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Confrontations, Explanations, and Shock

[Ice Kingdom]

Finn had just finished explaining things to PB and Ice King, and currently the princess was a little disturbed by the Ice King's display of emotion while at the same time feeling hurt about what Finn had told her about not knowing a single thing about romance. However, what they didn't know was that outside the window on a magic carpet stood Betty the fiancé of Simon Petrikov, and as she floated there she had heard everything Finn had just said. Little did she know as she was thinking she was unaware that Princess Bubblegum had spotted her.

"Excuse me, but who are you and why are you here?" PB asked causing IK and Finn to turn to them.

"Betty?!" Finn said asked springing to the window/door.

"Hey Finn." Betty answered.

"Hey it's been a while hasn't it?" Finn began. "How have you been?" He asked his fellow human.

"You're right it has been a while." She began. "Last time we met was when Simon helped me come here from the past, me kicking Bella Noche's butt in order to turn Simon back into the Ice King to keep him alive." She added confusing PB and Ice King. "I've still been trying to find a way to free Simon of the Ice crown's influence, and I think I may have found one, but it's just as dangerous as asking the grandmaster wizard to help us." She finished.

"Okay can someone please tell us what you two are talking about?" Ice King asked with Bubblegum nodding in agreement.

"IK, PB, remember when Jake and I played Ice King's secret tapes and found out about a human named Simon Petrikov who was consumed by the crown and turned into the Ice King?" Finn asked making the princess nod.

"I still don't think that's true though." Ice King said.

"Well Betty is Simon's fiancé, and has been working hard trying to find a way to bring back Simon without causing him to rapidly age and die since the Ice King's crown is the only thing keeping them alive." Finn explained.

"So what is the dangerous plan she came up with to get her man back and possibly take me down?" Ice king asked.

"Well if the crown is granted to a new host willingly, than every side-effect, as well as all the influence of the crown itself will travel to the next host." Betty said.

"But wouldn't the Ice King just take over the consciousness of the other host after leaving Simon?" Bubblegum asked confused.

"Actually there is a way to prevent it, but the key is in the host candidate." Betty began. "I researched that someone with an unbreakable will and an extremely powerful mind can overcome the crown's corruption allowing them to have total control over their own mind." Betty explained.

"Wait the only person like that in the entire land of Ooo would be… Finn." Ice King said looking at the shocked hero.

"Wait why do you think Finn is the only one to fit the description?" Betty asked.

"Because Finn is the only one able to withstand the mind control of the Lich." Bubblegum said.

"Really?" Betty began. "I heard about the Lich being the ultimate evil that can control anybody, and Finn's the only one able to resist him?" Betty asked.

"Well Finn's done it twice already, so he should be able to handle the crown pretty well." PB said.

"Well Finn can you please take on all of the crown and restore Simon without letting him die?" Betty asked.

"As the hero of Ooo." Finn began. "I will do what I can to free your fiancé Betty." He answered.

"Thank you Finn." Betty said before turning to Ice King. "Ice King can you please hand over the crown and everything that goes with it except part of your immortality to Finn?" Betty asked.

"Oh sure the Ice Kingdom right of succession." Ice King said before taking off his crown. "I hereby bequeath my crown, powers and most of my immortality to Finn the Human and make him my successor." Ice King said putting the crown on Finn's head before they were engulfed in bright light screaming in agony before it faded revealing Simon Petrikov and a much paler Finn the Human who started showing one or two of the Ice King's physical traits.

With that Bubblegum and Betty carried them to the Candy Kingdom and put them in hospital beds. After getting them comfortable Betty stayed with them while Bubblegum went to work on her royal duties. However, as PB attended to her kingdom a shadow floated over her head.
"Hey Bonnie." Marceline said shocking the princess under her.

"GAH!" Bonnibel screamed before looking up to glare at Marceline. "Marceline what are you doing here, and why are you spooking me again?" PB asked.

"I was wondering if you've seen Finn?" Marceline began. "I wanted to apologize to the kid about some stuff that happened." She explained.

"Like secretly seeing his girlfriend for the past couple years behind his back?" PB asked with a glare.

"I guess he came to you about it?" Marceline asked with her head hung a bit low.

