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This is kind of AU where Toothless didn't fly off for Snoggletog, the first time it happened. (Though, I LOVED how Toothless wanted to want to need Hiccup for flight. Incredibly adorable.)

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A long adventurous journey, only has to have a great destination. So, if the journey never ends, how to you know when you've reached your destination? As things on Berk continue to progress, there is a time where even Hiccup and Toothless have to stay still and spend some time on good old land. It was when even Toothless liked to stop and enjoy the joy that was contagious to him. IcyEyes had naturally absorbed all of the lifting attitudes. While she had quickly took on the habit of involving herself in all the flight activities with Hiccup and Toothless, it was nice spending time on an occasion to see the beauty of the surroundings.

After countless hours of adventuring and exploring, and going beyond the boundaries, even the trio needed a little break. And, it was hard not getting involved in the cheery things that happened. Hiccup seemed to like it, so why shouldn't the Night Furies?

Toothless knew that none of it did ever last for long, so he would enjoy the change of scenery for a little. It was nice. It was pleasing for the humans to circle around the Night Furies and share with them. To regale them with such amusing ways. For Hiccup to pass on the stories of all the places he's seen, and scare the little ones. Attention was also towards the Night Furies.

Since after all, they were always the only dragons that stayed behind.

While every single dragon had gone away, (save for Meatlug on the first year) and Toothless and IcyEyes didn't, most dragons in the fresh war-ended village asked why the Night Fury couple hadn't gone flying-off in their first year of the winter season. The response they would get would only leave them further confused. It ws one thing that really irked Toothless. He loathed having to be asked questions such as 'why?'


Well, why should they?

In all honesty, he did not like being asked questions about his private life with IcyEyes. For, that subject only got more sensitive as the years passed by. It was always forgotten after the season was over, but it didn't mean that it didn't leave behind any lingering thoughts.

The Night Fury couple had established that they were still young, and very satisfied with their current relationship. So, it was easier traveling along with Hiccup and discovering more things in their journey. It reminded Toothless how capable the trio actually was.

As the male Night Fury silently watched the humans wobble, and laugh and yell loudly, he continued in thought. Then, he looked up towards the sky, and saw that the sun was at its usual spot in the morning again. Toothless slightly smirked once he made eye-contact with IcyEyes. She quietly chuckled. Toothless stomped on the roof of the sturdy building, making some of its structure weaken. That didn't stop IcyEyes from stomping though. She did it with just as much fervor. The two Night Furies gladly engaged in their game. Then, they completely stopped.

"Ughahah..." a familiar voice groaned. IcyEyes perked up and flattened herself on the roof, followed by Toothless. His ears could pick up the fumbling of objects being thrown around carelessly. The door opened, followed by slow steps. Toothless's ears twitched with every small noise.

"And of course, I'm waken up early again. Why do you guys always do this? Doesn't it get tiring?" Hiccup asked stepping aside towards the edge of the house. There was no response from the Night Furies. Hiccup was greeted by silence. "So, that's your plan? I know both of you are up there; I can smell the strong scent of fish." Hiccup replied sneakily. Toothless cursed himself for not washing out the smell of fish he had eaten. IcyEyes chirped in laughter and was the first to jump off the roof to greet Hiccup. He rubbed her snout and smiled brightly. Toothless was feeling more stubborn than usual, and he decided to be the last one down.

"And then there was one... Are you planning on coming down little hatchling?" Hiccup teased. Toothless rolled his eyes and forced back an imitation. "Don't make me resort to falling just to get you to come down." Hiccup said. Toothless didn't respond to his threat.

"Oh no! It looks like I am going to fall... IcyEyes is just too far! I am going to slip on this ice." Hiccup faked. Toothless knew this, but he also knew what Hiccup could do. "This is it, I'm going to slip." Hiccup said. Then, there was a sound of metal being rasped on ice.

Like lightning, Toothless had jumped down and had his head supporting Hiccup's chest. Hiccup smirked as IcyEyes gave a large grin. Toothless rolled his eyes at his friend's playful antics. "I see that you have taken me serious this time." the human mocked. That reminded Toothless of the first time his rider had used that trick on him, and neither him or IcyEyes had believed it, and it had ended up with Hiccup and a mouthful of ice.

"Now that we have that over with, it's time to see what we're going to do in this festive holiday. I still have to give the great speech honoring my father, but other than that, the villagers won't tell me anything. Supposedly, it's a surprise," Hiccup said with warm sarcasm, "But, once the dragons leave, we're going to have enough time to pry it out of Fishlegs." That made IcyEyes cheekily grin at him.

Hiccup and his Night Fury accomplices always managed to spoil the 'surprise.' They were very obviously too sneaky. Nothing could get past them, and it was mostly because of their curious nature. It seemed that Hiccup and his Night Furies would always be one step ahead of everybody.

Toothless began to contemplate on their options this year, but the more he thought about what Hiccup had just said, the more he worried. It was something that Hiccup said bothered Toothless. Sure, he was looking forward towards the infamous holiday, but did Hiccup really assume that he would stay? Maybe, it was the way he said 'When the dragons leave.' How did Hiccup know that Toothless was going to stay here, along with IcyEyes? Yes, maybe they always did stay, but there was always a very tiny, tiny hint of regret. So, now it bought out the most thought-out question.

