Chapter 7

With Alice and Shun..

"okay, since we don't want Mr. Rinber to blow up on his hall being a complete mess, lets just properly clear that up too, okay" Alice looked at shun.

"…..but everything's clear now!" shun answered.

"not everything…" Alice pointed at the balloons hanging on the wall.

"Oh…" shun suddenly went over there and took the balloons and give them to Alice.

They were cleaning outside and the rain hadn't weakened. Shun tried to find a lot of chances of speaking to her but she avoided him every single time. Only then could he properly get a look at her. She was wearing a white blouse that reached her belly but revealed some of it with a shawl that she wore one-sided and a long skirt. To him she almost looked like a goddess.

"guys…" they heard Runo call them out.

"shall we go now?" Julie asked.

"yeah, its pretty late" Fabia pointed out.

All along Shun kept quiet and looked at Alice. He wanted to talk to her, but there wasn't a space in between and he didn't know how to start. But suddenly, something struck him. He had been smiling since they were outside. But his thoughts were cut-off by her voice.

"hey Marucho! Why don't all of you come to office tomorrow?"

"yeah, that'd be great"

Since Klaus left earlier, he sent his driver to get the brawlers. But before they left they saw the girls looking back at them as if they were expecting something from them. But then Alice said something

"hey guys, I'm just going to stay for a little while more."

"what!but Alice, its really late" Mira cautioned.

"just a little while. I promise" she assured them.

"yeah. I'll stay here with her" shun joined her out of the blue.

"no!you came all the way from Japan. You must be really tired not to mention jet lagged" Alice said in protest.

"sorry….. I don't take no for an answer." He said in the typical 'shun way'.

Alice shook her head in defeat and muttered something like "you'll never change" under her breath. Then she turned to the girls who simply smiled at Alice. The boys and the girls left for their separate ways in their respective vehicles and the girls left one car for Alice and Shun.

There was a long silence between them after that. Then he saw Alice stepping into the rain she spun and twirled in the rain with her arms stretched out. She was so graceful, so innocent, so pretty, and lovable. But then..

"you okay?"

Alice had come back from dancing in the rain, and now she was all wet. And as an answer he moved his head up and down.

"we should go now" he said


In the car….

Alice looked outside the window and shun kept his eye on the road although he glanced at Alice from time to time and then Alice turned to face him.

"what is it?"

"nothing" he blushed a little. But Alice kept her eye on him and he finally let out.

"I didn't know that Klaus was married" he said.

"most people didn't" she turned her head to face the window.

"who is his wife?"

" You don't know her, her name is Irene Gardiner, she was a recruit you see….what can I say it was well….love at first sight" she smiled.

"but I thought he liked you" shun was genuinely curious now .

"he had a crush on me…. a Crush and Love are different entirely" she turned to face him again.

"what happened between us…." Shun was about to complete when Alice cut him off

"we're here"

"oh… where should I park the car?" he asked.

"you can take it with you, …Oh! And its got a map that leads straight to Klaus's place, so that you wouldn't get lost." Alice guided him through the gadgets of the car and finally she got off.

"Alice, I'm so …." He was cut off again.

"good night..shun" she said and went away, hearing her take his name made him so happy that he literally laughed aloud.

At Klaus's place….

"what?" Baron yelled at the boys.

"you didn't talk to them!" it was now Jake's turn

"why do you think we recommended you pairing up?" marucho tried to explain.

The boys were like the students in history class; heads bowed in silence and afraid to even utter something, and the boys who they considered kitties had suddenly evolved to tigers but they had to admit it to themselves that it was stupid that they didn't talk to them even after they got a chance.

"Seriously… what were you thinking?" Jake asked.

""how to start.." Dan said slowly scared, that the trio might rip his head off .

"huh?" the trio said in unison.

"that's right, I was scared that she might take it the wrong way and you know the rest" Billy tried to reason.

"they're your girlfriends…. Its their duty to understand.." baron started but seeing ace let out a yawn " anyway tomorrow we're meeting them in our office, you better make up your mind about how you want to start and continue and stuff, all right….. so now, I am off to bed" and with that he went out Marucho's room where they held their short meeting to his own allotted room as did the other boys. Waiting for tomorrow.