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Warnings: yaoi, mpreg, slash, gore-ish

Pairings: Harry/Draco. Remus/Sirius, Severus/Lucius, OMC/OFC, and other minor pairings

Summary: Creature!fic. After a plot to destroy the boy who lived, Harry becomes something that no one had imagined. He becomes stronger and more independent than ever and sets to right the world he finds himself in. After everything is done, all Harry wants is to have a life and live happily. Starts during the summer between Harry's 6th and 7th year making him 16 at the start. Live Sirius and Dumbledore. Bashing: Dumbledore, most Weasleys, Granger.

This is my first fanfic, so please bare with me! Also I have a few chapters finished, so I will try to post on a regular basis unless I get writer's block. So! Here we go!

"Greyback!" shouted their lord from his self-appointed thrown. Even though many did not shown their uneasiness, everyone present fought the urge to leave the room as the blood thirsty werewolf prowled into the room as if he were on the hunt. The uneasiness grew as Greyback did not bow in front of their lord, nor did he seem frightened by what he may do. The only other person to show such confidence in front of the Dark Lord was Bellatrix, who to seemed to enjoy any pain brought upon her.

"Wha' d'ya want?" Greyback asked with a sneer, not appreciating being called to the Dark Lord's side like a lap dog. It was nearing the full moon which only added to his irritability.

"I have a special task for you," there was an odd gleam to the Dark Lord's eye, one could almost say he was happy. Their lord waved his hand to the corner of the room behind him where a mysterious figure stood. No one knew him, but knew immediately that the man was a vampire. With his blood red eyes and just a general aura of a hunter and extremely dangerous. He has on a three piece suit and loose dark brown hair that hung to his chin, the expression he wore was one of boredom. "Meet you partner Carlyle, he will be assisting you. Recently I have discovered the location of the Potter boy, regardless of Dumbledore's efforts, and I have thought of the most delicious way to dispose of him. Hunt the boy down, and at the most opportune moment I want both of you to bite and infect him."

Some backs were frozen stiff at this revelation in the Dark Lord's plans. It was cruel to put anyone within a vampire or a werewolf's path, but to receive both bites was unimaginable. It sent shivers up many spines to think of what would happen.

"Oh, and one more thing," their Lord said as an after-thought as he steepled his hands in front of his mouth so all you could see were his eyes that had the odd gleam in them. "Savor and watch each moment so that I may watch your memories of Potter's last agonizing breath."

As the Dark Lord began to cackle and Greyback tried not to kill the vampire, two heads barely turned towards each other with worry and a need to leave the manor as soon as possible.

All of the members of the Order of the Phoenix waited rather impatiently for the meeting to begin, since it was very late and many were woken from sleep because Dumbledore had called an emergency meeting.

During mindless chatter, everyone was startled at the sound of final two people apparating outside of Grimauld. The two latecomers to enter were Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy, who were both working as spies for the Order since the first war.

"What news do you have for us that was so urgent?" asked Dumbledore, eyes sparkling more so than usual.

"A plot to kill Potter," Snape sneered hoping that this news would get rid of that infernal sparkle.

"Oh that is impossible, no one can except us know of Harry's location during the summers so it is of no matter," Dumbledore replies as he pulls out a lemon drop from somewhere within his robes.

"Speaking of Harry, Albus I was wondering if he was going to be coming to the Burrow after his birthday again? Ginny would be looking forward to it very much," pipes up Molly, knowing she has to get Ginny near Harry so that they may become a couple.

"Would you be quiet for five minutes so that I may explain how possible and real this situation is? As it seems at the present moment only four people in this room seem to genuinely care that Potter is in danger and that the Dark Lord plans to have Greyback and some random vampire hunt and kill Potter by infecting him with both venoms!" by the time Snape reached the end of his rant, he was shouting causing everyone to stare at him horrified as to what he just revealed.

At once everyone started to shout either that Snape was lying and actually wanted Potter to be killed or that something must be done to remove him from the threat.

