The light emanating from the Zippo lighter burned just bright enough for 47 to navigate the vents without much sound. "Turn left at the next juncture and keep heading straight until you reach a vertical drop." Diana said through his ear piece. He followed her directions to the drop then very carefully placed his hands against the aluminum sides to support his decent head first for twenty feet. The rifle that he had in his concealed holster under his suit jacket was resting alongside the vent while he went down so it wouldn't make any sudden sound if it hit the sides.

"How reliable is our inside source again?" 47 asked Diana. "You know that I have a problem trusting people I haven't met before."

"Don't worry 47. Our source has worked with us in the past without complications of any kind. Just keep moving forward and I'll give you directions."

The mission's objective was simple: infiltration into the research laboratory, find passage into the testing chambers where Dr. Woods was working, assassinate the doctor, and dispatch any resistance. Getting through the outside perimeter was simple enough, entering during the afternoon while the guards were at their most relaxed state and anxiously awaiting the next rotation, was able to keep him unaware of him cutting the gate. Infiltration into the laboratory: check.

After he made it to the main building, he located a large air conditioning system by two guards armed with assault rifles. He checked himself over to make sure that his suit didn't have any dirt from him crawling in the ground, and then walked up to the guards.

"Excuse me, I have an appointment with Dr. Woods but the key card he gave me isn't working at the front door." 47 said to them as he got closer. One of the guards approached him to help him out while the other was messing with his camel pack, trying to get some water. 47 reached into his jacket and made it look like he was getting his ID out but just as the man approaching him blocked the line of sight of the other guard, he unholstered his silenced Silverballer pistol and fired at the guard. The second man tried to react in time but was shot three times in the lungs before he could even turn off the safety to his weapon. Dispatch any resistance: check.

After hiding the bodies in the vents along with taking and what eve whatever ammo they had on them, 47 entered the shaft while Diana gave him directions to his destination. Find passage into the testing chambers: check.

He had just gotten through the drop and was led to his destination. While shutting his Zippo, he crawled closer to an opening of the vent, which led to the middle of the room then continued into another, and peered through it. He saw his target along with two other scientists and a guard in the same room. Dr. Woods was working on a large machine while one of the scientists filled the side of it with an unknown liquid. He knew that he couldn't get in without a distraction so he navigated the vents, looking for an empty room. After a little searching, he found what appeared to be a first aid room. He made sure it was empty before crawling out and started searching the cabinets for anything he could use. All that he found were some Band-Aids, cloth, hydrogen peroxide, and a lot of instant cold packs.

'This will do' he thought to himself. He grabbed the cloth and cold packs along with a bucket on the ground in the corner. Taking out his knife, he cut open the cold packs and removed the water packets and emptied the ammonium nitrate into the buckets; he then poured the water packets in to the bucket and mixed the two together. Then he placed the cloth into the mixture and let it soak the entire thing. Once that was complete, he wrung it to allow it to get as dry as possible, the smoke bomb was complete.

After arranging the area to its original setting, 47 quietly returned to the vents and updated Diana on the situation. 47 was going through the different possibilities of what could happen if something went wrong and making plans such as what would he do if the bomb didn't work or if people were on the other side of the entrance. The thoughts left his mind as he reached his destination to find that the room was unchanged. He slowly got out his lighter and the cloth and slightly opened the vent once the men weren't looking. The area lit in front of him when he lit his Zippo and spread the flame to the cloth. It landed on the ground without a sound and began to quickly smoke with an unpleasant sent.

One of the scientists began to cough as the smoke started to creep closer behind. He turned around and pointed at the smoke, "Fire!" He exclaimed. The four men began either trying to get out of the room or looking for something to extinguish the nonexistent flame. The room soon filled with enough smoke for 47 to enter unnoticed and made his way to the doctor, whom was grabbing a fire extinguisher by the machine.

When the doctor turned around he was greeted by the assassin who quickly stepped forward and brought a leg around his while he used his hand to push him over. The doctor was knocked back to the side of the machine's control panel. In a panic, he hit a button on it and stepped onto a large floor panel, followed by 47 with a knife in his hand. Dr. Woods attempted to push him off the panel but was met with a sharp pain in his gut.

The machine let out a low rumble as it started to activate, sparks danced around the two just as the others in the room noticed what was going on. There was a sudden white flash as 47 pulled out his knife while he tried to unholster his pistols, but blacked out and fell to the floor.

