Chapter 1

Its been ten years after the mechtanium surge incidents everything in baycity was back to normal, atleast to all others it was but to some certain boys the last ten years went away like ten millenniums. But what was the reason? well their beloveds have gone missing.

Let me introduce you to our heroes, Daniel Kuso or rather known as Dan, the number one brawler in the world, Shun Kazami, Ace grit, Billy Gilbert, Ren Krawler, Joseph brown or Joe. Yes, everyone came back from the mechtanium surge trauma to be with their beloveds again but their return was just to find out that their beloved girlfriends were missing, and with due course of time they changed and so did their attitudes. Now they were what other people call 'celebrities'. They had what everyone wished for fame, name, money provided that all of them together formed an agency which vowed to protect the world and constantly hit the newspaper headlines.

In the last ten years, its not that they haven't moved on, they did try and go out with a few girls but broke up with every single one of them for one reason or the other.

One morning, at dan's apartment

Everything was exceedingly quiet.

"You know what, I think its time we leave al this behind and use some time for ourselves" Marucho broke the silence.

Baron who was searching for something to speak quickly stood up "I think that's a great idea"

And Jake nodded too "yeah! what do you think guys?"

Every one turned to our heroes who were sitting with expressionless faces. Realizing that they weren't gonna answer marucho proceeded "I think we should go on a vacation somewhere away from Japan, you know, somewhere abroad, any one any ideas?"

"How about Hawaii, I've heard that this is the place new weds pick for their honeymoon.." baron jumped singing the last word

"yeah but we're not picking a place for having a honeymoon!"Jake pointed out. "hey Marucho how about London?"

At this everyone turned to look at Jake as if a miracle just happened "what?"Jake finally managed to say

"brilliant Jake, London it is then, Right Dan?"Marucho turned to look at Dan.

Dan looked at Marucho for a long time..and then, finally he said "I'm not coming" and then he stood up to go out of his room but froze when he heard Marucho shout,

"that's it, I've had enough of your 'I'm-so-sad' kinda face. Look, its not like we didn't look for them, I mean seriously. Its about time you guys move on staying like this won't bring them back if that's what you're trying to do. you disgust me…" marucho made the last part a little louder.

Dan almost let out a sigh filled with guilt not because he made Marucho shout. The last sentence he said reminded him of Runo. Their final conversation which turned into a fight that ended with runo saying the same sentence and running away. Dan gulped as he tried to remember.

"come on guys, it'll be fun and anyways we all need a break" Jake tried to reason and Baron backed him up nodding

"fine" they all mumbled together. And then they walked out of the room. Leaving Marucho, Baron and Jake completely clueless.