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Chapter Seven: The Assassin in the Mist

After a day of travel Tazuna and team 7 arrived at the docks of Nami no Kuni Naruko started getting an odd sensation down her spine when something entered her sensory range.

"Shit whoever that was has Jounin level chakra looks like our enemy has already close in to make this kill." Naruko thought as she looked around and she silently activated her sharingan. Sasuke looked at Naruko as he felt her chakra spike and he saw her sharingan activated.

"What's going on why has Naruko activated her sharingan she's watching for something could it be an enemy shinobi?" Sasuke though. After a few more minutes Naruko looks around as she senses a high chakra level on par with Kakashi's.

"So he is already here." Naruko thinks drawing a kunai from her pouch; when Sakura, Kakashi, Itachi and Sasuke notices this they were all on high alert as they know of Naruko's abilities as a sensory ninja. Naruko hides her kunai against her leg and after a few more feet Naruko chucks the kunai at a rustle in a cluster of bushes. Kakashi reaches for his head band as Naruko goes towards where she threw the kunai and her hand on the scythe she has across her back in conjuncture with her Gunbai. "False alarm it's just a rabbit sorry." Naruko rubs her head. The rest of the group keeps their guard up as Naruko's sensory abilities are rarely wrong. Sakura walks over and holds the rabbit as she comforts the poor thing. Just then the coat of the rabbit catches Naruko eye. "This rabbit's coat is white which means that it was raised indoors away from the light, which means its only purpose was to be a substitution." Just then a giant butcher's knife comes flying in from the tree line to the right of them.

"Get down!" Kakashi shouts to his team and the four of them drop down while Sasuke grabs the client to protect him. The sword impales itself in the tree in front of Naruko and Sakura.

"Zabuza Momochi the demon of the bloody mist." Naruko glares at the man in front of her.

"Ah so a lonely gennin knows my name." Zabuza says bowing. "I see that my illustrious reputation precedes me." (Yes I got that from Dragon Ball Z: Fusion reborn, which I don't own either.)

"Well when you slaughter your entire graduating class and then try to assassinate the... I believe it was the Yondaime Mizukage that tends to get your name in the bingo book of every Ninja village across the world." Naruko said with a pause recalling the Mizukage aspect pertaining to Zabuza.

"If he is our opponent then I will need to use my sharingan." Kakashi thinks lifting his headband

"Kakashi of the sharingan eye am I right?" Zabuza asks.

"Now quick Magi formation, protect the bridge-builder and stay out of this fight." Kakashi says then he looked at Itachi "I'm going to need you to back me up this guy's no ordinary ninja."

"Right." Itachi activates his sharingan then Kakashi finishes lifting his headband exposing Obito's sharingan.

"Hold on a minute everyone keeps saying sharingan, sharingan, what is the sharingan?" Tazuna asks

"Sharingan, a rare power it resides in the eyes, the user of this visual Jutsu can instantly see and comprehend any Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu and reflect the attack back on the attacker. The sharingan is a special rare form of Dojutsu; however there is a lot more to the sharingan, a lot more." Sasuke says

"You got it right boy, but you only scratched the surface. The sharingan can analyze an opponent's attack and copy it to the smallest detail." Zabuza says. Then mist roles in. "As for you Jounin in the assassination unit of the hidden mist we has a special order to destroy you on sight. Your profile was in our bingo book. It called you 'the man who copied over a thousand Jutsu Kakashi, The Copy Ninja." Zabuza's eyes narrow. "Enough talking I have to exterminate the old man, now." Then team seven enters a protective formation. "So I have to eliminate you first eh, Kakashi, and Itachi Uchiha? So be it." Zabuza grabs his blade and rips it from the tree and leaps on to the water.

"He is over there." Naruko says pointing out their opponent.

"So he knows the water walking exercise too." Sasuke noted.

"He is building up a huge amount of chakra." Kakashi notes

"Ninpo: Kirigakure no Jutsu." Zabuza says then he vanishes.

"He vanished." Sakura says then Kakashi walks forward. "Sensei."

"He will come after me first."

"Just who is Zabuza Momochi anyway?" Sasuke asks

"Zabuza Momochi, ex leader of the mists assassination squad and a master of the silent killing technique."

"Silent?" Tazuna asks

"As the name suggests it happens in an instant without sound or any warning. It's so fast that you pass from this life before you even realize what has happened. The sharingan can't fully neutralize it so don't let down your guard. Well if we fail we only loose our lives."

"Then we can't let our guard down for even a second." Naruko says drawing her Scythe then the mist gets a lot thicker.

"The mist is getting thicker and thicker." Sasuke says

"The Nami No Kuni is surrounded by ocean the swirling mists are ever present." Tazuna says. Then the mist covers Kakashi.

"Sensei." Sakura says fear evident in her voice.

