A/N: Takes place sometime before Hooked on Monkey Phonics. Drabblish K2 basically.

"What the fuck do you mean?!" Kenny was appalled, his other friend looking sheepishly down at his flooring.

"I-I haven't kissed a girl yet..." Kyle repeated in a small voice. Kenny was shocked, to say the least. He had kissed practically all the girls in their grade, and here this boy was, telling him that he was, in Kenny's own words, a lip virgin. Maybe Kenny could change that. He crossed his arms and took a seat next to Kyle on his bed, clapping a hand on the smaller boy's back.

"It's okay buddy, I'll help," he grinned, pulling his parka hood down. Kyle gulped. He almost never took his hood down.

"What do you mean, 'you'll help'?" Kyle swiveled to face the blonde, who only smirked back at him.

"I'm going to give you kissing lessons. Step one," Kenny said, and stood up. He grabbed Kyle's arm, prompting him to stand up as well. "Let her know that you're the dominant one." With that, Kenny pushed Kyle back down onto his bed and pinned his arms down. Kyle was pretty sure that his heart was thumping at a non-regular heart rate. He tried to leave Kenny's arms, but he was stuck. How was this poor, skinny kid stronger than him?

"Step two. Kiss her," Kenny told him and leaned in. He closed his eyes and planted a small kiss on the other's lips, who looked like a deer caught in headlights. Kenny kissed him again, this time adding tongue. He quickly dominated Kyle and the two kept their lips melded together for a while, until Kenny finally pulled away, breathing heavily.


"See, now wasn't that easy?" Kenny interrupted, a shit-eating grin taking over his face. As much as Kyle absolutely hated to admit it, he had kinda...liked it. Did that make him gay? "Would you like another demonstration?" He teased.

Kyle looked down at his jacket collar. Kenny had gotten off of him a little while ago, but he had not bothered to move. He meekly nodded, as much as he tried to get himself to say no. Again, Kenny attacked him, his tongue playing around in Kyle's mouth. He allowed himself to close his eyes, and let Kenny do what he wanted. Unfortunately, halfway through, the door cracked open.

"What are you doing to my older bubbah?" asked Ike. Kenny paid no attention to the small infant in the doorway, until Kyle pushed him off, blushing wildly.

"Ike! Didn't I teach you to knock?!" Kyle said hysterically. Kenny smirked, eyeing the young boy.

"I was just teaching your brother how to kiss~." He said with as much innocence as possible. Ike looked from boy to boy, opting to slowly back away and quietly close the door. Kenny stood up, and winked at Kyle. "Feel free to call me if you need any further explanations."