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Borg (The white Tiger) guardian of the western mountains

Warwick (The blue Dragon) guardian of the eastern paradise

Shumi (The red phoenix) guardian of of the southern sky

Honma (The green tortoise) guardian of the northern sea




Chapter 1 : Happiness have its end

" Are still far away again, brother?" Kiro asked her 12 years old brother with innocent smile because she getting tired of walking a whole day long. " Well of course! Do you want to ride Boolkan?" Borg answered smiles because happy that he can see his sister after a very long time.

Warwick, Honma & Shumi are walking behind them. " I'm very happy to see they both together again~ " Shumi smiled happy, but Warwick get sad. " What is wrong, Warwick?" Honma is getting worried about his friend.

"It just .. " Warwick sighed, breath deep in and out. " I afraid Borg cannot accept if all of us separated. We getting near to our home. You know that he always wanted to be stick together with us, right? " He whispers to Honma & Shumi. Boolkan & Guchi who hear their 'silent' conversation went sad as well.

" Boolkan? Can I ride on you?" Kiro appears in front of Boolkan with starry eyes. The bird with black-reddish feather smiles and nods. Her small body now are becoming yellow-giant. " Yaay! " Kiro chirped, then jump to Boolkan's back.

" Come on guys! What are you guys waiting for? Let's go! " Kiro's shouts make Shumi, Honma & Warwick even sad. "Why are you guys looking sad?" Borg wondering what's happen with the three. " It's nothing, Borg. Let's go," Shumi answered with a fake smile. With a confused face, Borg eventually climbs to Boolkan's back, bringing Guchi. Warwick, Shumi & Honma followed afterward.

When Boolkan flies,everyone are silent. Borg, who getting even confused and seems forgot that his friends are need to return to their own homeland finally spoke, "Oh, come on! Why are you guys really quite lately?". " Maybe.. They're just tired, brother~" Kiro start giggling. "Guchi .. " Guchi open his mouth and show his monitor that shows that they are sad.

"Why?" Borg asked to his robot-dog. Guchi close the monitor as Boolkan lands to Honma's house. Boolkan turns small and stand on Warwick's arm. "Honma is going .. back?" Borg said sadly. "But we've just separated and assembled back yesterday, guys .." He said again with a faint tone.

Warwick goes next to his friend. "But .. Everybody must go back, Borg. This is reality. You must accept it even if it was very bitter.." He replied with a very guilty tone. Borg didn't reply but run away to nowhere. " Borg! " Kiro was about to catch up with her brother, but Honma hold her back.

" Let him think for a while. He didn't ready yet. " Honma said when he hold Kiro's arm. Kiro only sighed. "But where did he go?" Shumi said worriedly. "Not far from here I think. Where again? Taira's kingdom? No. He gotta be at the lighthouse. " Warwick's voice hears that he was pretty sure about that.

Meanwhile.. Taira & The evil Diemons watching the 3 guardians and Kiro, looking a chance to attack ..

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