Hey people! I know, I know. PLEASE don't kill me for starting another fic...ESPECIALLY a multi-chap. But, I was watching Pitch Perfect, and I just HAD to write this! The Bunny would NOT be ignored! :)

Elphaba leaned her head against the window of the taxi, watching as the driver pulled into Shiz University. Her earbuds plugged into her ears, she scanned the campus for a glimpse of her younger sister; Nessarose, who had been escorted to the campus personally by their father. Elphaba on the other hand, decided she would be more comfortable if she took a taxi. She and her Father didn't exactly have the best relationship.

The driver slowed to a stop, and Elphaba took her head away from the window, unbuckled her seat belt, and got out of the cab. Paying the driver, she took her bags out of the trunk and stood in front of the main building.

Hordes of students swarmed around her, carrying boxes, suitcases, and carpetbags. Several of them stopped and stared at her, a few of them whispering behind her back, but Elphaba ignored them. She was used to it. Her whole life, she had been single out, ridiculed, and teased mercilessly because of her…unique skin coloring. She had been born with a rare birth defect that made her skin appear green, but today Elphaba wasn't going to let anyone's remarks bother her. Because today, she was finally getting out of boring, old Munchkinland. Today, she was starting college.

She hear someone approach her, and she turned around; expecting someone ready to ridicule her. Instead though, she came face-to-face with a smiling, perky girl about two years older than her.

"Hi! Welcome to Shiz!" The girl looked slightly shaken by the green girl's appearance, but still had a smile plastered on her face.

"Can I get your name, please?"

"Oh…Elphaba Thropp."

The girl nodded, looking down at her clipboard.

"Ookay, you are in dorm room 201 in the West building." She said, still smiling like an imbecile. Then, she took a cheap, plastic whistle from her pocket and handed it to Elphaba.

"And here is your complimentary Shiz University Panic whistle. Don't blow it, unless it's really happening!"

Elphaba nodded, as the girl continued talking about how to get to the dorms. But Elphaba wasn't listening; her attention was elsewhere.

She was watching a car driving up to the campus from across the street. Sitting in the back, a guy about her age had his feet put up against the front seat, singing to whatever was playing on the radio. From what she could make out, Elphaba could guess it was probably Party Rock Anthem or something along those lines.

He looked over at her for a second, and Elphaba froze in place. He smiled, showing off a gorgeous smile and perfect blue eyes.

Elphaba blushed, looking away and tightening her grip on her suitcase.

Get yourself together, Elphaba. Guys don't fall for you. You don't fall for guys. You're green, remember? NOT gonna happen.

Sighing, Elphaba picked up her bags and started off in the direction of the dorms.

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