A/N: Finally another story for this "collection". Oh, man. Calvin is harder to write for than I thought! I hope you enjoy this new one shot!


He awoke to an empty spot beside him. Again.

They had been married for half a year, and the number of times he woke in the middle of the night to find her in bed with him could be counted on one of his hands. He wasn't really sure if he could blame her for being a night owl, as he had been one in his early twenties a well, but was it so much to ask that she at least attempt to sleep in bed with him? Most times sex was the farthest thing from his mind, he just enjoyed turning over to feel his wife's body heat, to have her lying there be a comforting familiarity. He sighed and forced himself from the bed, feet hitting the cold floor, sending a chill up his spine.

"Damn mountains," he muttered under his breath.

Calvin had spent the entire previous year in Castanet, renting a room at the Ocarina Inn. From spring through winter the room was warm, and he felt no hesitation in leaving the bed. However, once he and Phoebe married, they bought a small house in the Garmon District. It was only early autumn, and the heat was already on, but it seems the altitude and surrounding rock sucked up all the warmth.

The inky black of night was broken up by the yellow light that came from the kitchen, on the other side of cracked door. He pulled it open fully to see his wife asleep at the table, head resting on her arms, teal hair a mess, her glasses still on her face. A bottle of Super Stay Awake was half empty within reach of her hand.

His usually carefree demeanor began to diminish as he walked towards his wife.

"So she did get tired, but she still didn't come to bed?" He thought to himself, biting his tongue, forcing back the urge to wake her by yelling her name.

She was as stubborn as she was intelligent, if there were something she wanted to do, she would force herself to stay awake to do it. He used to love that about her. Her endless thirst for knowledge and willingness to sacrifice things in the pursuit of it, he admired her for that. Now, however, it wore his patience thin, and he often found himself frustrated in that he was one of those things she was willing to sacrifice.

He placed his hand on her shoulder, causing her to wake up, startled.

"Calvin?" she asked, adjusting her glasses, "What's wrong? It's still dark out, shouldn't you be in bed?"

He took the seat across from her at the table, and looked into her eyes for a moment before opening his mouth, choosing his words carefully, "You should be too, that's what's wrong."

She looked at him, debating on how to respond, biting the inside of her cheek. It was going to be a long rest of the night.