Well, I thought I wouldn't have anymore ideas for a while, but after I talked with my girlfriend, Magiku Maggi, I've decided to come up with this emotional chapter.

Hope you like it.

It was a cloudy Tuesday afternoon in Tokyo, Japan, where Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong were visiting today. There could only be one reason why the two Kongs were in the city today.

Diddy had woken up that morning after having some bad nightmares about the crash that claimed the life of his old teammate and the previous Nismo GT-R star in the Enthusia Professional Cup Series, Hattori Suzuki, 5 ½ years ago …

On November 7, 2010, the Enthusia Professional Cup Series was holding the season's penultimate round, the HONDA 360 at the REV CITY street circuit in Tokyo, Japan. The day would become the darkest in Nissan/Toyota Racing's history. (DiddyKF1) had crashed out within the first ten laps of the race, but the worst was to come on lap 42, where Bowser, Jr. had been spun by the late Jimmy Busch into the path of Suzuki's Nismo GT-R in turn one. Suzuki, without enough time to react, smashed into Junior's Toyota GT-one, and it was immediately apparent that he had been hurt. Everyone watched in horror as the race was stopped and the medical helicopter landed on the track to lift Suzuki to a nearby hospital. Everyone hoped the doctors would be able to fight for his life. Only Diddy remained in the race for Nissan/Toyota Racing, and he almost won the race, only for Al Reder, Jr. to knock Diddy into the wall on the 199th lap of the 200-lap race. Diddy's front left tire punctured and he fell back to fourth place, while Reder stole an undeserved win. Everyone had already been told about Suzuki's outcome, except for Diddy. The team waited until after the race was over to inform Diddy of the worst news …

Hattori Suzuki was dead at age 35.

Diddy collapsed to the floor, almost having a heart attack, and he had to be tended to be the team's doctors.

DK was devastated when he heard the news of Suzuki's death. He was very close to Diddy during their few years as teammates, and Suzuki said he had wanted to try out 'Donkey Kong Country Returns' when it came out. Sadly, he was to be killed before the game's release, leaving Diddy extremely heartbroken.

Four days after the crash, Suzuki's funeral was held in Tokyo, in which hundreds of people attended. Later that month, when DKCR was released, Diddy bought one copy for himself and another for "a very special purpose …"

The second copy he bought, he ultimately placed next to the many flowers around Suzuki's grave with DK by his side.

The effects lingered on Nissan/Toyota Racing for a while afterwards, too …

The relationship between Diddy Kong and Bowser, Jr. as teammates had always been quite mutual. Although Junior did not cause the crash that killed Hattori, Diddy still partially blamed him for the crash and held him in contempt from then on, even after Junior saved Diddy from spinning out on the final lap of the 2010 Nürburgring Finale, which handed Diddy the Professional Cup championship. It was therefore no surprise that Junior would be the one who eventually slumped in performance over the next few years, and he was fired from the team in August 2013. That was the end of his Professional Cup career.

Following Hattori's death, the team went through several choices as a replacement for Hattori for the 2010 Nürburgring Finale just two weeks after the ill-fated race before they ultimately selected Sonic the Hedgehog to fill the void. Sonic performed so well during the Nürburgring Finale week (qualifying on pole position and almost finishing in the top five while helping his teammates sweep the top three in the championship, with Diddy winning the race and the title) that the impressed team decided to sign him full-time for 2011. Sonic has been a part of the Nissan/Toyota Racing family ever since.

Although it had now been over five years since that happened, Diddy was still emotionally hurt from Hattori Suzuki's death. After the 2010 season ended, Diddy asked Nissan/Toyota Racing to switch him from the Toyota Supra to Hattori's former ride, the Xanavi Nismo GT-R. The team agreed to the switch, and Diddy has been driving the GT-R ever since. In his heart, he dedicates just about every win to his former teammate and friend, who was somewhat like a mentor-figure to Diddy in the few years they knew each other. Given that and the fact that he lives on an island that hosts its own special festivals, some Enthusia fans often argued that the strong-hearted Diddy had a spiritual side to him as a driver in the same sense that the late Ayrton Senna was a strong believer in God, even behind the wheel of an F1 car, but almost all have since set the religious rumors aside.