"Eight points." Zabuza's voice calls out. Sakura gasps

"What's that?" Sakura asks

"Larynx, spine, lungs, liver, jugular, subclavian artery, kidney, heart. Now what will be my kill point?" Then Kakashi puts his hands together for the ram sign and unleashes a wave of chakra to disperse the mist.

"What intense thirst for blood. One shallow breath one tiny movement of the eye is enough to bring on instant death. If it goes on like this I will go insane. The clash of two Jounin with the intent to kill I have never felt anything so chilling. It's as if my own life is being choked off." Sasuke thinks and starts bring his kunai to a point where he will slit his own throat. "No, I can't bear it I rather take my own life." Sasuke moves the kunai closer

"Sasuke! Calm down" Kakashi's stern voice snaps him out of it. "I will protect you with my life all of you. I will not allow my comrades to die trust me."

"I wouldn't be so sure." Zabuza's voice rings out again. Then in an instant Zabuza is behind all three of them. Kakashi spins around to see Zabuza standing there in the middle of their formation. Instantly Naruko springs into action and swings her Gunbai behind her and it collides with Zabuza's Kubikiribōchō blocking it from hurting her friends.

"Nice try Zabuza Momochi but sneaking up on me won't be that easy." Naruko smiles her Sharingan flashing.

"You're pretty good with that Gunbai kid where'd you get it?"

"It was my Grandfathers." Naruko holds her hand out in front of Zabuza's chest.

"Mizu Bunshin." Sasuke says as he activates his sharingan. Zabuza says as he appears behind team 7. Naruko returns her scythe and Gunbai to her back and starts weaving hand signs. "Fūton: Daitoppa!" the gust of wind blasts back the mist and Kakashi takes advantage of Zabuza's condition to attack stabbing a kunai into Zabuza's gut.

"Nice try Zabuza but it's over." Kakashi says.

"Oh really?" Zabuza asks as water pours out of the wound, then Zabuza explodes into a burst of water, then Zabuza appears behind Kakashi and slices him in half. Zabuza smirks under his mask, when the sliced body of Kakashi turns to water and Zabuza's eyes widen in shock. "Even in the mist he was able to copy my Jutsu." Kakashi appears behind Zabuza and holds a kunai to his throat.

"Your right, now it's over."

"Nice try." Zabuza dissolves into water again and reappears behind Kakashi. "Now." Then kicks him into the water, then Zabuza grabs his sword and runs after Kakashi but then stops. "Makabishi spikes. Trying to slow me down. Foolish." Then Zabuza jumps into the water.

"SENSEI!" Sakura shouts

"I can't believe sensei got kick through the air like that." Sasuke thinks.

"His physical prowess is on par with mine." Naruko says. Then Kakashi reemerges from the water

"This water isn't normal it's denser." Kakashi thinks. Then Zabuza appears behind him and sneers.

"Fool." Zabuza starts making hand-signs "Suiton: Suirou no Jutsu!" (Water style: water prison Jutsu)

"SHIT!" Kakashi yells

"This prison is made of water but its stronger than steel."

"Escaping underwater was a bad mistake."

"Now I have you where I want you, however now I must eliminate your little friends." Zabuza makes a one handed hand-sign. "Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu." (Water clone Jutsu)

"Sasuke, Sakura, Naruko, Itachi get the bridge builder out of here. He is put all his strength in to keeping me here the clone can't follow you that far!"

"Not an option!" Sasuke says "That option when right out the window the moment you got captured sensei!" Zabuza's clone smirks at the three gennin before him.

"You dare to call yourself Shinobi, when you've hovered between life and death so many times that it doesn't faze you, you may be called Shinobi. When you've become so deadly that your profile has been entered into my bingo book, then you may have earned the title Shinobi."

"You want to see power I will show you power." Naruko smirks then turns to her friends. "Sakura, Sasuke, Itachi stay out of this protect the bridge builder I want to show this no browed freak the legendary power of Madara Uchiha." Naruko slams her hands together. "Mokuton: Jurin Taihō!" At Naruko's command a huge forest springs to life and in a matter of seconds the trees slam into Zabuza's clone destroying it instantly. The real Zabuza's eyes widen at the shear display of power Naruko had presented.

"That… that was Mokuton of the Shodaime Hokage; how does this kid have that kind of power?"

"You shouldn't underestimate Naruko, Zabuza." Kakashi smirks underneath his mask. "I did that once and it nearly cost me my life."

"You may be soft Kakashi but I'm not." Zabuza makes another water clone and makes the clone maintain the water prison then grabs his Kubikiribōchō and charging at Naruko but doesn't see Naruko make the horse hand sign for his signature fire Jutsu.

"Katon: Gōka Mekkyaku!" Naruko roars as the torrent of fire blast through the trees and at Zabuza whose eyes widen in shock as he jumps back to avoid the fire blast. The smoke from the burning trees clouds Zabuza's vision and hides Naruko from his sight.

