Chapter 1

"Butters come on lets play, can you make snow again?"

Said a curly red haired boy about 5 years old waking up his brother in his bedroom.

"Alright, Kyle but we have to be careful we don't want to wake up mom and dad again or else were in trouble" said his stepbrother Butters who had blonde straight hair that almost looked white, he was almost 7 years old.

"Ok let's go!" Kyle ran down the stairs to their living room followed by his brother telling him to be careful.

Butters giggled and started creating snow from his magic powers he made ice and a snowman while Kyle ran in the snow and ice,

Kyle started jumping around and going fast he almost tripped.

"Kyle! Slow down I cant keep up with you!" yelled Butters.

Kyle wasn't listening he was too busy playing around in the snow he was laughing and giggling until he slipped on ice and Butters accidently hit him with ice.

"Kyle!" Butters ran to Kyle but he was unconscious, Butters kept saying his name and started crying.

Their parents heard the kids playing downstairs they were angry that they woke them up in the middle of the night they were going to yell at them but they saw Kyle on the floor.

"Kyle!" yelled his mother Sheila as she ran to him she started crying and her red locks fell on Kyle as she held him in her arms.

"Sheila! Quick we have to seek help or Kyle might die" yelled her husband Gerald.

Butters felt bad "Im sorry for causing trouble you probably don't want me anymore".

"Butters that's nonsense we love you like a son, we will get help and Kyle will be fine" assured Sheila.

Butters still cried and kept apologizing as he saw a white streak appear on Kyle's hair, he was confused and started to worry even more.

"Come on let's get our things we have to hurry!" Gerald said as they hurriedly got their things and went outside.