"Actually he went to Ice King who was going back to the kingdom after kidnapping me." PB explained. "So care to tell me why you betrayed our best friend in such a way?" Bubblegum asked in a way that promised pain.

"*Sigh* It happened a few weeks ago when I was going to see Finn to see if he could jam with me."


Marceline was flying to the tree house to see if Finn was there and wanted to do a jam session, however, when she got there she saw a fire elemental looking sad, so Marcy being Marcy (and a hero's) friend decided to see if she could help the elemental feel better.

"Hey" Marceline said to the elemental startling her out of her thoughts.

"Gah!" The fire elemental screamed before looking at Marceline.

"Who are you?" The elemental asked.

"Marceline the Vampire Queen, care to tell me your name little girl?" Marcy asked.

"Flame Princess, but my boyfriend calls me FP." FP said expecting Marcy to act like most and show respect now that she knew she was a princess.

"Weird so you're the princess my best friend is dating huh?" Marceline spoke.

"Wait you know Finn?!" FP asked surprised.

"Hehehe yep kid's one friend that comes around once in a lifetime, and coming from me that's saying a ton." Marcy answered with a laugh.

"Well I'm guessing you came to see Finn like I did huh?" FP asked before hanging her head again.

"Yeah thought the kid might be interested in another jam session, but I'm guessing since his girlfriend isn't here then he's probably caught up in trying to save lives." Marceline said before FP looked at her curiously.

"What do you mean by jam session?" Flame princess asked with narrowed eyes.

"Oh it's when Finn comes over to my place to help me make my music sound better by beat boxing or playing another instrument." Marcy began as she pulled out her base axe. "It's sounded way better since Finn asked me to teach him how to play a guitar." Added the vampire queen.

"Wait you're the reason he's been playing such wonderful music for me?" FP asked stunned.

"Ah so that's why he wanted to learn huh?" Marcy began. "And here I've been thinking he just wanted to play a cooler instrument than Jake." Marceline said before she and FP started to laugh.

As they laughed, however, their hands touched, and when FP looked down and saw that she was beyond shocked.

"How am I able to touch you without hurting you?" FP asked stunned.

"Well being a vampire I'm undead so my skin is naturally cold and unable to be burned except by sunlight." Marcy replied before turning to a blushing FP.

"Finn's been trying through our whole relationship to find a way for us to touch without him being hurt."FP said before looking down again.

However, once Marceline heard that she hugged the fire elemental.

"Don't worry FP if I know Finn he'll find a way for you two to truly be together." Marceline began while tightening the hug. "Plus I bet once he does he'll surprise you by actually proposing." Marcy said with a light laugh.

Unfortunately Flame Princess wasn't paying attention to what Marceline said. She was enjoying being hugged by a non fire elemental without causing them pain. As Marceline was laughing FP turned around and kissed her stunning the Vampire, who soon returned it.

"Wow what was that about FP?" Marcy asked when they finally broke for air from their brief make-out session.

"I-I'm sorry." FP began. "It's just this is the first time I could enjoy being with someone without hurting them like I do Finn."FP said upset with herself before being hugged by Marcy.

"FP relax I enjoyed it a lot." Marcy began. "And while I don't want to hurt Finn, maybe we can help you out." Marceline finished with a smirk.

{Flashback end}

"And that's how our secret affair began Bonnie." Marcy started. "You have to understand though I never wanted to hurt Finn." She continued. "Now I just want to find him so FP and I can earn his forgiveness, and she can try and win back her man." Marceline finished.

"*Sigh* Marceline I'm afraid it won't be as easy as you hope." PB began before explaining everything that happened when she and Ice King arrived at his castle.

Marceline was now shocked beyond all thought Finn her best friend, and the kid she could actually date was now laying in a hospital bed slowly taking on the curse that the man who was like a father to her was force to bear for over 1,000 years. Marceline could only fly out to find Flame Princess, and tell her the heartbreaking news she just learned.

As she flew she knew she couldn't do anything else after except hope that the crowns influence is just as powerful on Finn as the Lich's words.

And there my friends ends my second chapter for my Adventure Time story. I'm really hoping a lot more people enjoy it this time around. In the meantime I will work on the next chapter in Soldiers of the Skies. I'm also hoping for positive feedback from my readers in this story.

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