A few days after the pack had returned from their rescue mission to Mexico, Ethan had ended up adopting Willow from Dr. Deaton's as the Walcott family was now dead, so he had no home.

Ethan kept him at their apartment they jokingly left the litter box in what had been Kali's room. Ethan took all the responsibility for him feeding him and cleaning his litter box. Willow was a little weary of Aiden and the rest of the pack at first but was ok around them eventually.

When they moved into the McCall house the cat came along too. Most of the time he would stay in the twin's room curled up in ball sleeping on Ethan's side of the bed, although he did have the run of the house as well.

Willow was friends with everyone in the pack and never tried to nip any of them there might be the odd time he would scratch them but that was just his way of saying levee me alone I've had enough. Everyone in the house would make sure his food dish and water dish was full. When they would come home from school he would usually go out the back door for a little while. When the boys would go out during a full moon he would sit on the back deck waiting for them to return. They figured he didn't fear werewolves because he had lived with a family of Windagos so supernaturals were nothing to him.

Most of the time at night he would sleep at Ethan's feet on the twin's bead or sometimes on his pillow just over his head. When the boys would puppy pile he either found a place on Ethan's chest or above his head sometimes he would just sleep on the top of the couch as close as he could get to Ethan.