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The music blasted loudly throughout the club, different shades of blues and purples bouncing off everyone.

Liam sighed as he rubbed his hand down his face. He always had solutions and ideas for everything. A friend was feeling insecure and jealous their of the way their boyfriend was acting with friend in their group? No problem, he was there to show examples and let them vent. Computer acting up? No problem, he had some knowledge and would do his best, but if worse came to worse, he had connections to help. He was usually quick to think of solutions or ideas to solve any problem that came his way, but this-this was leaving him in a stump. That could also be because of the fear and anxiety creeping through his veins. Or maybe part of him was just saying fuck it. Maybe it was time Emma knew of his feelings.

Cyrus had said he was going to help him, but he didn't really agree on the idea of getting Emma drunk just to take her phone. It left him feeling dirty and wrong. All he had wanted was to make Emma have a good time, to forget his idiot of a brother and maybe in some universe fall into his arms.

What a fucking mess this was.

"You know, I think I need-" Emma slurred as she threaded her hands through her golden locks. "A hair cut because it's so long and annoying sometimes."

She froze for a second and then started to laugh drunkenly, falling back into the plush seating.

"Oh god this is where you break out those memes and tumblr post's of people talking about hair cut's changing their life's and what not."

"Well I hope you aren't thinking of cutting it too short" Cyrus hummed while grabbing a strand and wiggling it in her face. "What are the guys or gals gonna grab when you're getting it from behind or just being rough at it?"

"Oh my god Cyrus I can't believe you" Emma laughed loudly while tears blurring her vision.

"Oh you can't tell me you don't see the looks you've been getting in the club darling." Cyrus chuckled and shrugged while grabbing a Jack Daniels and smoothly gliding it across some shot glasses. A couple more shots and then he could take the phone and delete that voice mail.

"To be honest I haven't been paying that much attention, but-" She stopped to pick up a shot glass and hand it to him before grabbing hers. "I was considering maybe going home with Jefferson."

Cyrus had just brought the glass to his lips, the liquid barely making its way past them.

And then Emma went and said she was thinking about sleeping with Jefferson.

His eyes widened and he choked on his drink, what wasn't burning his throat was slipping past his lips as he coughed and heaved.

"O-oh E-emma sweetheart. Why Jefferson?" He croaked out, trying to get himself under control. His eyes darted around the room to see if there was any sign of said man. He had left them to go attend to some club business, but had assured them - mostly Emma - he would be coming back. Emma shrugged and looked to the side.

"Because why not? What's a one night stand?"

Cyrus stared at her. This didn't sound like the Emma he knew, but she had also just had her heart smashed on so he knew she was acting out of pain. Of course besides all that there was the little thing of Liam being in love with her. He couldn't imagine loving someone and seeing them sleep with someone else. Emma was here hurting over Killian, while Liam is in the same boat, but pining after her.

God this sounded like a soap opera. The girl is in love with the guy's brother.

"Would you like to dance lass?"

A Irish accent brought him out of his thoughts and he turned his head to see one his classmates, Graham Humbert, holding his hand out to one drunk Emma Swan, who stared at him with a stare that was akin to that of the look someone got when they were love struck. Emma stared at him, lost in the sound of her heart beating and the alcohol wasn't helping. Graham cleared his throat, the sound snapping Emma out of her daze.

"S-sorry sure! I would love to." Emma reached for his hand, getting up a bit clumsy, and turned to look at Cyrus. "Can you watch my bag? I'm gonna go dance!" She winked - a drunk weird wink that he would one day tease her about later, but there were more important things going on in that moment - and followed Graham. He forced a smile and nodded his head at her. His eyes followed their every step. He could feel a ripple, but it wasn't any of that love at first sight stuff her parents would go on about. No. It wasn't that. But there was that spark in their eyes. That attraction. That would be a problem.


He jumped up startled and turned to see Liam rushing to him.

"Oh Liam. Where have you been? Hey- uh" He scratched his head, not wanting to get into the subject of Emma going to dance with a guy. Did Liam see? Or was he heading over here and now going to question where Emma went?


Liam rushed around him and grabbed Emma's purse, opening the satchel and rummaging through it quickly.


Her purse.

The phone!

Liam turned around, his face full of relief and held out Emma's phone.

"We can delete that message now."

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