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The little house was nice. Sander had already been in his share of trading trips and a few of them had been to this Island- two to be exact. People here usually lived in circular little white houses, similar to igloos but the size of cottages. There were higher buildings of course, but always with round roofs.

As they entered the little house, the woman said she was called Eunice. Sure, thought Sander, because names mattered so much when meeting new people. He didn't even know why people bothered even. No one ever told estrangers their real names so why not just go like 'Well, you know I won't tell you my name and I know you won't tell me yours, so why not call it even and refer to each other with a 'hey''.

Of course, Aster had apparently forgot about this (not that he blamed him though; he was a kit and had met a kid, which wasn't the same as telling your name to an adult, but still). He kept an eye on his little sibling while glancing around. So far so good. The lady seemed nice and the kid seemed oblivious. Still, he had all his senses on.

He heard his brother snickering as the older lady told Jack she'd dealt with him later in a warm manner, before getting some hot water.

The woman looked young, she had long brown hair and bright blue eyes, unlike her son. That was something he wasn't surprised about. Ice Landers were known for having -most of them- ice blue eyes. She urged them both to sit down as she and Jack went to another room to get some plates and cups and food. The lady was way too nice.

He looked at Aster meaningfully as they set the table, which by the looks of it, the kid understood as his way of reminding him of good manner. He would have to have a chat with the kit once they were alone.

"Here" the woman-Eunice-, said, while putting a cup some hot blue liquid inside. They all were having blue stuff.

"It's blue!" Aster yelped.

"Aster…" he said warned. It was okay for his brother to be suspicious, but that didn't mean he could skip the manners. The first time he had come here was with his oldest brother, and had taught him a lot about the Land and its people, so he already knew about the blue drink. However, it had been years since and a lot of things could have changed his then. No trust, no fool.

Eunice and Jack laughed.

"Yeah, most outsiders say that. Don't worry though, haven't you eaten anything today? They serve this in every inn of town along with food"

"Nope!" the kit said, "but we've seen people drinking it, right Sander?"

"Ah. Well that does make sense. It's common knowledge that you like warmer things" Sander perked up at this. Whist true, she still seemed to have more information than he had "We drink this cold, and if we drink something warm, it's usually not this."

That's when Aster realized Jack's and his mother's cups weren't steamy as theirs.

"But it's cold!" he explained.

"No, it isn't" Jack said.

"Yes, it is!"

"Nope" Jack smiled, knowing where they were heading.


"Jack…" his mother drawled, making the kid pout and his kit giggle, to which Sander glared in order to make it stop.

"It's alright Aster" the woman laughed "It is cold" pout from Jack right there "but it's always cold, so we're used to it"

"Even summer?"

"Yes. Even in summer"

"How? What about the flowers and animals?" Sander smirked at that. Of course Aster would ask that.

"They are used to it too. Haven't you seen our flowers?" Aster's eyes went wide at this and was about to say something when a thunder was heard. Bunny jumped and Sander frowned while looking out of the window. Some people at the market had said a storm was coming, but he was sure it would be later on.

"Aster, we have to get going" he told the kit. He knew Aster had only witnessed a few thunder storms in his life and he wasn't too fond of them.

"Mommy! Thunder!" Jack grinned happily, much to both Pookas surprise, before gasping delightedly "Can Bunny and brother bunny stay here? Please?"

"Do you have somewhere to go?" Eunice asked them with a smile "You shouldn't be out right now unless wherever you're staying is close"

"Don't worry" Sander said, not really liking the idea of staying at some estrangers home, even if they were nice people (so far) "We know where to spend the night"

"Alright" she said with a look that told him she knew where he was coming from "but please let us lend you some more clothes. When the thunder has started it means several layers of clothes. Jack, go see how's outside" she stood up and left to another room.

"Really, it's not-" but she was gone.

"Don't worry!" Jack said "You can come with them tomorrow!" Jack smiled before heading for the door. He opened it just a little and the wind and cold hit them like a punch. It was just as bright outside and the wind sounded just the same as before, so Sander couldn't understands the drastically change.

Aster shivered and Sander grimaced. Unluckily for them, Eunice saw them both.

"Jack, how about you and Bunny see if these clothes fit him?"

Sander was about to say something, but as Jack started talking to Aster, the woman sat next to him on the table and talked in a low voice.

"Sander" she said warmly yet in a serious tone "I know what you're worried about, but you're not used to this cold, let alone your brother. Look, you might not believe me, but there's more than one reason why I'd let strangers into my house" she smiled "For one, you have a kit" he was surprised she didn't used the word kid "You truly did save my son. We both know what really could have happened have you not found them" she said seriously "And… You're not the first Pooka that has stepped into this house"

"What?" He frowned. That did take him by surprise.

"It was a really long time ago" she smiled "I can't tell you his name of course, but my family owes him. He was a good soul" she smiled before turning around "Jack, that's okay, I think I've convinced big brother bunny here" she smiled.

Sander could only look at the kid and kit laugh gleefully as the woman started making room for them in the main room.

His father would kill him if he ever found out he had agreed to stay the night with strangers, with his little brother.

But he had also taught them how important it was to trust their instincts. And right now, his instincts didn't seem to mind at all.

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