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"Have a nice day." The Volus said to the two of them as he waved goodbye. 47 was hoping to be able to get where he needed as quickly as possible and didn't want to participate in very much small talk with Tali, even though he had many questions about where he was.

"I have some questions I would like to ask you Miss Tali'Zorah." He said to his guide. He was thinking of ways to ask her about the station without it being too obvious that he wasn't from around here but he knew that it was going to be difficult to do so.

Tali just turned her head to him as they walked down a set of stairs onto a large platform. "You can just call me Tali; but sure, what would you like to ask?"

"I'm a little new to this area and I would like to know some basic things about it that would help me out."

"Do you mean this part of the Citadel or just in general?"

"Just the local area." While talking to her, 47 was glancing around the area in search of landmarks to make a mental map of the area.

"Well this part is called the Presidium; it's just like any other shopping center that's out there. This place sells anything form clothing to firearms and everything in between." As she talked, Tali would point out some of the various places that she would mention as well as talk about which places had the best prices.

47 just listened to all that she had to say, trying to absorb all the information that he could about the Citadel. He epically made note of a 'vid store' that Tali mentioned and would have to make a stop there to learn the history of this fascinating place. "Thank you again for showing me around." He told her.

"It's no problem; I have some business to take care of in the area anyway. So what exactly are you going to be doing at the hospital?" She asked then just as quickly added, "If you don't mind me asking of course."

Just as he has always done when something unexpected happens, 47 improvises an answer; but still being weary of what he says might come back to bite him in the ass later on. "I'm just looking around for a new family doctor and weighing my choices." Tali just continued to make as much small talk as possible as they walked towards their destination for the next twenty minutes.

The hospital's size made it stand out amongst the rest of the building be several stories higher, along with the large amount of traffic going through every direction of it. "Well, here we are." She said to him. "It was nice meeting you again Mr. Tobias."

"It was nice to meet you as well." 47 was about to reach into his pocket to pull out his wallet and pay her, but knew that the Citadel wouldn't take his currency. Instead, he held out his hand for a hand shake then went their separate ways.

47 stepped into the crowded lobby of the hospital and searched for a staff member or receptionist behind one of the large desk. Peering through the crowd, he spotted three staff members tending to a line of people either trying to get medicine seeking other types of medical attention. Although he was a patient man, he was also in a rush to find someone that could lead him to Woods. Deciding that it was better to wait, 47 stepped into the line and waited for his turn.

After waiting for more than thirty minutes, the line wasn't even half way done with the receptionist; 47 was starting to get annoyed with the slow pace they were moving at and was still uncomfortable with all of the aliens around him. Over to his left he spotted someone speaking to what seemed to be a hologram of one of the aliens those he has seen on the Citadel. He could hear the person asking the hologram about one of the patients and their room number and decided that this would be a better alternative than standing in line.

"Hello, thank you for using Avina. How may I help you?" It said to him in a computerized voice.

"I'm searching for a patient who might go by the name of Woods."

The VI blinked twice before giving 47 an answer. "I'm sorry, no one has been checked in by that name. Searching alternate sites: I have found a human by the name of Woods on one of the other wings of the Citadel." He was glad to hear the news and immediately started thinking of how to get there but his mood took a turn for the worse when the VI spoke again. "According to hospital records, he was released five hours and fifteen minutes ago after treatment to a minor stabbing wound."

'How could he have been released an hour ago?' 47 thought to himself. 'I've been here for only two hours so something must have happened to make us appear at separate times.' 47 needed an alternate plan to find Woods. "Do you have a name on any of the doctors that helped him?"

Avina blinked twice again before speaking, "One of the surgeons was called to this location to assist treatment of a Turian. His name is Doctor Maelon but is currently unavailable."

47 left without another word to the VI, he would need a way to find Maelon undetected and knew what to do; He also wanted to talk about him classifying his work as a 'minor stabbing wound'. He saw that the main entry way to the rest of the hospital was guarded and would only allow someone through if they had special permission or had signed-up for visiting hours.

Exiting the building, he made a full circle around the hospital and looked for any kind of point of entry whether it was a door, loading area, window, or just another air vent. He found three different options after making his circle and took some time to think of the best course of action; the first one was simple, finding a staff member and taking their disguise. He immediately through that idea out the window because with the unknown technology, they might have a new way of identification.

The second was to get into the building through the area where they would transport patients into the hospital either by sneaking past personnel or finding another way of getting past unnoticed.

The final way was to attempt to scale the side of the building and to get in through either the roof or hope for an open window or equivalent. He also gave up on this idea because of the lack of knowledge on things like the layout of the building, the doctor's location, and various types of security.

After deciding to go with plan b, 47 traveled to the side of the building and stayed out of sight behind some crates while he waited for an ambulance to show up. He didn't have to wait long before one came speeding over a few hundred feet away from him. 47 sprinted over to one of the nurses that were on stand-by and acted as though he had received a call from saying that his friend was injured and pointed to the human that was taken off the ambulance.

The nurse bought his story and allowed him to stay by the stretcher as they quickly wheeled in the unconscious patient into the hospital. 47 glanced over the human and saw several deep cuts and an arm that was clearly broken; he guessed that he was in some kind of crash. It seemed as though everyone was in a constant rush to get something done, it was a hospital after all so it was going to be a challenge to find Maelon.

It was easy to get away from everyone once they went into the operating room and to start asking around for Maelon. He started by going around searching for anyone who might work alongside him, nurses, assistants, along with some office workers upstairs who could point him in the right direction. The only information that he found out about him was from another surgeon that he was a 'Salarian' and that he's operating on a Turian but would be able to see him in a little while on the thirteenth floor.

47 rode the elevator alone to his destination and stepped past an Asari, as Tali mentioned them earlier. He walked around and looked at everyone's name tag, searching for Maelon, still not knowing what a Salarian was. 'I really hope he's done by now; I want to get out of here as soon as possible.' He thought to himself, not wanting to waste much time. Suspecting that he was still too early, he asked around if anyone knew where Maelon was; 47 was pointed over to one of the operating rooms and saw another alien standing right outside of it, looking over a data pad in his hands.

'Dr. H. Maelon' his nametag read. 47 walked calmly over to him and said, "Excuse me, are you doctor Maelon?"

"Yes, how can I help you?" He said while he continued to scroll through his data pad.

"I was told that you operated on a man by the name of Woods." 47 pulled out a photo that was sent to him by Diana before he went on his assignment and gave it to Maelon.

The Salarian took the photo and examined it for a little while before handing it back. "Yes I did; he should be fine right now. Why do you ask?"

"I'm his insurance agent and he may have sent a false claim. I wanted to speak to you about his surgery and where he might have gone."

"Well I don't know about any past claims he might have made but all that I did was repair his stomach from a knife wound. From what I read he came stumbling into some corner store while holding his hands to his belly asking for an ambulance."

"Do you know where he went after he was released?"

"No." Maelon's data pad suddenly started beeping, "I'm sorry that I can't help you right now. Duty calls." He said as he walked off.

47 concealed his boiling anger and walked out of the hallway. 'Another dead end; at least I can still find the store he went into.' 47 made his way through the area without making eye contact with the humans and aliens he shoved out of his way. 'Where the hell am I supposed to find this guy if that is just as bad of a lead as this one?' He made his way into one of the crowded elevators and waited impatiently to reach his floor.

The rest of the occupants exited with him on the ground floor and made their way into the lobby. Walking outside, 47 knew he had three problems now; which store Woods went to, how he was going to get back home, and where he could get some food and shelter.

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