Soon, DK and Diddy had arrived at the cemetery where Hattori Suzuki had been resting for the past 5 ½ years. The two primates got out of the black Nissan sedan that had transported them here and ventured out into the open grassy area where hundreds of graves stood firmly. Diddy had brought with him a dark red flower that matched the shade of the Xanavi Nismo GT-R in which Suzuki lost his life in and that Diddy was now competing in. DK was hugging Diddy around his back as the two walked past many tombstones. He knew that his nephew always became emotional whenever he came here.

Eventually, DK noticed Diddy suddenly stop dead in his tracks and fix his reddened eyes at a certain direction. The ape tried to get his attention before he, too, turned towards the direction Diddy was facing. A sad sight awaited him …

There was a rectangular tombstone with a DKCR box next to it, surrounded by tons of dark red flowers. They both knew all too well who this grave belonged too.

Diddy pulled away from DK and slowly walked up to the tombstone that had his teammate's name engraved on it. Tears were already streaming from his eyes as he remembered the many great things about him and still couldn't bear the fact that he was gone forever.

The little monkey stopped right in front of the marble tombstone and stared at it for several minutes.


SEP. 5, 1975 – NOV. 7, 2010

9 Career Enthusia Professional Cup Series Race Wins

Beloved son of the late Sakurako Suzuki – Winner of the 1967 Speediapolis 500

"I believe a man can do whatever he believes he can do."

Those horrific memories of that fatal crash burned in Diddy's brain again as he stared down toward the buried corpse of his former mentor-like teammate. He allowed the tears to flow freely down his reddened face as he dealt with the emotional pain that would never leave him for the rest of his life. The poor monkey would forever be hurting from the loss of Hattori.

A moment later, Diddy felt the warm fur of his uncle wrapping around him as the ape sat down behind him and pulled him into his lap for a warm, fuzzy family cuddle. DK gently squeezed his nephew into a bear hug on his lap while lightly stroking his feet. This earned a faint grin from Diddy as he enjoyed being hugged and cuddled by his uncle.

"I'll never forget that horrible day," whispered Diddy sadly as tears continued to form waterfalls that flowed down his face and land on DK's furry arms.

"I know how hard it is, little buddy," replied DK softly, "We all miss him very much."

"I miss him so dearly that I feel like a part of me died that day along with him," cried Diddy.

DK sighed sadly and continued to cradle his poor nephew as he endlessly sobbed and let the pain out of his system. The ape knew he needed to let it all out today. Waking up to a nightmare about that day in 2010 and being left disturbed all morning about it usually always led to a trip like this. Diddy would visit Hattori's grave quite frequently; about once every few months to be exact.

"I love you, little Diddy-buddy," whispered DK gently in Diddy's ear.

"I love you, too, big Donkey-buddy," replied Diddy as his uncle kissed his forehead.

"It's always a good thing to remember the loved ones that we've lost during our lifetime," said DK.

"I will always passionately remember the ones we've lost," promised Diddy, earning a proud grin from DK.

"That's my boy, little buddy," the ape whispered to his nephew.

Finally, Diddy motioned for DK to let him off his lap. The ape did so and stood up, backing away while Diddy knelt in front of Hattori's dark red-decorated grave site. The monkey then crossed his heart before he placed his flower among the many identical ones surrounding the grave, stood up and continued to stare at the marble stone that had Hattori's name permanently engraved on it.

Just then, DK tapped Diddy's left shoulder.

"Yes, DK?" Diddy responded in a sad voice in between sniffles leftover from his crying.

DK slowly turned Diddy's head towards the left.

He noticed Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower, two of his current Enthusia teammates, walking towards them with not-so-happy looks on their faces.

The simian could tell right away by the looks on their faces that this wasn't a good sign.

"Hey, Diddy," greeted Tails in a low voice.

"Whasup?" said Sonic, sounding bored.

Upon noticing the leftover tears on Diddy's face, the two Mobians immediately paused where they stood and gazed briefly at Hattori's grave.

"How did you know I was here?" asked Diddy, his voice still sounding sad.

"Well, we had been looking everywhere for you," explained Sonic, "We checked all of our normal go-to places, but we couldn't find you anywhere. Then someone told us that you would occasionally come here, so here we are."

"I guess now you see why," responded Diddy, turning back to Hattori's grave.

Tails frowned when he looked at Hattori's grave and its surroundings. He was especially saddened by the DKCR box next to the tombstone.

"You really miss him, don't you?" the young fox said to Diddy.

