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I am sad to present the final chapter of Going Beyond The Impossible. I can't believe its over. I share your tears knowing that no more chapters will come forth, but I feel I am doing right by ending it here.


Draco groaned as he settled back against the mountain of pillows he had collected over the past few months. The last four months had been brutal on the werewolf. As his belly grew bigger, the kicks became harder, the pain in his back got worse, swollen ankles, and midnight cravings. All of that until the last few weeks brought false labor pains and he was forced into bed rest for the rest of his pregnancy. He was absolutely miserable. Harry was always busy with the pack, between training and making sure the area was secure and running well, Lucius and Remus were just as busy with the pack thanks to their status as betas. Severus was busy training others to help with potions they may need for the pack and also training some people to be medics. And Sirius, who was the only one that understood how he felt, was busy with Kallisto. All Draco had to keep himself occupied was a stack of books that he had house elves switch out every few days. Draco's inner-wolf was even going crazy with being stuck inside his bedroom because he was too exhausted to move down the stairs to join the pack on the full moon, Severus and Lucius had stayed with him that night.

Draco was just dozing back into sleep after being up most of the night with his pup deciding to do acrobatics in the middle of the night, when Harry entered the room. He loved his mate, he really did, but some days he wished he could reach his wand and hex Harry. He was miserable and the one to blame was Harry.

"Hello love," Harry said as he sat down at the foot of the bed. From the glare he was receiving, Harry knew he must have woken Draco from a nap or he was just in a 'I hate my mate' moods. Moving aside the duvet, Harry grasped one of Draco's feet and began massaging it. He smiled as Draco laid his head back and released a low moan at the feeling. "I had to change, but I told the others that I would be bit a longer to spend some time with you."

"Harry you have duties that you need to take care of. Once the baby comes, Lucius and Remus will have to help out more," Draco said reluctantly. He was thoroughly enjoying the pampering from Harry, but he was not in the mood to have Harry here right now. He was extra sore and was tired.

"Are you saying you don't want me here?" Harry asked feeling a bit hurt. As he waited for an answer, he switched to Draco's other foot and dug his knuckles into the sole of it earning another moan from his mate.

"Actually no, Harry. I was about to fall asleep finally when you came in and woke me up and I'm having extra pain in my back and had just gotten comfortable when you decided to move me. As much as I'm enjoying the massage, I would like to get more sleep while your child is finally sleeping as well."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up. I'll just go," Harry said, giving one more squeeze to Draco's foot. He stood up and gave Draco a kiss before heading into the closet to change like his original goal. Coming back out, Harry watched with guilt in his eyes as Draco tried to maneuver back into a comfortable position. He placed one last kiss on Draco's forehead before making for the door. "I love you. I'll be back in a few hours."

"Love you as well," Draco called from the bed. He just wished that he could have this child so he could sleep without the heavy ache in his pelvic area. As time went on the ache persisted into pain and nothing Draco was trying would relieve it. It was too early for it to be the baby who wasn't due for another two weeks, but the as the pain increased Draco was growing worried. Deciding he needed to talk to someone about it, Draco pushed himself up so he could reach for his wand and sent a patronus to Sirius hoping that the man was alone and didn't bring anyone else with him.

"Draco?" Draco looked up at the sound of Sirius in the doorway. In his arms was the four month old Kallisto, looking around trying to take everything in. She was very much the Marauder like her parents with her level of curiosity. When Sirius saw the pained look of Draco he placed his daughter on the floor and went over to check on the younger werewolf. "What's wrong?"

"I don't know, I'm having a lot of pain," Draco gritted out as the heat of pain flared up. When it subsided enough that he could speak again, he looked up to Sirius. "Its not like before, its more like a burning sensation. Almost like how I feel during full moons."

"Oh, I know what's wrong. Let's get you back into bed," Sirius said, pulling the blankets back and helping Draco lay back down.

"What is it?" Draco asked worriedly.

"Your pelvis is shifting. You're not having contractions yet, but I'm guessing you will be soon." Once Draco was settled, but still grimacing in pain, Sirius took out his wand and sent a patronus to Severus telling him to be quiet, but to come to Draco's room. He turned and saw his daughter watching him from the floor, he smiled before scooping her up. "Let's take you to Papa, hm? I'll be back Draco, I'm just going to take her to Remus."

