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"We're lost aren't we?" I sighed glancing at the man before me. He held a map and compass in his hands while looking around confused.

"I- the house should be here! Hey!" He replied looking back to the map.

Colonnello had asked me the night before if I wanted to spend the weekend with him doing some kind of survival training. I figured he asked me to go with him because he knew nobody else would go, and he didn't want to be bored alone.

"Colonnello, who told you about the cabin in these mountains?" I asked while walking towards him and taking the map.

"Mammon, hey."

"Did he ask you to pay him?"


"Did you?"


"Yet, he gave you the 'info' about where the cabin is?"


Sighing once again I pulled out my cell phone to see if I had any service.

"What are you doing Charley, hey."

Ignoring Colonnello I started to call Mammon, it took awhile but I eventually talked Mammon into giving me the real directions for the cabin. Well of course it cost me a bit more money than I'd of liked. Looking back at the map I marked where the cabin really is placed.

"Okay it's east we'll be there in about twenty minutes." I mumbled heading east.

"I'm sorry, hey." Colonnello spoke softly following after me.

I turned to glance at the blond and smiled softly, I could never be truly upset with him. He's the one person I can't bring myself to be mad at, I glared off in the distance after picturing Kyoko and Haru giving me their 'knowing' look they tend to give me whenever Colonnello is involved.

"It's okay, really, I don't mind walking a bit more. Anyway Mammon luckily gave you directions that isn't too far from the actually cabin, walking a bit more won't hurt anything." I smiled, watching his expression brighten quite a bit.

"There is only one bed..." I spoke staring into the small cabin.

"Sorry, I thought I asked Mammon if it was two bedroom, I'm pretty sure he said yes though, hey." Colonnello walked through the small cabin seemingly confused.

He looked through the closet searching for something while I placed my bags down by the door.

"There isn't any extra blankets in the closet, hey."

"Huh?" I didn't really understand what he was getting at.

"I was hoping to find some to make a makeshift bed on the floor, hey." Colonnello glanced back at me.

Looking towards the floor I noticed it was all hardwood, there wasn't even a rug. 'I guess we can share a bed' I thought to myself, trying to keep from blushing at the thought. I started to open my mouth to share my thoughts but Colonnello spoke first.

"Don't worry Charley, I'll sleep on the floor, I mean this is supposed to be survival training for me, two nights sleeping on a floor like this won't hurt anything, hey."

He turned to smile softly at me. I rolled my eyes at him, there is no way I'm letting him sleep on this hard floor that'll be cold later tonight. I walked towards him and softly hit the back of his head.

"We can share the bed, it's no big deal." I turned away while blushing at the thought.

Colonnello stared at me before pulling me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around his waist and inhaled his scent. 'He smells amazing...' He pulled away from me smiling.

"Thanks Charley, hey."

"There's no need to thank me, I mean you were offering to give up the bed for me." I laughed while shaking my head.

Later that night we both laid in the small double bed. I turned my back to Colonnello trying to ignore the warmth he was giving off, I tried my best not to look at him knowing he was shirtless. We'd been laying on the bed about thirty minutes and I couldn't get to sleep.

I hadn't noticed Colonnello was staring at me the entire time and was quite shocked when I felt him wrap an arm around my middle pulling me towards his warm chest.

"C-Colonnello" I spoke shocked by what he was doing.

"Yes? Hey" he whispered back.

"What are you doing?" I turned around to face him and he pulled his arm away from me. I noticed his cerulean eyes seem to sparkle in the moon light and I felt myself moving closer to the man before me.


Before I could question what he meant I felt his warm lips on mine. I wrapped my arms around him and deepened the kiss. He pulled away and smiled softly at me.

"What was that?" I whispered.

Colonnello looked pretty pleased with himself. "A kiss, hey"

I pulled away sitting up on the bed, crossing my arms I glared down at the blond. He just placed his hands behind his head and gave me a smug look, we stared at either other a few minutes then he also sat up and looked at me with a serious expression.

"I like you, wait no, I-I love you, hey." His cerulean eyes looked at me, almost fearfully.

I smiled softly and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. "I love you too Colonnello."

~~~extended ending~~~

"What are you doing Mammon?" Lal asked the hooded man.

"I made sure the one bedroom cabin was empty for Colonnello and Charley, I decided I'll charge him extra for using my services to get him a girlfriend so I'm writing him a bill."