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It was a typical sunny day on the beach of Kongo Bongo. The sounds of seagulls and ocean waves filled the atmosphere of the beach. No clouds were in sight within the blue skies above.

DK and Diddy were relaxing on a big red towel that they were sharing. Nobody else was around. It was seemingly a quiet, relaxing time for the two Kong heroes as they soaked in the sunlight. Both were wearing swimming shorts along with their regular clothes.

Diddy let out a relaxing sigh.

"This is the life, huh, DK," said Diddy.

"You said it, Diddy," replied DK, putting his sunglasses on.

Diddy sat up and opened up the picnic basket sitting next to him. He pulled out a juice box and pulled the straw out of its plastic wrapping.

"Man, I'm thirsty," commented Diddy as he poked the straw through his juice box.

"Suddenly I feel like I'm in the mood for a surf," said DK, "You wanna join me, little buddy?"

Diddy took a sip of his juice.

"Sure, big buddy!" he answered excitedly.

As DK sat up and picked up his brown surfboard, Diddy quickly drank his juice down to the last drop before tossing the empty box into a small plastic bag. Then, the little monkey grabbed his red surfboard, and the two Kongs stood up and ran towards the water.

In no time, the duo were surfing some of the biggest waves they had surfed in quite a while.

Later, they came up to a big wave and they took it together. As they harnessed the wave, Diddy prepared himself for a monkey trick.

"Check this out, DK!" said Diddy.

DK turned to Diddy as he jumped and did a somersault over his board before landing upside down on one hand. The red-capped monkey balanced himself as he stayed on one hand for a few seconds.

"That is so epic, little buddy!" commented DK.

"I've been working on this one for years!" replied Diddy.

As Diddy performed a back flip and landed on his feet again, he took a gaze at the blue water before he suddenly noticed something that wasn't quite as blue.

"What is that?" questioned Diddy.

"What is what?" asked a confused DK.

At that moment, something did rise from the water. The sight of it made Diddy's eyes go wide. It was gray in color and in the shape of a dorsal fin.

"S-s-s-sh-sha," Diddy suddenly grew terrified at the sight of the gray object.

"What?" said DK.

DK took a glimpse at the gray shape and came to realize Diddy's sudden change of mood.

"SHARK!" shouted a horrified Diddy.

Diddy jerked his board to the left in an effort to stay away from the 'said' shark.

DK approached the shark and made one attempt to punch its fin, but he failed and quickly turned back to Diddy, who then suddenly wiped out in panic.

"DIDDY!" shouted DK, but there was no response in these big waves.

The big ape turned around and noticed the shark chasing him, and closing in on him quickly.

"You scare my little buddy? Well then, I'll just let you know what it's like to be scared of giant apes!" said DK.

Without thinking twice, DK jumped off his board and landed right on the shark's body. He held on to its dorsal fin while charging up his other hand. Timing his charge flawlessly, DK aimed for wherever he thought the shark's head would be and threw his fist down. As he slammed his fist into the water, he felt it hit something soft as the fin he was on began jerking around.

DK quickly jumped off the shark's body and landed on his nearby surfboard. He swung his arms back and forth against the water to speed up his board before he looked back and noticed that the shark was no longer visible.

"Whew," sighed DK, "I'm sure that one felt good. I could never imagine if I had taken that on my head myself."

He grinned slightly before turning back to the beach.

As soon as he was on the sand again, DK quickly stood up and gazed at the waves. His eyes scanned virtually everywhere as he searched for his little nephew.

"DIDDY!?" called DK, "DIDDY, ARE YOU OKAY!?"

Moments later, he heard the sound of heavy breathing. The voice which made it sounded very familiar to him. He looked around some more until he found Diddy sluggishly crawling out of the water and lying his chest against the sand. His legs and tail were being dragged against the ground as he was using only his arms to pull himself out of the waves and back onto the sand.

"Diddy!" said DK.

The gorilla quickly rushed over to his nephew on all fours as fast as his body would allow him to.

As DK approached Diddy, he quickly scooped his little buddy up off the sand and gently placed him on his lap. His red, yellow-starred clothes were extremely soaked, and his cap was badly lopsided. The little monkey turned back to face the water and spit out a huge load of water like a hose before coughing several times.

"Diddy?" said DK as he stroked the fur on Diddy's forehead.

"DK?" replied Diddy as he fixed his cap and looked up and his uncle.

"Are you okay, little buddy?" asked DK.

"Yes. I'm fine," answered Diddy, "Is, uh, … is the shark gone?"

"Yes. I've taken care of the shark, little buddy. There's no need to worry anymore. You're safe and sound again."

"Thank you, big buddy!" said Diddy, "I really got quite a scare. Where would I be without you?"

"I could ask you the same question," responded DK, "Besides, if it weren't for you, I would've been stuck on Crocodile Isle for almost twenty years."

Diddy felt his cheeks blush after hearing those words.

"Add to that," continued DK, "I would never let anything bad happen to you. You have not only proven to be a sidekick and a hero to me, but you're also the reason why I'd want to be here on this island. There's no such thing as a proper Kongo Bongo without my little buddy."

"Aw, DK," said Diddy, who's cheeks were now almost as red as his clothes, "I must admit that I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you either. There's a reason why I ventured into Crocodile Isle to save you from K. Rool. There's a reason why I tried to protect you from Bowser when he invaded. Without you, I wouldn't want to be around either. I may have a beautiful girlfriend, but without you, I would still feel empty. My life has never been complete without you, DK, … ever since I moved in with you all those years ago."

"Aw, little buddy," said DK, "That makes me feel so glad to have you as my best little buddy!"

"I love you, DK!" said Diddy as he leaked a few tears.

"I love you too, Diddy!" replied DK.

Diddy quickly sat up in DK's lap, and the two Kongs hugged each other tightly for a moment before Diddy jumped off of DK's lap.

The two Kongs walked back to their red towel and each pulled out a banana from their picnic basket.

"That surfing really made me hungry," commented DK.

"Me too," said Diddy, "I'd say we shouldn't surf when it's just the two of us by ourselves. Maybe we could have Funky around to keep the sharks away."

"I'm not sure if Funky would guarantee something like that," answered DK, "We would need a more professional lifeguard on the beach to keep a close eye on everyone in the water, not just a superstar surfer like him."

"It's a shame we don't have any professional lifeguards around these parts," said Diddy.

"Well, don't you worry, little buddy," said DK, patting Diddy's back, "Next time we go surfing by ourselves, I'll stay close to you in case any more sharks try to attack you."

"Thanks, buddy," said Diddy, smiling at his uncle.

"You're welcome, little buddy," replied DK, smiling back at his nephew.

The two Kongs ate their bananas and went back to relaxing on their towel just as the sun was beginning to set, and the skies started to turn yellowish-orange.

DK laid out an old spare pillow on their towel and laid his head on it. Diddy laid his back on DK's shoulder and rested his head right next to DK's. Then, the two began rubbing their cheeks together.

"I love watching the colors of the skies change at this time of the evening," whispered Diddy with a relaxing sigh, "Don't you, DK?"

"Yeah," sighed DK, "There's nothing like a beautiful sunset over the coast of Kongo Bongo."

The two monkeys let out another sigh together and continued to rest their heads against each other as they enjoyed the sight of the sun setting down over the western horizon until it was as low as the ocean was.

It was quite true that no matter how much danger the two heroes had to face together from time to time, they would never want anything bad to happen to each other. Without their togetherness, one could never be satisfied.

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