Hey guys, so I got this idea the other day when I was way bored out of my head. So don't tease cuz its really cheesy. Enjoy!

Mitchie puckered her lips, the tip of her pink tongue sticking out . She wrapped her hand around it, feeling its smooth texture, growing warm in her tiny hand. She brought the tip closer to her slightly parted lips, the sweet yet tangy smell hitting her.

She looked at it with want in her eyes, to taste the flavor that was sweet as sugar. It glistenened in the low lightof the room, the smeel taking over her senses.

Mitchie placed her finger closer to the tip, yet never touched it. She didn't want to ruin the perfection before her. Taking another deep breath the sweet scent was to much to bear. She wanted to have it on her lips, wanted to taste the sweetness of it on her tongue.

She opened her mouth...

"What are you doing?" Shane asked, standing in the doorway of her bedroom.

"Just putting on chapstick." Mitchie answered, showing him the light green tube of sweet mint lip balm .

"It looks brand new." He stated.

"I was just about to use it for your information popstar." Mitchie giggled.

"I gotta go meet the guys at the studio. Can I get a kiss before I go?" He asked, puckering his lips. Mitchie put a finger to the before rubbing the tip of the chapstick on his lips, leaving them looking smooth.

She then placed her own lips on his, the sweet taste of mint invading her mouth. The couple pulled away a few seconds later, wide smiles on their faces.

"Mmm, minty." He said, licking his lips. She caped the lip balm before realizing one thing. Her boyfriend had broken in her new chapstick.

And this is what goes through my mind when II'm insanely bored. I actually got a new chapstick the other day and it took me so much contemplating and caping and recapping just to put it on. And it was also mint, what can I say, I'm addicted to mint. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! I don't own Camp Rock or any of it's characters, if I did the movie would have been cheesier than it already is. I'll update "My Rocker" this Saturday, till then!