McGee POV…

In rare occasions Tony called me Tim, it's always a nickname around my last name but almost never Tim, so it must be serious matter what he wants to discuss…

McGee: "Tony? Are you ok?"

Tony: "I'm ok, can you just come over my place for a bit? I need to talk to you"

With that, Tony hang up and kept cleaning and getting his place decent for Ziva.

McGee arrived in no time, he lived 5min from Tony's place so it wasn't unusual for him to get very quickly.

McGee: "Tony? Are you ok?"

Tony: "I already told you I am"

McGee: "So? What's going on? Why are you cleaning your place and moving stuff?"

Tony just got serious, he didn't want McGee to believe he was being goofy and/or funny, his new life with Ziva was something serious and so he wanted McGee to accept it and to be willing to help him, the next day they needed to work on a case but at the same time Tony needed to buy some stuff and without McGee's help it could be impossible to finish on time to get to buy some furniture and get some of the things Ziva left into his place.

Tony: "I have some news probie. I'm glad to inform you that she got back!"

McGee: "Did she?"

Tony: "Yes probie. Remember the call Gibbs received at the end of the funeral of his father?"

McGee: "Yes, why'"

Tony: "I thought it was some woman from his past, someone trying to comfort him. Well it was Ziva, McGee!"

By then, Tony couldn't hide all the happiness he felt about the matter, he was excited, happy, cheerful, he had that huge grin that no one could resist.

McGee: "Oh man, I'm so happy with both of you! When is she arriving?

Tony: "She's in Stillwater with boss, she arrived yesterday and I don't know, it was incredible man!"

McGee: "Well Tony, you both deserve to be together in whatever state of your relationship, because you two have the most twisted one"

Tony: "Not anymore probie, not anymore"

McGee was indeed happy for Tony and Ziva, he was the mere witness of their games for the last 8 years and to finally be able to see his two friends, people he consider his brother and sister get to the point of having a mature relationship was something to celebrate. Tony got a couple of beers out of the fridge and both friends toasted as a signal of a new beginning.

Tony decided to tell McGee everything that happened in Israel, last time he went following her, how things were, how sad both were of getting apart from each other and McGee couldn't believe how deep was Tony's love for Ziva.

After an hour or so talking about what happened in Israel and in Stillwater, he decided to tell McGee about his plans because Ziva was getting back in 2 or 3 days and he needed to make some changes to his apartment.

Tony: "Probie, Ziva has decided to stay permanently in DC, I was about to tell Gibbs if she could stay with him but she asked me to not do it, she is coming here!"

McGee: "To this pigsty?"

Tony: "Come on! Is not that bad!"

McGee: "For a start you have a Twin Bed you need at least a Queen Size bed, then if you're getting her stuff from the storage I don't think it'll fit here, besides, this apartment is very small, don't you think it'd be better if you look for some place larger?"

Tony: "You're right probie, but I don't think I'll be able to do it in 2 days"

McGee: "If I can recall, I've seen an apartment available in old Ziva's building, tomorrow you can go over there and ask about it and I can call my cousin who has a moving service company and he could take care of yours and Ziva's stuff and put it there".

Tony: "That would be fantastic probie, thank you!"

McGee: "But remember, you need to BUY A BETTER BED!"

Tony: "OK, OK, OK, I'll do it tomorrow when I get the apartment, I'll buy it online"

McGee: "Well, then it's set, if I were you I'd call the boss and ask him to delay Ziva's return a couple of days more, so you have some time to arrange everything"

With that, McGee left Tony's bachelor place and headed home leaving Tony thinking about his future new life.