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Chapter 11: Leap

Backstage Jade has butterflies. She's singing in all three and playing the piano for one song. Andre alternates between keyboard and guitar while Cat is just singing.

"I feel like my insides want to jump outside," Cat tells her looking worried.

"Butterflies," Andre butts in.

Jade shoots him a look, she might have them too but she'd never say that out loud. Namely because she's aware of Cat's impending reaction.

"Butterflies. Get them out! They don't want to be in there," Cat yells panicking.

She grabs Andre's arm desperately, "Out, out, out!"

"He was just lying," Jade says acting cross.

"Really?" Cat asks suspiciously.

Jade kicks his shin. "Yeah, really," he stammers out.

"Why? Lying is mean," she pouts at him.

Andre freezes, "ummm".

Jade rolls her eyes, must she always fix everything.

"Look, you can have the sparkly microphone," Jade distracts her, pointing to the silver one. The other two are black.

Cat lights up, "Kay-Kay".

"It's time to trust my instincts, close my eyes and leap." -Wicked

Finally they are on stage. The lights are hot and Jade's glad she makes it to her place without tripping. Loud whoops come from the audience and squinting she picks out Robbie in the 2nd row, her mom with Andre's grandma beside her, and Beck between who she assumes are his parents. She can't find anyone else before their names are announced.

The first song is Cat's main contribution. It's entitled "Feeling Pretty" and is very bubbly. Basically Cat sings about all her favorite things that make her feel happy and pretty. It's kind of a mess, but cute. Andre plays the guitar and Jade harmonizes while Cat sings, prancing all over the stage. The melody is pretty, and Cat sounds incredible even if lines like "Sparkly bracelets that chime when they hug" make up most of the song. It gave Cat a spotlight and a distraction while they wrote the next two songs.

Andre and Jade's songs are way too mature for them. But nobody ever looked them over because they were writing the lyrics and music. Usually when an adult came over they were messing around with the music or trying to sing Cat's song while muddling through her spelling.

The next piece they preform is "The Stories in Your Smile". Andre is on the piano now, and they take turns singing the verses and coming together on the chorus. Cat is standing next to her, holding her hand. Jade gives her a small smile, and Cat seems to relax a bit.

Andre's verse is first, all about a smile that hides the jealousy of a new sibling. Jade's reflects the pain of being 2nd best hidden by a winning smile. Then Cat's finishes with the love you have for someone being evident in the smile you have when they're around. It transitions through emotions and ages clearly. Jealousy, pain, happiness, five, twelve, fifteen.

The chorus repeats "The stories in your smile, the secrets on your lips. Just stay with me a while and I'll read them all like this. Your mask falls away with every single kiss, I want to know your past, everything I've missed. Let every coming smile reflect only bliss". The thundering applause encourages them for the next song. Cat smiles and unlaces their fingers. Jade carefully takes Andre's place at the piano.

"This is 'The Space Between Heartbeats'," states the announcer.

"I find you in the space between heartbeats, cuddled on our sheets, smiling at me that way, and it takes my breath away. Moments in slow motion, when we're beside the ocean, I want to freeze them, my last hidden gem," Jade sings softly, her fingers caressing the keys.

Andre comes in "The pause between mundane, screaming at you angrily, knowing its okay, cause I'll find you, in the space between heartbeats".

Cat harmonizes her voice coming in higher in pitch. They continue a song much too old for them, yet with a beautiful innocence. They finish the song to utter silence and then soft clapping that grows. Cat tugs her from behind the piano and Andre takes her other hand. They bow once then go backstage.

Jade, Cat, and Andre chill backstage before heading out for group bows. Afterward, they go out into the audience to find their parents. Jade's nervous that her parents are going to yell about her song choices, if her dad even managed to show up. Andre's hoping his grandma is proud, of his playing, his lyrics, his singing. Cat trying to hide a frown and avoid falling into her previous mindset of missing her parents.

"Best friends are people who make your problems their problems, just so you don't have to go through them alone." -Unknown

"Jade, kiddo, I'm so proud of you!" her mom yells throwing her arms around her baby girl.

Jade allows one tight squeeze before shoving her off, "Thanks".

Andre is chatting excitedly to his grandma and Beck. Beck's parents are standing off to the side.

Jade spots her father making his way over and her face lights up. Then she quickly searches out Cat finding her smiling at Robbie. Jack stops ten feet in front of her. Jade ignores him, craning her neck to look for her surprise.

"Jadelyn?" he says waving his hand in front of her face.

A smile blossoms when she sees Cat flying into her grandma's arms crying "Nonna!"

Jade refocuses on her dad, "Yeah?"

"While I don't approve of your song lyrics, the themes are much too mature, and singing will never be your main career," he begins.

Jade deflates, curling into herself in front of him.

"You did an excellent job," he states with a face devoid of emotion.

Jade can't decide if he means it or if her mom is giving him a look.

He pulls pink and purple flowers from behind his back. Jade decides he means it, he never listens to her mom anyway and this means he had to ask his secretary to get flowers and remember to bring them here.

She takes them slowly, watching his face for signs this is a joke.

"Thanks, Daddy," she hums when they are in her arms.

He nods stiffly, "You're welcome, Jadelyn" and moves to the side to check his phone.

Jade buries her face in the flowers and takes a deep breath.

Suddenly Andre's crowding her, "We killed it J!"

He's so happy she doesn't yell at him for bumping into her.

Cat's beside him giggling, "We did it. We were so awesome!"

Robbie's there too. Thankfully he congratulates Andre and just nods at her.

Beck on the other hand…He tells Cat and Andre they did a great job and then steps up to her.

Jade gives her best glare.

"I," he stumbles over his words and Jade thinks maybe she's won. He'll go away and it can be back to just the three of them, 3.5 if you insist on counting Robbie.

"I thought you three did a great job. You have a nice voice," he says, looking relieved once he finishes.

Jade looks at him, deciding, her eyes narrowed.

"Thanks," she finally mutters turning away towards Cat.

Beck heads over to Andre who tells him they are all going out to eat now.

"All ten of us, with no reservations, good times man," Andre says shaking his head is disbelief, "It's going to take forever to get seated".

Beck looks around, "Who's not going?" he asks after quickly counting heads.

"Jade's dad," Andre whispers.

Beck's doesn't comment but his eyes flicker to her dad, then Jade.

Jade is pulling a pink flower out of her bouquet and offering it to Cat. Then she holds the flowers up to her face again and he can make out the beginnings of a smile. Beck thinks she's almost pretty, in that moment. Then Jade catches him looking at her and scowls.

"And smiles turn into laughs. Hugs turn into kisses and before you know it, the days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months. And you find yourself forgetting what it was like before they were in your life." -Unknown

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