"How is one kid this strong?" Zabuza wonders confused, however Zabuza had no time to worry about Naruko's strength as said kid come charging full speed at Zabuza Gunbai in one hand and his scythe in the other.

"You're going down!" Naruko shouts leaping into the air swinging down with his scythe anticipating Zabuza to raise his Kubikiribōchō to block but Zabuza dodges a smirk on his face and swings his Kubikiribōchō with the intent to cut Naruko in half, but Naruko spins in the air and uses the momentum to bring her Gunbai down and deflected the sword with the end of her Gunbai and goes in swing with the scythe again. "You're good kid really good." Zabuza grunts

"The same could be said of you." Naruko swiftly dodges the sword slash and counters with her Gunbai wind wall blasting Zabuza backwards. Naruko takes the temporary lax in battle to form hand signs after she created a Kage Bunshin. "Ninpo Fūton no Katon collaboration: Ōkina Ryu Iki!" The two Narukos roar channeling as much chakra as possible to their Jutsu blasting as much fire in order destroy Zabuza entirely. The resulting blast of fire destroys water clone freeing Kakashi in the process.

"Nice work Naruko, now stand back and let me finish this but I promise you if Zabuza gets past me you and your teammates finish him off." Kakashi says.

"Yes sir." Naruko leaps back to her teammates, and then Zabuza and Kakashi leap back and forming hand signs.

"Ushi, Saru, Oo, Nae, Ee, Tori, Ushi, Uma, Tori, Nae, Tora, Inu, Tora, Mee, Ushi, Hitsuji, Mee, Ee, Hitsuji, Nae." Zabuza recites as he forms each hand sign

"Ushi, Saru, Oo, Nae, Ee, Tori, Ushi, Uma, Tori, Nae, Tora, Inu, Tora, Mee, Ushi, Hitsuji, Mee, Ee, Hitsuji, Nae." Kakashi follows along flawlessly.

"Jin, Saru, Tori, Tatsu, Tori, Ushi, Uma, Hitsuji, Tora, Mee, Nae, Saru, Oo, Ee, Tatsu, Hitsuji, Nae, Ushi, Saru, Tori, Jin, Nae, Ee, TORI!" Kakashi and Zabuza finish simultaneously. "Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu!" (Water style: Water dragon Jutsu) instantly two dragons made of water rise up and coil around one another canceling each other out. Then their creators run in at one another Zabuza runs in with his Kubikiribōchō and Kakashi runs with a kunai in hand and their weapons collide and Kakashi press with all his might to keep Zabuza's blade from killing him.

"Could it be?" Zabuza wonders then runs to the left and Kakashi does the same movement and when Zabuza stops so does Kakashi. Then Zabuza makes the hand sign for the hidden mist Jutsu.

"He isn't just following he moves the same way at the same time." Tazuna says

"My movements it's as if it's as if he knows what I'm..."

"Going to do next." Kakashi finishes Zabuza's thought out loud for him.

"What is he reading my mind as well? He looks at me with that eye."

"It makes you furious doesn't it?"

"All you're doing is copying me like a monkey."

"You can't beat me with cheap tricks I'll crush you!" Kakashi and Zabuza say simultaneously.

"When I finish you, I will make sure you never open that monkey mouth again." Zabuza growls and forms hand signs, just then a shadow appears behind Kakashi causing Zabuza to pause in mid signs. "What is that?" The shadow starts to take form and after a few seconds Zabuza looks and sees himself. "It's me! But how? Is this his illusion Jutsu?"

"Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu!" (Water style: Waterfall Jutsu) Kakashi says then his sharingan spins around. The gigantic blast of water fires at Zabuza.

"I was just about to create a vortex but he created one first! He copies my Jutsu before I can even do them I can't keep up!" Zabuza gets blasted by the water and is slammed into a tree. Then several kunai connect with Zabuza

"You're finished."

"How? Can you see into the future?" Zabuza asks

"Yes I can. This is your last battle ever." Just then two senbon connect with Zabuza's neck. Naruko and team 7 look over to where the senbon came from and they see a person with and unable to identify his/her's gender. His/her shinobi outfit consisted of the standard Kirigakure pinstriped outfit which stopped at his/her knees. Over this he/she wore a green haori with white trimmings and around his/her waist a brown sash with a fringed trail wrapped around his waist twice. He/She also wore light-brown platoon sandals with straps in the same color as his/her kimono and nail polish on his fingernails and toenails in matching blue green color. When wearing this outfit, his/her long hair was gathered in a white bun holder, while two locks of his/her hair fell loose framing his face, bound with metal hair cuffs at the ends. He/she also wore a hunter-nin mask, which was white with thin, curved eye-holes and a red wavy design in place of the mouth, as well as the Kirigakure symbol etched in the top.

