No Amazing Spiderman 2... yet


Nick Fury was tired of this job.

He studied the screen in front of him carefully, watching for that telltale flash of red and blue that no-one seemed to be able to find. He was watching replays of news clips from the night of the Oscorp tower crisis, and it was becoming frustrating. Everywhere on the screen you looked, there was the Lizard (as he had been dubbed by the media), but the vigilante that he was looking for was only seen in one or two frames. The longest and best clip was one that had been taken from a police helicopter, just after 'Spiderman' had been tasered.

Director Fury frowned. It was clear that this man was not normal. He watched with his one eye as Spiderman was shot with a taser bullet and fell to the ground. The man on screen lay there, visibly jerking as he was repeatedly electrocuted. The police approached, lifted the man and removed the bullet from his chest.

Their big mistake. Fury thought to himself.

The policemen on screen slapped handcuffs on him and the Police inspector- Chief Stacy. Fury remembered. The man found dead atop the tower. Chief Stacy slowly and triumphantly pulled away the vigilante's mask.

Brown hair, and skinny. The Director noted to himself. His eye was glued to the screen, watching intently- he knew what happened next. The man broke his handcuffs and swiftly dispatched all of the police officers. Spiderman froze on screen as Chief Stacy pointed a gun at him. And as the formerly- masked man turned around, he seemed to freeze in shock. For some unknown reason, the Chief let the man put his mask back on, and swing away. However, as the vigilante made his great escape, an officer fired, and hit him in the leg.

The shots of Spiderman cut out after that, instead cutting to pictures of a giant lizard climbing Oscorp tower rapidly.

"Agent Hill!" Fury called, "I think we need to pay the Stacy's a visit."


He sighed; exasperated that no-one else had seen it. "Chief Stacy was pointing a gun at Spiderman, but when he saw who it was, he let him go. They must have known each other- therefore, we need to go and see if his family knows anything."

"Yes, Sir." Agent Hill started to go, "I'll get Agent Romanoff onto it."

She left.

Agent Coulson turned to Fury, grinning widely. "Another for the initiative, Sir?"

The Director continued to watch news footage, looking for any more possible leads. "Maybe."