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The same rule over many years ago was applied: that the first person you make eye contact with would be your partner for the next four years.

Glynda Goodwitch always thought that there would be a twist to it each year. She hoped that the administration would revise the rule and make it simpler. Why does it have to be eye contact? What if the person she made eye contact with in the Initiation was someone who didn't know how to keep themselves alive in a fight? Or if it was someone she couldn't talk to well? Or if it was someone who had a bad impression of her? She couldn't stop worrying.

Initiation Day at Beacon cliff was very intimidating for Glynda. She only had a Dust-powered riding crop while everyone had these massive weapons and combat gear. Some of the students were comparing their weapons with one another and showing off their majesty. Two men were already trading hits and the Initiation hadn't even begun. One of them almost took the other's head off his shoulders.

She was dressed simply as she was focused more on the convenience than the look of her gear. White blouse, dark combat skirt, dark vest, low heels were what she was wearing today. Her hair was put up in a bun so it wouldn't create drag.

Glynda sighed and walked towards her spot at the cliff. Comparing won't do her good. She could rely on her abilities and experience with her weapon as she had practiced over a thousand times before she even applied to Beacon. She was here for good reason. It's time to show the world her practice put to action.

"Glynda Goodwitch?" she heard an administrator call out. It seems they were taking attendance. Glynda raised her hand and waited until the administrator saw her.

"Good to have you here," the administrator said as he walked towards her. "I heard you were the best in your Academy. Sanctum, was it?"

"I'm from there, Sir," she replied. "And yes, I was." Glynda said the last words humbly. She didn't want to attract attention so early in the year. She didn't want to admit she was sick of it.

The administrator nodded and smiled at her. "You don't have to keep that one a secret, you know. Lots of people know you here! They're just scared of you."

"... Scared?" That was surprising.

"Yes!" the man replied. "Who would want to compete with the top student of Sanctum?"

"I thought this wasn't a competition, Sir..."

The administrator chuckled. "No, no it isn't. But the ranking of the teams that will be formed today will be!"

No way! Rankings?! Teams?! TODAY?!

"Rrrrrankings? Today?!"

"Oops! Guess I spoiled ya. But yeah, teams and partners and all that will be formed today!"

Glynda let out a silent groan and closed her eyes. She had to live up to people's expectations today, or else...

"Don't you worry about it, Miss Goodwitch," the administrator told her as he put a hand on her shoulder. "There are many people here who are like you; you just haven't met them yet. Don't be intimidated by everyone else, either. They're all just showing off."

"My thoughts exactly," she murmured in agreement. "Though all I have is this here old Dust riding crop..."

"Don't get intimidated by that either! You have some skills with that. I've seen footage of what you are capable of."

Glynda could not suppress a smile as she turned away. She recalled people taking videos and photographs of her back when she was still studying in Sanctum and they all said that she would make a fine Huntress for Beacon Academy.

"That... that was nothing," she said softly.

"All the more reason why you shouldn't be nervous, Miss Goodwitch!"

The man gave her a confident smile and looked at his Scroll, which had in it a list of other students he had yet to chat with and take attendance.

"I still have a long way to go, so good luck!" he said as he flashed her a smile and left.

Glynda nodded and smiled back as he walked away to check on the other students. That went well, she thought. Only a few minutes remained before the start of the Initiation. In that short span of time, she remembered to check her Dust supply stored in her riding crop.

"Sanctum's finest, huh?" she heard someone from behind her ask.

Yet another one of those people who expect me to exceed their expectations, Glynda thought as she scowled. Can everyone just stop making a big deal out of it?

Despite her thoughts, she forced a smile and turned to the person who made the remark.

"That you'll see," she said with a tinge of irritation. The whole time, she was just looking down at her weapon. "Just you wait."

"No need to be so upset about it," the person, sensing the tone in Glynda's voice, said. "You probably don't want to make a big deal out of it."