"I do," replied Diddy, "When he died, a part of me died with him. I've been emotionally hurt by his death ever since. Every time I win a race in the car he died in, I dedicate it mainly to him. I will always miss him."

Sonic and Tails walked up to the grave and knelt next to Diddy on either side. The two Mobians then crossed their hearts out of respect for the former Nissan/Toyota Racing team star.

"Thanks, guys," said Diddy, "I really appreciate that."

"I played a part in the team's healing process," recalled Sonic, "I come here once every few months to pay my respects to him. Helps take my mind off of things."

"It's too bad none of us Mobians ever got a chance to race with him," added Tails, "Imagine how that could have been."

"And he could have been a potential champion, had he lived longer," said DK.

Diddy grinned. He agreed with Tails and DK on how Enthusia would be like today if Hattori was still alive.

However, he immediately remembered the unhappy looks on Sonic and Tails' faces when they arrived a moment before.

"I saw those sad looks on your faces," said Diddy sadly to his Mobian friends, "I assume there's something unhappy you wanna tell me."

Sonic and Tails glimpsed at each other nervously. They knew that what they had to tell Diddy would only make things worse.

"Perhaps we should tell you somewhere else. This doesn't seem to be the time nor the place," said Sonic, not wanting to spill this news to Diddy in front of the grave of his old friend.

"Let's head back to the cemetery gates," suggested DK.

Reluctantly, Diddy nodded and stepped away from Hattori's grave, soon followed by DK, Sonic and Tails.

Once the four had returned to the gates of the cemetery, they stopped in front of a bench and sat down.

"Um, DK, do you mind if the three of us could be alone for a moment?" asked Sonic.

DK sighed unhappily, but he refused to deny Sonic's request, so he walked past the gates and sat down on another bench near a bus stop.

Once DK was out of sight, the two Mobians each let out another sad sigh. Diddy could instantly tell this meant bad news.

"I know it," the monkey said with a sad voice, "You two have bad news for me, don't you?"

"Well, as your Enthusia teammates, we really don't like having to disappoint you or making you feel so bothered," said Tails.

"We do have some bad news, buddy," said Sonic to Diddy, "And it involves you and everyone who's new to the Olympic rosters."

"They've been reconsidering the way they've expanded the rosters," added Tails.

Diddy's heart nearly skipped a beat, and he held his breath, expecting the worst. He feared he was going to get rejected by the Mario & Sonic Olympic Committee, along with all of the other newcomers to the league.

"Nintendo decided to be mean to me again, didn't they? Just like they've been doing to me over the past few years! They don't want me in sports anymore!" shouted Diddy as he came close to having a panic attack.

"No, no, no!" replied Sonic and Tails, "Nobody's being dropped out."

The only relief Diddy felt was that he was still on the roster, but he still wondered why the "bad news" involved him.

"What is it, then?" the simian asked nervously.

"The Committee decided that each newcomer can only participate in one sport," said Tails.

"What!?" cried Diddy in horror.

"As your racetrack buddies, the two of us went through so much trouble, even going as far as to try forcing the Committee to add you to the full-time roster," explained Sonic.

"Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, they decided that they would not expand the full-time roster at all. It'll be the same as Vancouver, London and Sochi," finished Tails.

Diddy's face turned pale white, his eyes widened, his heart rate went up dramatically and he began hyperventilating.

Sonic and Tails noticed all of this, and, to tell the truth, they were horrified as they watched their Enthusia teammate having a severe panic attack.

"Diddy, … a-are you okay?" asked Sonic nervously.

"Why are people still doing this to me!?" shouted Diddy in frustration, "I thought they were satisfied with me! I wake up to a nightmare about Hattori Suzuki's fatal crash and I visit his grave after being tormented with horrible visions, only to hear that I've been rejected from the full-time Olympic roster!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD!?"

"We're really sorry, Diddy," Tails apologized as he slightly backed away from the sudden shock.

The only response they got was getting to watch Diddy fall to the ground and tremor as if he was having a seizure.

"Oh, my goodness! Diddy!" shouted Tails in horror, "Sonic, he's having a panic attack!"

"Diddy!" yelled Sonic, "Let's help him, Tails! Quick!"

The two Mobians rushed to Diddy's aid and, given their natural speed ability of all Mobians, were quick to get Diddy out of his moment of shock.