"Alright," Draco said shakily. He was about to go into labor? He did not feel ready for it now that the time had come. He rested his hands on his stomach and he was shocked that he hadn't noticed before that his child was kicking very hard and moving around. "Well I guess I'll be seeing you, hm? You know I'm excited to meet you finally, but I'll be honest that I'm extremely nervous. Don't make it too hard for me, yeah?"

"So I hear your body is preparing itself now?" Severus said as he walked into the room. He became concerned when he saw the pained look coming from Draco and knew that Sirius was correct in his assessment. Severus pulled out his wand and cast a diagnostic on Draco and saw that indeed, he body was actually fully prepared and looked as if his water was about to break very soon. "Your body is actually ready now. Your water is about to break."

"Fetch Harry would you?" Draco asked quietly as he tried to stop the tears from forming in his eyes. It was one thing to know it might happen soon, but another thing completely to know it would happen now. And he was scared. Right now he only had Severus with him, he didn't have Sirius here who had a child before, he didn't have his father, and he didn't have his mate. He wanted everyone present to help him through this.

"Anyone else?" Severus asked.

"Father, Remus, Sirius and you. I just need you all," Draco said. He mentally cringed at the sound of fear in his own voice.

"Of course Draco," Severus reached over and placed a kiss to the top of Draco's head before rushing off to find everyone. He didn't want to leave Draco, but he knew how important it was to Draco that they were all present.

"Ah!" Draco shouted as his stomached cramped hard and he felt a stabbing feeling in his pelvis. The next sensation Draco felt was a wetness between his legs and he knew that the time finally came and all he could think of was that he was alone right now. No one was there to hold his hand or tell him that he was okay or that his baby was going to be okay. His eyes began burning as hot tears fell and his panic began to rise more as his first real contraction ripped through him, pulling out another scream. His hands went to his stomach and he sobbed as he felt that it was hard and he couldn't feel his child's movements anymore. Draco could barely remember what happened when he helped Sirius with Kallisto and it scared him even more.

"Draco!" Draco looked up and saw Harry rush into their room. He sobbed harder in relief as the scent of his mate surrounded him. It didn't register to him when the sheets were spelled clean and his clothes were transfigured into something more practical. All that mattered was that Harry was here and he noticed on his other side was Sirius holding onto his hand. But any joy felt knowing everyone was there was soon forgotten when another contraction began. "Severus isn't there anything you can do?" Harry asked.

"He is going through contractions. It is natural and a must," Severus tried to reason with the alpha. He hated seeing his godson in pain like this as well, but he understood that there was nothing he could do until it was time for Draco to begin pushing. Draco dropped down to the bed in exhaustion after the contraction finished.

"How much longer do I have?" Draco panted. He didn't know how anyone did this more than once and he wanted five! He would never allow himself to become pregnant ever again, this was maddening. The contractions made the pain he felt now seem like a tickle. And he was meant to push a child out of his body?

"Hopefully just a few hours," Severus truthfully said. He ignored everyone's look of horror that were given to him, along with a frustrated growl from Draco. He began lining up the potions Draco may need for later when Draco began screaming again through another contraction. Severus tensed as he realized that the contractions were quickening faster than he had expected.

"I'm right here Draco, you're doing great," Harry tried to provide support for his mate. He felt utterly useless while Draco screamed in pain, pain that he had put there.

"Shut up you arsehole! You did this!" Draco shouted at Harry. It apparently was the right thing to say because Harry remained quiet through three more contractions, but allowed Draco to squeeze his hand so hard everyone swore they heard bones breaking. It was during the fourth contraction that Draco decided Harry needed to be yelled at once more. "I am never having another child! Do you hear me Harry?!"

"Yes love, I hear you," Harry said before resting his head against Draco's after the contraction subsided. He had a headache beginning from the shouting and his hand throbbed with broken bones, but this paled in comparison to his mate giving life to his pup. Harry continued to hold Draco's hand so that his small mate had an outlet for the pain.

"Draco, I think you're ready," Severus finally announced two hours later. Everyone in the room released a breath of relief at the announcement, except for Draco who sobbed in fear. "Harry sit behind him and help him push when I say so."

"Alright." Harry helped Draco leaned forward as he sat behind his mate. He reached down both arms and took Draco's hands in his own while Sirius wiped at Draco's brow from the sweat that was dripping down into his eyes. "Don't worry I'm here Draco. I'm not going anywhere," Harry whispered in Draco's ear.

"Ready?" Severus asked.