Ten minutes later.

The air around 47 was warm with plenty of sunlight shining in his face. 47 was lying on the ground while his senses were returning to him, the first was his hearing. "What happened to him?" He heard from an unknown voice. "He just passed out without warning." Came a reply from another. The second sense that came to him was touch, he could feel the hard ground beneath him along with someone loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. Whoever these people were, they couldn't have been from the research plant or they would have just killed him.

Next came his sight; when he started opening his eyes, the area was blurry for about half a second. In front of him were three figures, two human paramedics and something that was definitely not from earth. Something that was definitely not from Earth. He kept his nerves in check and made sure not to panic at the sight of the unknown alien.

47 had never seen anything like it before it had mandibles running along its cheeks and had what looked like spikes running along the back of its elongated skull. 47 was preparing to strike so he could get away from what was happening but froze when it reached for his Silverballer pistol. "Look," he said, "I've never seen these kind of weapons."

That was the only thing the alien said before 47 grabbed his arm as it touched his gun. "That belongs to me." He said in a low voice before the threw a punch at his lower jaw and heard the satisfying sound of a bone cracking. The paramedics jumped back from the sudden movement while the alien fell over, which gave 47 his window for escape.

He rolled over and quickly got onto his feet before trying to run, but noticed that a crowd was around him who were watching what was going on. Glancing over the crowd he saw the faces of creatures he's never seen in all his life, some were short others were tall; some of them even looked exactly like humans. 47 didn't waste any more time to escape; he dashed thought the crowd and pushed anyone out of his way. While running, he buttoned up his shirt and fixed his tie then patted himself down to see if he still had all of his equipment; first he made sure he still had his Silverballers, then he checked his fiber wire, next he placed his hands on his hips and felt the P22G pistols were also in their correct place and he could still feel the weight of the G36C with the stock collapsed underneath his jacket. He gave a sigh of relief that everything was still there.

47 whipped around, making sure he wasn't being followed then stopped to get a sense of where he was. Looking around, it seemed as though he was at some kind of large city around him, various shops littered the streets each one selling a variety and services. There were also several hundreds of...people around him. It wasn't hard for him to spot that this wasn't just any kind of city, looking to the sky he could see four other large platforms all connected by a ring on the far side of the station. He still couldn't fathom what happened to him and the doctor for them to be transported here.

'Dr. Woods.' 47 thought, 'He came here with me, maybe he can tell me what was going on.' He took one step in no general direction before coming to a halt. 'Crap, I already stabbed him. He would be bleeding out by now, unless if someone found him and he got medical attention.'

47 needed to find a hospital and hope that they had Woods or at least could point him in the right direction, but first he would need directions. Out of all the species around him, humans seemed to be the least densely populated around him. Not being very picky at the moment, 47 went to one of the shops that were being operated by a very short creature who was wearing a suit that had a respirator. He walked up to the counter beside another alien who was wearing a purple suit as well but stood as high as a human and was armed with some type of gun of it's hip, making no effort to conceal it. As he got closer he was able to determine that it was female, at least by human standards, and seemed to be browsing merchandise on a console.

He was greeted by the employee with a friendly voice, but it was odd to him that it would always have to pause to take an exaggerated breath. "Hello human... Welcome to Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies... Do need help finding anything?"

"I'm actually looking for the nearest hospital; do you have a map of the area?" 47 stated to the alien. He also noticed that the other alien in the purple suit shifted her head a little more toward him as though she was listening in on them.

The merchant held up his arm to his chest level and activated some machine that projected an orange hologram around his arm. "I do have a map... I'll send it to your Omi-Tool if you want."

"I don't have one." 47 told him.

"Oh... I'm sorry... I don't have a physical map."

'Perfect.' 47 thought to himself. "Could you just point me in the right direction?"

The merchant took a breath and was about to speak but was interrupted by the alien right next to 47. "You said that you're on your way to the hospital? I'm headed in that direction, If you want I can lead you there." She said. 47 was able to get a better look at her once she spoke. The first thing he noticed was the semitransparent face plate that made her look like her eyes were glowing and that when she spoke, a small light would glow where her mouth would be. "I'm sorry, where are my manners? My name is Tali'Zorah." She said as she held out her three-fingered hand.

47 shook her hand in return and decided to use one of his previous aliases, "My name is Tobias, thank you for helping me."

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