"Every human walks around with a certain kind of sadness. They may not wear it on their sleeves, but it's there if you look deep." -Taraji P. Henson

Stepping into a puddle of Cherry Blossoms:

Chapter One:


Officially, Danzo was a fair and just leader. Strong decisive and precise, a huge transition from the weak Hokages prior. His policies possible the best and most effective of any Hokage to date. Unofficially, Danzo was a cruel and absolute man. Absolute in the sense that in his eyes there was only one direct solution to anything that came his way. Absolute in the sense that he was stubborn and made his word law. He wasn't the leader that the nation praised. He wasn't the person that had saved the leaf village, he'd done the complete opposite actually, he was a tyrant the absolute definition of said word. He'd made things seem better on the outside, but the inside however; he'd conjured into a boiling bowl of soup that refused to cool down anytime soon. Sakura knew this all too well, she had been told the truth by her Kakashi-sensei, all of team seven knew. They had grown in the village, grown into the fine ninja they were. But that had nothing to do with any of Danzo. Team seven were actually known for their status as a a successful team, their ability to complete a mission was second to none. They rivaled that of even Danzo's Anbu. Which of course ultimately lead to an invitation from said leader to said Anbu organization. Of which all four members declined, keeping their status as Jounin.

She never liked the man, there was always a certain darkness around him. Everything was swift and he did not take failure lightly. For instances, anyone above the rank of a Genin -which there was little of considering the much more harsh tasks, to graduate theacademy.- would be punishedhat accordingly depending on the significant rank of the mission. This was distgusting and meant people would chose their mission, over that of their comrades. Even if it meant putting their comrades lives in danger, even if they had to die in the process. They were ninja, correct? And Danzo was only making it so people would be much more successful correct? The latter of the questions was definitely correct. The former however, was dead wrong. Sure, leaving the mission and breaking the rules to save a teammate made you scum. But, those who abandon their friend, are worse than scum.

Sakura walked through the small village on the outskirts of the fire country border. The seventeen-year-old ninja, clad in her normal civilian attire in order to keep her as inconspicuous as possible. There were quite a sum of people in the markets of the small village, which made spotting her target much more difficult than she liked. She was alone, her mission was a solo one, one that was of S-Class ranking. An assassination mission, one of a very skilled shinobi at that.

It shouldn't be that hard to pick him out.

Her inner self said as a matter of fact, she ignored it and made herself look casual. It was the early afternoon the sun was just reaching it's peak representing solar noon. People were beginning to flood the market in number, buying goods and necessities. Her emerald eyes scanned every face as she passed each figure. Her small body and innocent features would successfully help her keep a low profile. Albeit, it also aided in getting the attention of those of the opposite sex. But that was fine, she didn't care for the attention. Her mission was top priority here and now, and really it was pathetic to say the least.

She moved through the crowds, he was still here, she knew it. He had just arrived in the village just little under a week ago, he'd stay here to rest after a long journey. She could have had him yesterday, but for reasons unknown she had been told to stand down. It was a minor setback, but she didn't question it. She had watched his movements, the patterns of his routines in the village, what he did what time he awoke and where he stayed. He wasn't alone, his partner was also with him. But, she only needed him.

It was around the time in which he went out to obtain a meal, she knew he'd be out and about, it was only a matter of time.

Where is the bastard, he can't be too hard find.

Emerald green eyes suddenly picked up on movement far into the distance. She stood by a small fruit stall, as she gazed at the back of the ninja's head.

Oh there we go. Be careful, he's extremely dangerous.

Inner reminded the girl, who nodded internally as she walked forward, maintaining a certain and significant distance from the man. He had his chakra signature masked, and so did she. Her heart began to thump faster as she closed in on the man. The rumors she had heard made the girl a little uneasy, he was proclaimed as being one of the most talented and skilled shinobi of her era. Which said a lot in all actuality. She had killed S-classed ninja before and she was quite a skilled Kunoichi herself. Her training with Tsunade, one of the legendary Sannin proved this on a daily basis. She was good too.

Her eyes narrowed as the man took a sudden sharp turn, green eyes stayed on him. She needed to move faster, but without letting people know of her intentions. She couldn't let him get away. He trotted faster, as she finally got around the corner.

Her eyes widen. She had lost her target,


Double shit! Inner emphasized.

He had caught onto her then? After all her preparation and caution. She had been informed that he was in fact, a genius, intelligent on levels thought unbelievable. But she had been extremely cautious and not once had she slipped up. Her mind was puzzled, what had she done wrong?

Maybe it's the pink hair, I mean who else in the world has pink hair? Inner explained.

Not now..

Maybe she was right? Sakura allowed her eyes to gaze at a long strand of hair coming down her face. She did stand out, after all. Maybe, she should have performed a henge, that would have definitely helped, shit she was known to an extent throughout the ninja world, even he might be familiar with her. She determined that she had made a flaw somewhere, not sure of where, though.

Suddenly, a hand caught her shoulder. The pinket's green eyes widen, as she felt her legs become jelly. Her heart almost jumping to her throat. How?

She turned around, against her better judgement as she met the crimson red eyes of his sharigan.

"Now, what is a kunoichi from Konoha doing stalking me?", Itachi Uchiha her target had switched the game, the hunter has not become the hunted.

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