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Phoebe's Training Fun

Finn, Marceline, and FP had just finished a filling lunch in the Grasslands, and now were on their way to the Candy Kingdom to find Rattleballs. As soon as they entered the kingdom all the candy people were amazed at Finn's new look as he walked with Marceline and an armored Flame Princess. As soon as the three made it inside the castle they were greeted by Cinnamon Bun and Peppermint Butler.

"Hello Finn, Marceline, Flame Princess, what brings you by the kingdom?" Peppermint asked.

"Hey Peppermint Butler, we were just wanting to ask PB something important. I hope she's not busy enough so we can interrupt her for a brief moment." Finn replied.

"Actually Finn for once she's not too busy for a chat." Cinnamon Bun replied. "You just have to knock and let her know your there in case she's dealing with something possibly explosive." He added in warning.

With that Finn nodded and the trio headed to the doors of PB's lab before knocking on it four times before slowly opening it.

"Bubblegum, are you here? It's Finn, Marcy, and Phoebe." He said as they carefully stepped in.

"Come on in Finn!" PB called as she walked into view wearing her lab coat.

Once the trio got closer to her she sat down while taking off the coat.

"So what brings you three here? Also very nice armor Phoebe." Bonnibelle said.

"Thanks, Finn bought it for our adventures in Fire Kingdom." Phoebe replied.

"Speaking of that it's kind of why we're here Bonnie." Marceline chimed in.

"Really how can I connect with an adventure in the Fire Kingdom?" The candy genius asked.

"It's because we need to borrow Rattleballs PB, you see I was hoping to ask if he could train Phoebe to use a sword so she can be prepared for the dungeon crawl." Finn answered.

"Wow that's lucky." Princess Bubblegum spoke up.

"How so?" The trio asked.

"Because Finn, I was here the whole time for routine maintenance, as well as discussing possibilities for an upgrade to my body." Spoke a new voice before seeing a candy robot resembling an upside down gumball machine walk over to them.

"Rattleballs!" Finn called greeting his mentor and friend.

"Hello Finn it is good to see you since the wedding my friend, especially if you wish me to teach a princess the sword skills I myself taught you." Rattleballs spoke happily for a robot.

"I would like it if you trained her just like you trained me." Finn requested.

"I will, however, I must also train her in some of the calming techniques I taught myself over the years." He replied. "After which we must make sure I have plenty of eggs." He added.

"Wait you really intend to throw eggs at FP if she messes up?" Marceline asked.

"If she messes up, to keep her on her toes in a battle situation, or just for fun." Rattleballs said smiling at the last part.

"HA! I knew you enjoyed pelting me with eggs when I messed up." Finn said.

"You would have too if you were in my place Finn." The candy robot replied.

"So where will you be going to train?" PB asked.

"Quite possibly the junkyard I used to live in princess as it would be far from the many meltable candy people if Flame Princess were to lose her temper." Rattleballs replied

"Yeah I was actually thinking the same thing since she can be quick to flare up at times." Finn added. "Plus despite what happened, I'd rather not freeze her." He finished.

With that the three women looked at Finn surprised hearing him say he didn't want to freeze his ex.

"Very well then for now we shall go." Rattleballs said as they left the castle.

Once in the Kingdom, the four proceeded to a nearby store and bought twenty dozen eggs that were carried to the junkyard by Finn, Marceline, and Rattleballs. After arriving to the junkyard they set the eggs aside as Rattleballs and Phoebe sat in the center of the junkyard.

"Okay why are we sitting exactly?" FP asked.

"Simple Princess, our first exercise is more mental than physical." Rattleballs began. "Our first lesson is in meditation. Simply sit like this, eyes closed, breathe deeply and think of what can calm your fire." The robot told her.

As she proceeded to breathe deeply like she was told to Phoebe began to clear her mind.

"Hmm this meditation stuff is pretty easy wonder what I will find in my mind that calms me like Rattleballs says?" She asked herself.

"Looks like she's getting it down." Marceline said.

"Just wait Marcy." Finn told her,

"Why Finn?" She asked.

"Because once Phoebe finds the thing that calms her fiery temper, Rattleballs will be testing her patience until she can think of that calming thing even in the most stressful situations." He replied.

"How?" Mary asked curious.

"Well I'm pretty sure it will take her at least a dozen eggs to figure it out." The Ice Prince answered.