"You're right it was his last battle." The hunter Nin says. Kakashi leaps over to Zabuza's corpse and places his index and middle on Zabuza's neck.

"No vital signs."

"I thank you for your assistance in taking him down I have been waiting for the opportunity to take him down." The hunter ninja bows

"By your mask I can tell you're a hunter ninja from the hidden mist village." Kakashi says.

"You're well informed."

"Just what is a hunter ninja?" Tazuna asks

"Hunter ninja are an elite group of ninja with very special skills. When a rouge ninja runs away from their village they carry all sorts of secrets with them hunter ninja are sent out to ensure those secrets stay secret by eliminating them." Naruko says look at the hunter ninja with her sharingan. "The chakra is definitely female but well hidden." Naruko's face turns blank as she continues to contemplate this turn of events.

"I will take this body and to ensure the secrets of Kirigakure stay secret." Haku leaps down and grabs Zabuza's body then Shunshins away.

"Well I guess we won't have to see Zabuza again." Naruko says to her teammates,

"Yea if we never meet again it will be too soon." Sasuke says.

"At any rate we need to head back to Tazuna's house from there we will work on what to do." Kakashi says, and then he pulls down his head band to cover his sharingan. Then team 7 walk off thinking of the day's events. Just ask Kakashi takes his third step he collapses on the ground. "Damn no matter how many times I use the sharingan the backlash is always incredible."

"Kakashi sensei!" Naruko shouts and runs over to him and scans her over with medical Ninjutsu while Sakura and Sasuke wait with baited breath to see if their sensei is ok. "Its fine he is just suffering from chakra exhaustion but it's nothing I can't handle."

"Alright Tazuna-san where is your home?" Sasuke asks.

"About 3 miles from here." Tazuna answers.

"Alright we'll be there in about 3 minutes." Naruko says.

"Three minutes kid, try about an hour." Tazuna stares at the kid.

"No I mean three minutes." Naruko brings her hands together in the cross seal. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu." Instantly 4 clones appear next to Naruko. "Alright you two grab Kakashi-sensei and you two grab Tazuna it isn't safe to stay out in the open like this."

"Yes ma'am!" the Kage Bunshins responds and care out their instructions.

(Gato's hide out.)

Haku is next to Zabuza's bed pulling out her senbon out of Zabuza's neck.

"Damn it Haku did you have to throw those senbon in my neck?" Zabuza grumbles.

"Oh your awake I thought you would be out for atleast another day or two." Haku says smiling at her master.

"I can get the needles out." Zabuza reaches up and pulls out a bunch of the senbon out of his neck.

"Careful Zabuza-sama you shouldn't pull a bunch out a time or you could die of blood loss." Just then Gato walks in with his two samurai guards following him.

"You failed! Didn't you tell me that you would take care of it personally and the last thing that brat Tazuna would ever see was your sword?!" Gato yells at Zabuza walking forward and reaching for Zabuza's mask when Haku grabs his hand.

"How dare you try to threaten Zabuza-sama!?" Haku glares at Gato

"KILL HER!" Gato yells at his guards. Haku glares at the guards unleashing killer intent. The guards faint under the strain.

"Try that again and I ensure you that they won't get back up." Haku glares.

"Fine you have one more chance to complete the job or the contracts over!" Gato walks out

"That wasn't necessary I could have handled it." Zabuza says lifting up his bed sheet to reveal a kunai.

"We can't kill Gato just yet the murders would just draw their attention." Haku says. "We have to show restraint for now."

"Fine, how long do you think I'll be out of commission?"

"A week but knowing you it will take half that time." Haku smiles.

(Tazuna's house)

"Kakashi's condition is stabilized I've given him treatment for chakra exhaustion and he should awaken shortly." Naruko said as she walked wiping sweat off her brow.

"That's good to hear you've come fare as a medic ninja Naruko." Itachi said as he smiled at Naruko.

"He over used the sharingan again I really got to talk to him about that." Naruko shook her head. "But that's not the main issue. The main issue is that I think Zabuza might still be alive."

"W-what!" Sakura shouted shocked.

"If you think about it for a minute what I'm saying will make sense. You of all people should know what I'm talking about Sakura. Think about what weapons were used in Zabuza's take down."


"Exactly unless you hit a vital spot with those senbon are rarely fatal and not one of those areas was in the neck. My guess was he was in a death like state which will take a couple of weeks to recover from."

"Then we need to train." Itachi said.

"We only have two weeks how can we get something done in that time?" Sakura asked.

"Well I don't know about Naruko but you and I will be working on genjutsu as I'm very good at it as for Sasuke I'll use a Kage Bunshin to train him in his speed and stamina."

"I'll work with Kurama nee-chan on developing our bond I've got the key so I'll train with her chakra." Naruko said.

"Alright." Itachi smiled. Naruko walked out.

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