Kenny waited anxiously for Kyle to meet him, he was almost on the lowest floor of the ship for a get together with his friends, there was going to be drinking and dancing and he couldn't wait.

He didn't want to tell Kyle all the details of this party because he didn't want to scare him, you see the rich and the poor party differently, and the poor have more fun, in Kenny's opinion.


Kenny turned around as he took in Kyle's beauty he was wearing black pants and a white dress shirt with the top buttons loose, his scarlet curls were brushed down and fell on his shoulders which made him look feminine. Ken felt bad that he didn't get dressed up he wore the same thing he had when they first met ,but he really didn't have any other clothes.

Kenny smiled, "You look beautiful "he said as he kissed Kyle's hand.

Kyle blushed, "Thank you, Ken".

Ken smiled, "You ready?"

Kyle smiled and nodded as they walked in the door; he saw lots of wooden tables and wooden chairs with beer mugs and beer barrels nearby.

He saw people drinking and laughing as they played cards, told jokes and dance freely as they wished.

Kyle turned and smiled "I like here already".

Kenny relaxed he thought Kyle would want to leave.

"Kyle I want you to meet some of my friends "Kenny said as they approached one of the tables , a man with dark hair similar to Stan's was chatting with a spiky haired green eyed man.

"Kyle this is my friend Craig and his boyfriend Tweek" said Kenny.

"Its nice to meet you Kyle said as he shook their hands." Kyle smiled he felt so free here, he felt like he could be himself and nobody will judge him.

Kenny and Kyle sat down with Tweek and Craig as they chatted happily and had a few drinks.

Kenny got up; "Would you like to dance?" he bowed and took out his hand.

"I'd love to" said Kyle and soon they were on the floor dancing and twirling some Irish dance.

Kenny grabbed Kyle's waist and got closer to him, "You having fun?"

Kyle laughed and nodded and they kept dancing.

Soon the party ended and they said their goodbyes to everyone.

Kenny was walking Kyle to his room when they got to the door Kyle turned around.

"Thank for tonight, Ken I had fun" Kyle smiled

"Your welcome" Kenny smiled as well.

Kyle was blushing as Kenny was bending down getting closer to him and pecked Kyle's lips.

Kyle closed his eyes , it was his first kiss!

He opened his eyed and smiled, "Goodnight Ken" he said as he was opening the door walking inside.

"Goodnight Kyle sweet dreams" Ken said as he walked away.

"Kyle!" yelled Sheila

Kyle knew he was in trouble, he didn't ask for permission before going to the party.