"No," Draco muttered as fear coursed through him. The fear was even beginning to numb his pain, he could barely feel Harry behind him holding him. The pain he had already felt was crippling and now he was expected to go through even more? He remembered how much pain Sirius was in and he did not think he could survive it.

"Good. Now, push," Severus directed and he was surprised when Draco did without needing any more prompting than that.

"You're so amazing Draco," Harry whispered to Draco in between pushes as he sensed the end coming soon. Or at least what he hoped was the end. Just as he was about to ask Severus how much longer a piercing wail was finally heard, announcing his child. Harry laid Draco back as his mate lost the all of his strength now that their child had been born. He began peppering Draco in kisses across his face. "You did it! They're here, you did it Draco. You are so precious to me."

"Harry?" Severus asked. When Harry looked up to him with wonder shining in his eyes, he called the new father over. "Would you like to cut the cord and finally hold your son?"

"I have a son?" Harry murmured as he stumbled to Severus and reached out for his child, his son. He cut the cord as directed by Severus before gathering the bundle from Severus's arms. Harry looked down into the small, red face of his son and he had no words. His son was the most perfect thing he had ever held, he and Draco had created this small child and that was perfect. He had a petite nose that he inherited from Draco and had a tuft of black hair he got from Harry. Harry pulled his son up and nuzzled the small, soft head. "My son."

"Draco, I need you to stay awake!" Harry snapped his head up and saw Sirius trying to wake Draco up and Severus waving his wand towards Draco. He became extremely worried when Severus swore and ran for the potions he had lined up on a table near by.

"What's going on?" Harry asked, not trying to get too loud because of his son.

"Harry come stand by me," Harry looked to see who had a hold of his arm and saw Lucius staring towards Draco and Severus, but complied to moving away from the bed.

"Sirius get him to drink this," Severus said passing a potion to the animagus. Harry recognized it as a blood replenishing potion. He tried to keep watching, but his vision became blurry with tears that instantly formed as he watched Sirius and Severus scramble around Draco who had yet to move from where Harry left him.

"Draco," Harry whispered as he fell to his knees, cradling his son to his chest so as not to jostle him. Severus took a step back and Sirius lowered his head. To Harry it seemed they had given up about something. "No!" Harry shouted, scaring the sleeping form in his arms and started a new round of cries from his child. Severus turned away from Harry and braced his arms against the table he had set up. Sirius stood up from the bed and sat heavily on the nearby sofa. Harry looked away and down at his son who had quieted himself down and his chest clenched painfully tight. Deciding that his son should meet his father at least once, Harry numbly stood up and walked to the bed that held his mate.

"You should meet your Daddy at least once," Harry whispered as his voice cracked with emotion. He sat down on the bed and laid his son next to Draco's head. Seeing his son look over to Draco, Harry began crying. It started with silent sobs before it grew into body-wrecking cries. Harry guessed that the dream he had of seeing Draco growing old was just that, a dream.

Everyone turned their heads back to the bed when they heard a loud gasp followed by coughing. Harry picked his son up as Draco continued to cough. Severus rushed forward with a glass of water and helped Draco to drink it. Harry stared wide-eyed at his mate as Draco's coughs subsided and leaned back against the pillows and looked up to him.

"Can I see my child?" Draco asked. Harry was shocked into moving at the sound of his mate's voice and laid his son down next to Draco. "He's beautiful."

"Yes he is," Harry said, still staring at Draco. "Are you alright?"

"Of course I am," Draco said, his eyebrows drawing together at the odd question and at the odd expression on Harry's face. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"You were gone Draco," Harry whispered. He watched as Draco looked around him at the others that were gathered and saw the truth of Harry's words on everyone's faces

"But I'm right here," Draco said.

"Yes you are and that's all that matters," Harry said before leaning down for a kiss, reveling in warmth that came form his mate. During their kiss, it seemed already their son did not like being ignored and began to fuss. Harry drew back and chuckled at his child. "And our son. He needs a name."

"Hm, yes he does," Draco lifted the small bundle to his chest and stared at their child for a few minutes before speaking again. "Aloisius Rigel Malfoy-Potter."

"Its perfect," Harry said. Neither man noticed when a photograph was taken of them watching their son fall back to sleep, nor when everyone else left the room to allow the new parents time alone.

"I still want five," Draco said.

"Of course, love."


A/N: Aloisius- latin for famous warrior. Rigel- a super giant star within Orion that's used for navigation