Chapter 6

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Mention of mature themes

Morning After

Georg who was always an early riser no matter how much sleep he got woke up well before his wife. He looked at her peacefully sleeping before quietly getting out of bed. Georg went into the other room to do his morning workout routine. After working out Georg checked to see if Maria was still sleeping before taking his shower. While Georg was in the shower Maria woke up. Is this a dream? She thought to herself but knew it wasn't when she saw the ruffled sheets were Georg had been sleeping next to her and heard the shower running in the bathroom. Maria relaxed thinking back on last night. It had been painful at first but Georg was gentle with her and after a while the pain had faded and she was able to fully enjoy consummating her marriage. At that moment Georg emerged from the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist, "Good Morning darling!" he said giving Maria a kiss. "How long have you been up?" Maria replied. "Oh a while; it's an old habit I haven't been able to shake. I always rise very early. The bathroom is all yours if you want to shower and ready yourself." Maria smiled. Georg handed Maria her robe that was at the end of the bed and Maria put it on as she got out of bed. Instantly Maria checks turned a very deep shade of red as she noticed the blood stain on the sheets. "Maria it's quite alright it's perfectly natural after a woman experiences her wifely duties for the first time. " Maria still couldn't help but feel embarrassed. She just nodded and went to the bathroom. Maria noticed as she walked that she was in a bit of pain. Maria felt better but she still was sore after her shower. When she came out of the bathroom Georg was in the living room sipping his coffee. Instantly Georg noticed Maria was walking funny. He stood up to kiss her then pull out her chair. After She poured her tea and was settled Georg asked her, "Daring are you OK? You looked like you were in pain as you walked over here. Maria blushed scarlet as she thought Well he's my husband I shouldn't feel embarrassed and he should know. Before answering, "I woke up feeling a bit sore down there after last night's activities." Georg picked Maria's hand up off the table and replied earnestly, "Maria I'm truly sorry to have caused you pain. I never wanted to hurt you." Maria smiled and squeezed his hand. "Georg I don't think in my condition I could enjoy much site seeing today. Would you mind if we just stayed in here today and enjoyed eachother's company?" Maria asked praying he would say yes. "Of course darling, if there's anything I can do to make you feel more comfortable please don't hesitate to ask. And Maria I won't ask you to engage in any ah… marital activities until you feel up to it." Georg said then drained his cup of coffee. After a day of enjoying eachother's company and getting to know each other better Maria and Georg climbed into bed. Maria spoke, "Georg you know how earlier you said you would do anything to make me feel more comfortable?" "Yes." said Georg ready to do anything. "I would really feel better if I had a foot rub." Maria said kicking the covers off. "Of course my love!" Georg said crawling to the end of the bed so Maria could rest her feet in his lap. Maria really did feel more comfortable as she closed her eyes and enjoyed her foot rub before falling fast asleep a little later on in her husband's arms.