"All throughout the last two and a half years I've been a part of Enthusia's Nissan/Toyota Racing family, I've never seen him like this before!" recalled Tails.

Sonic held Diddy on his lap while Tails gently pressed on the monkey's chest to slow his heart rate and stop the hyperventilating.

Meanwhile, DK had heard every word in their conversation, and when he realized that his nephew has having a panic attack, he quickly jumped from the bus stop bench and rushed to where his poor nephew was being tended to by Sonic and Tails.

Just then, Diddy started breathing normally again, and he took some deep breaths to calm himself down.

"Diddy! Are you okay!?" shouted DK worryingly as he knelt in front of his nephew, "Please don't pass out on me, little buddy!"

Sonic and Tails looked at each other with sad faces. They felt so guilty for causing this moment of horror, but they knew that they had to tell Diddy one way or another at some point.

"I thought they had learned their lesson by now," said Diddy in a miserable voice, "I thought I was in for a treat this summer."

"We're both really sorry, Diddy," said Sonic sadly, "We tried everything to persuade them."

"Of course, since Mario doesn't really like me, he'd much rather have me left out of sports, just because he's the mortal enemy of my great grandfather! UGH! I hate that guy!" accused Diddy.

"Come on, little buddy. Just because all of this stuff is named after him, doesn't mean he's responsible for leaving you out," said DK.

"What sport did they manipulate me into?" Diddy asked his Mobian friends.

The hedgehog and fox sighed at each other before looking down at their monkey friend again.

"Rugby sevens," answered Sonic.

"Rugby!?" shouted Diddy, "I was looking forward to a lot of competition this summer, and all I get to play is rugby!? This is so stupid! I'm gonna regret signing up for the Olympic Games. Maybe I should just retire from all sports and do nothing but racing for the rest of my life!"

As Diddy said those words, tears began spilling from his eyes again. He no longer felt worthy for sports other than racing. To DK, Diddy's pain was quite clear. He had seen his nephew go through this several times in the last five years.

Sonic and Tails, on the other hand, had something to say about that …

"That was the last thing I ever expected to hear from you," said Sonic sternly.

Diddy froze and stared at Sonic's serious facial expression.

"I know for a fact that you are a good sportsman," said Sonic, "Good sportsmanship does NOT involve quitting and giving up everything just because you feel left out. Tails and I both know what a good sportsman you've been over the last thirteen years."

"You won a major golf tournament in your rookie year. You were the runner-up in a major tennis tournament. You have a reputation for being one of the fastest runners. You've won many sports games over the years. That sounds nowhere near a person who wants to give it all up and quit," Tails pointed out.

"If I had my way, I'd have you practicing for track-and-field right now," added Sonic, "You could almost easily win a hundred-meter dash."

"They're right, you know," agreed DK, "I've seen many of the great things you've accomplished in sports. Now is not the time to think you've had enough."

"We're trying to do a big favor for you," said Tails.

"And, as your Enthusia teammates, we both would like for you to do us a favor," put in Sonic.

Diddy maintained eye contact with his teammates as silence lingered for about ten seconds.

"Please don't quit," Sonic and Tails spoke together.

"You're a lot more worthy than you think you are," added Sonic, "We know you don't deserve the treatment they've been giving you, so we wanna see you in Brazil next month, ready for some action. Heck, if you do very well, Mario can shrug it off, for all I care."

"So can his twin brother," added Tails, "I can't really stand that Luigi, thinking he's a better sidekick than I am."

"And me," said Diddy.

"Anyways, Diddy, the bottom line is, although they wouldn't put you on the full-time roster despite our efforts to make them do it, we still wanna see you in Rio kicking some real butt," said Sonic, "Besides, we'll get a chance to introduce you to our other Mobian friends who are competing as well."

"Aside from Knuckles and Shadow, whom you already know," Tails put in.

Diddy sat there in thought for several minutes while he considered their words. He really didn't want to show up at Rio now that all newcomers had been rejected from the full-time roster, but at the same time, he wanted to have a meet-and-greet with Sonic's other friends from Mobius, and he especially wanted to show Mario what he was truly made of. Additionally, Diddy had grown interested in visiting Brazil after watching a well-documented film on F1 legend Ayrton Senna, despite the fact that Diddy supported Ferrari and NOT McLaren.

Finally, the monkey took a deep breath and spilled out his answer.

"I'll go."