Unaware of the talking Flame Princess was going deeper into her meditation, deeper into her mind to find what could help calm her temper before she saw images that made her smile sadly as she saw her whole relationship with Finn. However, the last images are what could be if she managed to win him back as she could see a future with him as King and Queen of the Fire Kingdom.

To those observing her all they could see was a smile on her face as her flames grew even calmer to the point where her flaming hair proceeded to flow down to the middle of her back.

"Hmm it seems what she sees has calmed her in ways we never expected." Rattleballs said with a sage like smile.

"Guess that means it's time to test her patience." Finn commented as the Candy Robot nodded.

"Flame Princess!" Rattleballs called causing her to awaken from her meditation. "You've done well so fast on finding what calms you the best, so now we will test your patience, and work on keeping you calm under fire." He told her.

"Okay, so how do we do that?" FP asked ready for her next exercise.

With that Rattleballs proceeded to open a carton of eggs and took out one.

"You must dodge each and every one of these eggs I throw at you." He began. "Each time you get hit I will bring out a new carton and proceed to pelt those eggs at you, and this will be repeated until you can dodge a full dozen without being hit or losing your temper." Rattleballs explained.

"I see." Phoebe said looking at Finn before taking a determined stance.

Seeing this Rattleballs started throwing eggs at her where she proceeded to dodge six before smirking causing the robot to increase the strength of his throws making the remaining ones to fast for her to keep up with causing her to get hit.

"Urgh" She groaned glaring at Rattleballs as she started getting angry and flaring up causing the raw eggs on her to overcook to ash.

With that flare up a snowball hit her in the forehead.

"Phoebe calm down, Rattleballs was doing that to make you flare up." Finn said. "Even if you managed to dodge them all he was going to throw more eggs anyway at higher speeds forcing your speed and reaction time to improve." He explained as the swordsbot nodded agreeing that he would do that.

"So I guess until I can dodge them all to a speed he chooses, I need to keep calm huh?" She asked as Finn nodded.

With that Finn returned to standing by Marceline.

"Was the snowball really necessary Finn?" Marcy asked as they watched Rattleballs keep pelting FP with more eggs.

"Yes, I needed something to quickly snap her out of her rage before she got too hot." He replied watching her dodge Rattleballs' throws even as he kept increasing the speed while managing to stay calm.

"Hmm she's already getting faster." Finn commented with Marceline agreeing as Flame Princess dodged three dozen eggs at Rattleballs' top speed while maintaining her calm appearance.

"Enough!" Rattleballs commanded while holding a hand up causing Phoebe to stop. "You've done well at remaining calm under pressure, however, next you must remain calm under combat." He told her making her confused before he drew his sword, and began attacking her.

"What the heck?!" Marceline asked as she started to charge at him only to be literally frozen in place. "Finn unfreeze my legs." She ordered.

"No Marcy, this is part of her training, besides take a close look at them." He told her as they saw Phoebe her own sword drawn as she managed to defend against Rattleballs' attacks and even counter him while staying calm, and even began to push him back.

"Well done." Rattleballs said with a kind smile. "Before you were a raging inferno, and now you have calmed yourself to the gentle light of a candle." He praised her. "With your calmness truly achieved, I can now teach you the sword stuff." He told her.

With that done Rattleballs began to teach him everything he taught Finn with her often having to retry, however, when he'd throw an egg at her for messing up she would cleave it with her sword sometimes without even looking. Before long she had reached the final test.

"You are now ready to learn my signature technique, The Shadowless Thrust." He began. "Finn and I shall both demonstrate." Rattleballs finished as he and Finn both took stances.

Rattleballs stood before a wooden wall as Finn was before a stone wall. As they drew their blades they both began to flicker before the wooden wall was destroyed, and the stone wall was cleaved with a trail of ice.

"As you see it can cleave or destroy, and if you have elemental powers can leave traces of them." Rattleballs spoke.

From beginning to follow their examples, Phoebe attempted the same with Finn's stone wall managing to duplicate it, but due to her flames and the power from the strike it caught fire.

"Well done, you have managed to even get the Shadowless Thrust faster than Finn." Rattleballs praised.

"Great job Phoebe, I think after this you should take a good rest, and we can head to the dungeon tomorrow." Finn told her with a big smile that made her heart flutter.

"Say Finn, maybe we could have dinner with you and Jake at the Treehouse?" Marceline asked.

"Sure I don't see why not." He said as the three walked away to begin their evening rest.

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