Falling Feeling and not a hint of Fooling

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Your partner will be with you for the rest of your time here at Beacon. So, it is in your best interest to be paired with someone with whom you can work well. That being said, the first person you make eye contact with after landing will be your partner for the next four years.

Yeah, yeah, we know that already. Just launch us off!

At the northern end of the forest, you are to collect a relic and make it back up the cliff. You have to guard this item as well as your standing, and we will grade you appropriately. Do not hesitate to destroy adversaries in your path, or you will die.

-end briefing-

At last, it was almost Cinder's turn to fly.

"See ya, magical loser," the boy beside her jeered as she prepared for the jump. She tried to ignore that comment as she tried to focus on her landing strategy.

"Betcha don't even have a landing strategy!" he egged on. "I've seen what you showed Glynda Goodwitch over there. All that's ever good for is causing destruction."

"Well, you sound really bitter about it," Cinder said, anger slowly rising into her voice. "What do you have against 'magical losers' like me?"

"Rumors and stories," the boy replied. "News said the other day that another magical loser like you froze her whole town and made it winter in the middle of the summer."

"That's a movie," another voice said from further away. "Are you sure you're watching the news, or did you watch Frozen for the hundredth time today?"

A small group laughed at that comeback made by another boy with silver hair, brown eyes, and a love for the color green.

"Forget I said that," Mr. Know-it-all said. "Earth has some good movies about heroes."

"I have already," Cinder muttered as she heard the whirring and clicking from under her platform. "Get your facts straight before making accusations."

"Sure will," he said. "Sorry."

"No problem. Thanks, silver-hair."

"It's Ozpin!"



And at last, she was airborne! Away, magical loser!

Glynda liked helping others out.

A few students who did not have a landing strategy prepared beforehand were saved by her purple glowing glyphs. The blonde-haired girl enjoyed seeing the looks on their faces when they realized that they were still alive and touching the sweet ground of the Emerald Forest. They shouted their thanks instead and she sped away to other places where other students like her needed help, effectively not making eye contact with anyone else.

One of them was Cinder Fall.

At first, Glynda did not recognize her new friend, but when she saw the flames around her hands give no help to slow her fall, she knew that it wouldn't be good if she burned the whole forest down like that.

I have to help her, she thought as she made a circular motion with her Dust-powered riding crop and pointed it in Cinder's direction. She prayed that her accuracy was alright, since Cinder was falling at a very fast speed thanks to the boost her flames gave her.

Just a few more seconds, she thought as she watched the purple glyph make its way to her falling friend. It was going pretty well so far, until the last second.

It missed.

Glynda cursed and immediately prepared another glyph, this time for her use. It glowed white (just like a future Huntress' would) and granted her speed as fast as light. Well, almost.

If her calculations were correct, Cinder would land very far away from here and make contact with the ground in just a few seconds. Glynda wasted no time to get as far as she could from where she stood, and closer to where her new friend might land.

Desperately, she cried, "Cinder!"

"Iiiii should've thought of a better landing strategy than this!" she sang as she sailed through the air.

Cinder Fall was falling really fast. It was a mistake to boost herself after being launched by the platform, because now, she was falling at the same speed she was launched. Physics sucked right now on her side.

Curses and various shouts filled the air around her as she watched other potential Hunters and Huntresses fall without a clue as to how they were going to survive this freaking landing thing. This was just one part of their Initiation and the first one at that; what more could the forest give them?

She tried to point her hands downwards and hope they would work like some kind of jetpack, but it did not work. Cinder was not meant to fly. And doing so will only burn the whole forest down. No one wanted that kind of casualty on their first day.

The dark-haired girl wondered how Glynda fared. Did she make it? Of course she did. Nothing less from the top student at Sanctum, right?

Her focus was lost as she watched purple glyphs appear in the air, aiding students in their flight to their deaths. Except this thing was saving them, and Cinder was dumbstruck.

How is this happening?

Suddenly, she saw the glyph caster from a distance. Unmistakably, she saw Glynda Goodwitch, what with the blonde hair tied up in a bun, the monochromatic outfit, and the riding crop powered by Dust sending a purple light in Cinder's direction.

A purple glyph was coming right at her and she tried to get some kind of hold on it, but at the speed she was falling, it was impossible for anyone to catch her.

If they managed to, let's just say they didn't have much of a chance at survival, because she was hurtling down toward the ground very fast and the impact could kill the person who chose to do so.

Didn't expect my life to end so quickly, Cinder thought as she continued to fall. She saw a clearing come into view, and braced herself for the impact that could possibly kill her-


Her thoughts were cut short at the mention of her name. A streak of white made its way to the clearing, at the very center, where she was to land.

"Get ooouuuuuuuut!" she cried as the white light faded and was replaced by Glynda Goodwitch. Any second now, they were both going to crash into each other.

"Trust me on this one!" Glynda said as she quickly waved her riding crop about her, covering herself with a yellow glow. "I'll catch you!"

Cinder had no time to complain as she braced herself for the impact. Glynda had no second thoughts of backing out of this, even if she knew it was going to hurt them both later on.

So much for helping people out with landing strategies. At least she could finally look someone in the eyes, given the fact that they survive.

As much as she would've loved to move, she couldn't. Not yet. The shock of the impact was... well...

Her back and head hit a tree. Her body wouldn't have withstood that crash landing without that temporary strength enhancement. It's a good thing she cast that enchantment on herself, then, before catching Cinder.

Who was now calling out her name, her voice sounding like it was on the verge of breaking.

"Glynda," it called out for the Dust-knows-what time. "Glynda, please wake up!"

She really wanted to open her eyes right now and assure Cinder that she was alive and breathing, that it was just her mind telling her to postpone the wake-up.

"It shouldn't have come to this," she heard Cinder mutter. "I'm so sorry, Glynda, I..."

A deep sigh from the dark-haired girl was heard. It's alright, she longed to say. I'm fine, Cinder. I really am. And I don't regret any of this.

"Thanks for saving me. I... I understand if you don't want to be partners after this..."

I still do!

"Guess that guy was right. I'm only capable of destruction. I'm sorry, Glynda."

Glynda finally found her weak voice and said, "Stop thinking like that."

She heard Cinder gasp at the sound of her voice, and let a small smile make its way to her face.

But the negativity came back as soon as it left.

"How can you say that? Even if it were true?"

"Because that's not who you are, Cinder."

Lime-green eyes were finally opened, but they weren't meeting the dark-haired Huntress'. She needed to change that before someone else did. So she took Cinder's warm hand in hers and gave it a light squeeze, getting her attention and partnership effectively. Cinder's gaze softened at the sight of her new partner's eyes, and she couldn't have been happier that (a) Glynda was a-freaking-live, (b) they were now partners, and (c) that there was so much forgiveness in her eyes.

"What do you mean?" she asked, her eyes still locked with Glynda's.

"It means you're my other half now. Try as you might, you can't destroy this partnership for the next four years even with your elemental ability."

Glynda broke the eye contact and slowly got up with her new partner's help. She couldn't help but look her in the eyes again once they were steadily moving North, towards the relics they were to collect and bring back up the Beacon Cliff.

Such a wonderful color, fitting for her fiery powers and personality.

"I know this sounds cliché and all, but Cinder, you make me whole."

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