"Albus, so help me you will have my godson come here under my protection or I will make Voldemort look like a fucking kitten!" shouted Sirius as Remus tried to pull him back into his chair. Remus cared just as much about his cub as Sirius did and was horrified of what Greyback would do to Harry, but having Sirius shout and make threats was not the way to save their cub.

"Sirius I understand your concern, however I must remind everyone that Harry is perfectly safe going to his family's house for the summer," Dumbledore seemed quite calm, however Snape could see that the sparkle had dimmed a bit since hearing the Dark Load's plan.

"Severus, did he say when the attack is meant to take place?" Remus interrupted Sirius when he saw another oncoming outburst.

"He did not say, he gave free reign to Greyback to do as he pleases," Malfoy said for the first time that night, giving a disgusted face as he stressed the word pleases. "Also I can tell you the Dark Lord knows full well where Potter lives because I heard him give Greyback the address. To prove my point, Potter lives at 4 Private Drive in Little Whinging".

There was a collective gasp because before this night Malfoy had no idea where Potter lived because many still did not trust him enough to be used as protection.

"Then we start around the clock patrol on Harry. Which can start the day after tomorrow since the children go home tomorrow," after Dumbledore's announcement of extra surveillance, everyone left Grimauld except for Sirius and Remus.

Harry sat in a compartment of the Hogwarts Express by himself and underneath his father's cloak trying to avoid everyone who wanted to dictate his entire life. He just wanted everyone to leave him alone and stop treating him as the boy-who-lived, someone special, a freak. No one understood how he felt about all the attention given, the fact that nothing good ever came of bringing attention to yourself. Years of abuse and near death experiences taught you how to be as small as possible, and to avoid believing that any one could care for him. But someone did care for him; he smiled as he thought of Sirius and him fighting with Dumbledore to let Harry live at Grimauld with him. Nobody had ever wanted him as much as Sirius. Harry knew of the way that Ron and Hermione actually despised him and only stayed his friend hoping to get money from Harry, and he knew of all the love potions Ginny tried slipping him. Thank goodness that he recognized them and knew how to avoid the effects while drinking whatever she put them in. It made him laugh to see the frustration of his three former friends as they wondered how he did not become influenced by the potions.

Harry was brought out of his musings when the door suddenly opened revealing Neville and Luna, the only people at Hogwarts that he trusted. They were the ones who originally told him about his former friends and helped keeping them away during the last few weeks of school.

"Harry I know you're in here, so drop the cloak," Neville basically demanded. He put up a front much like Harry to make people believe that he was weak and overly shy, when in reality he was very confident in his abilities and sometimes liked to boss Harry around.

"What can I help you two with?" Harry asked with a smirk.

"Firstly, do you know if you're going to be with Sirius this summer?" With the boys' 17th birthdays coming up, Neville knew how important it was to learn what it meant to become a Lord since both of them could claim their family inheritances. And the only one to help Harry with that would be Sirius, the Weasleys definitely did not know the proper ways of Wizarding custom that was expected of Lords, and the Dursleys did not need any explaining as to what would happen.

"No! Dumbledore refuses to let me live with Sirius, says I still need the blood protection even though it won't be any use once I turn 17, so why bother with having to move me? He also says that Sirius is mentally unstable to care for me! What a bloody lie that is," Harry ranted about Dumbledore and his inability to actually care for him.

"Tough luck, promise to find a way to contact one of us if something bad happens," Neville pleaded.

Harry looks out his window while thinking of all the things that could go wrong with living with the Dursleys. Emotional abuse, beatings, having Voldemort find-

"Harry, just remember that it may seem bad at first, but its for the best", Luna says breaking Harry's thoughts. Once the words sunk in, Harry's brain took an immediate stop. What did Luna mean? Something bad was going to happen to him and he should be grateful of it? Neville and Harry shared a worried look with each other and then turned questioning gazes at Luna.

"Luna, what do you mean?" Neville asks.

"Just like how you wait for pudding afterwards," Luna says as an explanation. The three turn quiet after this while waiting for the train to King's Cross.

A/N: I know some things may seem rushed, but I felt I had too with the plot and how some people are going to be acting. Also there is going to be some OOCness from alot of people, but I'll try to keep it as close as possible. R&R