"Was that a sincere 'yes'?" asked Sonic, wanting to be sure if Diddy really meant it.

"Yes. I promise not to quit in sports anytime soon," responded Diddy.

Sonic, Tails and DK all smiled at him.

"That's the spirit, little buddy," said DK.

"Those are words of a true sportsman right there," said Tails.

"I'm sure you'll do great in Rio," finished Sonic.

Diddy smiled at his two friends, then he exchanged a cute smile with his uncle.

"We're sorry if we cast another dark spot on this dark day of yours," Sonic apologized.

"We didn't wanna make you feel any worse than you were already feeling today," added Tails.

"It's okay, guys," replied Diddy, "I'll try to get over this rotten day I'm having."

"Hopefully soon, because we have a really long race coming up this Sunday," said Sonic, "Five hundred and twenty-eight miles!"

"You'd better be mentally ready for that endurance contest, little buddy," said DK, "The team will probably be asking me to give you a real workout after what's happened today."

Diddy gulped nervously.

"Speaking of which, we'd better be getting ready for that, too," said Tails.

"Yeah," replied Sonic, "Well, we'd love to stay a little longer, but … gotta run! Catch ya later, guys!"

"See you later, guys," replied Diddy weakly.

With that, the cobalt hedgehog stood up and instantly took off at his ever-so-famous supersonic speed.

"See ya on the race track, Diddy!" said Tails as he took to the sky with his twin tails, chasing after his big brother and leaving the two Kongs alone at the gates of the cemetery.

Hardly a moment later, DK sat down in front of Diddy, and the monkey immediately jumped into his uncle's lap and wrapped his arms around his neck. The ape wrapped his arms around his nephew's back, and the two Kongs once again cuddled in a family hug.

"Aw, my little Diddy-buddy," said DK gently, "I wish I could do something about this not-so-good day you're having."

"Did you hear that terrible news, DK?" asked Diddy.

"I heard every word," replied DK, "I feel so terrible for you right now. I feel like I wanna find Mario and give him a real Kong punch for doing that."

"So do I," added Diddy, "I really feel like he hates me now. He just doesn't want me in sports anymore."

"I'm sure Mario's not the one responsible for you being left out of the full-time Olympic roster for Rio, but at least you're in nonetheless. The bottom line is that you'll get to participate, and you may get a chance to beat him in a game of rugby."

"I hope so," said Diddy, "I deserve better than this, but nobody ever listens."

"Let's save that for next month when we go to Brazil," said DK, "Right now, I want you to shift your focus into this Sunday's race at Burgenschlucht. Can you do that?"

"I hope I can," answered Diddy, "After a day like this, it'll be hard to do that. I'll be under a lot of pressure now that Tails has taken away my championship lead."

"I'm sure you can regain that points lead just as quickly as you lost it," encouraged DK, "I know you can do it, my little buddy."

Diddy grinned faintly at DK. The ape could obviously tell that he still had sadness leftover in his system, and there was no way to hide it.

"Why don't we head home for the day, and we'll head on back to Burgenschlucht tomorrow and start getting ready for this weekend's event?" offered DK.

"Okay, big buddy," answered Diddy in a soft, cute voice that DK always found adorable.

"I love you so much, little Diddy-buddy," said DK with a grin.

"I love you so much, too, big Donkey-buddy," replied Diddy, returning the grin.

DK pleasantly kissed Diddy's face multiple times to give his nephew another taste of their unbreakable family love he had been treating him with for so many years, then he stood up and lifted Diddy onto his back so that he could rest comfortably and cuddle into his warm fur that provided a bed-like feel for him. The monkey wrapped his arms tightly around his uncle's neck again and rested his head against the back of DK's head.

The ape walked over to the bus stop to wait for the next bus. While they waited, Diddy fell asleep on his uncle's back. DK only grinned at the adorable sight right behind his head. He knew his nephew needed a nice piggyback nap after a rough day like this.

So yeah, some sources indicate that in the upcoming Wii U version of "Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games," Diddy will only be playable in Rugby Sevens. I was heartbroken that at the last possible moment, I lost hope for him being a fully playable character. This has actually happened to every newcomer in the series. Perhaps, they were too lazy to consider expanding their roster of fully playable characters and decided to do absolutely nothing. It greatly upset me.

Anyways, have a good day, and I'll see you when the current college semester is over!