"Finally, someone who understands!" Glynda exclaimed as she looked up from her riding crop. The person before her was smiling back. "Oh, hi."

A girl with long, wavy black hair and orange eyes stood before her. She was wearing a red dress that had long sleeves and that reached down to only above her knees. Was that even legal in Beacon? Judging by everyone else's combat attire, she guessed so.

"Hey," the other girl greeted as she offered her hand to shake. "I'm Cinder."

"Glynda," Glynda said, taking Cinder's hand and shaking it. "Nice to meet you."

"Pleasure's mine," Cinder said as she took notice of Glynda's weapon in her other hand. "Dust powered wand? That's cool."

"It's a riding crop, actually, but it's Dust-powered like you said," the blonde student corrected. Cinder didn't have any weapon in her hand. It didn't look like her dress had pockets to hold anything either. "You don't have a weapon?"

"I am the weapon," Cinder replied as she let go of Glynda's hand. "I use my Aura a lot."

"How?" Glynda asked, bewildered. "You need somewhere to channel your Aura, don't you?"

"I have that," the dark-haired girl said. "It's here."

Glynda watched as Cinder's palm held a ball of flame. Her palm wasn't burning to a crisp. This is magic! Was that even legal?!

"You look like you've never seen this happen before," Cinder remarked. "Are there people with this ability where you come from?"

The Dust user shook her head and kept her gaze fixed on the flame that was now growing in the other girl's hand. "I haven't seen that happen before!"

"Only few have this ability. It took a long time before I mastered this. I'm afraid that it might not be enough yet."

So there were dangers to this kind of Aura channeling... "Well, you just have to be careful with it. Doesn't it hurt you?"

Cinder let loose a chuckle. "It doesn't anymore. It used to hurt a lot when I first got the ability."

Glynda's curiosity got the better of her as she reached out to the flame. Her proof that it wasn't fake was a little burn on her finger.

She was impressed by this power and she could not hide a smile. "That's really neat," she said in awe.

"Not many people have an appreciation for this kind of ability, though," Cinder said as she noticed the other girl's smile and frowned. "Others look down on it, call it 'magic' when clearly, it's much harder to muster than the normal channeling of Aura. People with the same ability as I have a tendency to mess things up, too, as much as we try not to..."

When the fire died in the girl's palm, Glynda looked up at Cinder's face which was etched with worry. She couldn't help but think that maybe all these years, Cinder must have been burdened with trying to hide her powers to avoid being looked down upon. The blonde put a hand on the other girl's shoulder and put a small smile on her face.

"Well, I know I have that appreciation, honestly," she said. "I think it's useful for long-range attacking. Setting the place on fire has its convenience when needs be." Glynda let out a small laugh at the thought. She was happy when it brought Cinder back to her good mood.

"Thanks, Glynda," the flame-user said. "I appreciate that. I really do."

The two students were interrupted by a voice on the speaker.

"Everyone, please take your designated places!" it echoed. "We'll be starting the briefing."

The girls took one last look at each other and said their goodbyes. Glynda was on her way to her place when she felt a hand grip her wrist.

"Glynda!" she heard Cinder exclaim. "I just wanted to say thanks for earlier. I hope we become good friends even if we'd probably see each other seldom in classes."

"That's if we pass this test and come out of here alive," Glynda said jokingly. "Thanks also, Cinder. I hope the same for our friendship, too."

The smile on Cinder's face grew wider as she let the words sink in. She waved goodbye and went to her platform on the cliff.

"Guess that wasn't too bad, after all," Glynda thought as she checked her Dust cartridges one last time. All full and ready to go. This was great. The briefing had already begun but someone let her thoughts fly.

She kept in mind the eyes of her new friend. A shade of orange that made it seem like her eyes were burning with passion, just like the flames in her hands. They were eyes that she yearned to look at more.

Suddenly, all the other people weren't interesting.

She wished that what took place minutes earlier was the real Initiation.

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