Would him and IcyEyes go?

They always only talked about it briefly. Briefly. It wasn't like he wasn't able to go. Hiccup had adjusted the tail so Toothless could 'solo glide' to his desires, so that wasn't the issue. Then, what was holding him- or them back?

"Your silence means thoughts. Have a few in your mind?" IcyEyes asked breaking his train of thought. Toothless's ears perked up and he turned to see IcyEyes's warm, welcoming smile. He smiled sheepishly and shook his head, refusing to bring up the embarrassing subject.

Before IcyEyes was able to contemplate, Hiccup had interrupted by exhaling loudly. Both dragons turned to him as he watched the sights of the village laid out in front of him.

"This seems like it's going to be a promising Snoggletog." Hiccup said softly.

"Snoggletog." Toothless mocked while chuckling. Hiccup raised his eyebrow at the dragon.

"Make fun of the name all you want, at least I know that I didn't name it. Thor knows I would've picked a better one." Hiccup objected. Toothless snorted. Hiccup crossed his arms. "Maybe IcyEyes here can shine some of her joy towards us." he said. IcyEyes's eyes widened and dilated in a playful manner just before she swung her tail to cover Hiccup's head in snow. It reminded Toothless of one of the snow figures the human younglings build.

Hiccup spit out some snow from his mouth before he spoke. "Yeah, I'm sure feeling the joy here." Hiccup said sarcastically. Yet, he wore a permanent smile as the snow shook off his hair. The two Night Furies couldn't help but laugh. Not that Hiccup minded, he had already grown accustomed to the teasing nature of his Night Furies.

As the trio walked around the village, Toothless felt a need to say something to IcyEyes, but he didn't know how exactly to say it without bringing out tension. The day had started out well, and he didn't want to disturb it. And, there was no other way to speak of it, if not directly.

So, the day had began to unravel on its own. And the morning had definitely taken a drastic change.

Hiccup walked and greeted Astrid with a regular kiss, the villagers laughed with glee, many of them talked at the same time... but none of it seemed relevant to Toothless at the moment. He payed no mind to his surroundings. The sound of the human chatters had gone blank to him. His emotions had vanished.

Toothless knew what would happen in a matter of seconds. He stood still as his new-found instincts started to over-come him, washing over him like a wave. All of it seemed to have become a second-nature to him. Toothless wanted- no, he needed something. But what?

His tail was set free and spread out so his own flight was available. Wait, when did that happen? His wings had unintentionally been spread out slowly. What..?

Suddenly, the ear-splitting roar echoed through-out the whole village. None of the humans seemed to be alarmed, except for the Night Fury. His heart pounded in his ears and he was sure that his pupils were slits.

IcyEyes was no better.

In-fact, her wings seemed to be aching to reach towards the skies and be able to fly off. She twitched and jumped anxiously with her ears standing up. There was something that got into her, and influenced what she did next.

So, she flew off.

With a whoosh of her wings, she followed the other dragons into the sky. And that, was how she got Toothless to follow her. He followed her without question, and without hesitation. Toothless was determined to follow IcyEyes where ever she went, with determination. He heard the sudden burst of wind that screamed in his ears, but in the back of his head, Toothless knew could also hear the calls of his rider.

Thoughts were stuffed back, and for the moment, forgotten. On Toothless's mind, was the fact that there were only two.

Two Night Furies. On the whole island. Their own island.

The mating-flight had been a success. It was basically a flight that symbolized both mates as one. Each moment they spent in the skies dancing, meant showing loyalty, confidence, and love towards the other.

The female had the choice to pick the couple's mating grounds, and IcyEyes had chosen an island far off the shores of Berk; one they explored before already. Once both Night Furies had landed, no more soft words were spoken or murmured. The magic of their flight had turned into confrontations of each others hard gaze.

Both stares intensely collided towards one-another. Blue critically staring into the green. Now came inserting the dominance, which neither Night Fury seemed to back out of. Both proud creatures seemed to be challenging. IcyEyes was usually not as prideful as the male, but she had an urge to push the male to see how far he would go.

Since none of them moved, IcyEyes was the first to start walking towards the larger male. She eyed him warily as Toothless stood tall and proud with a muscular figure. His pupils quickly were reduced into slits and he growled warily towards the female. IcyEyes recoiled, but only for a moment, before she continued walking towards him again. Her head was held high in defiance and she growled in return. Toothless now bared his teeth showing more fangs the closer she came. When she didn't stop, Toothless was forced to bite her shoulder, which made IcyEyes back-up eyeing him.

She made her way closer again, crouching down low, but still growling. When Toothless had saw that her head was bowed down as a form of submitting, his hostile expression disappeared. Toothless responded by leaning down and licking IcyEyes's head and ears, earning lengthy, soft purrs from her. When Toothless stopped, he arched his head up, bearing the soft spot of his neck towards IcyEyes, and the underside of his wings were revealed.

Showing satisfaction, IcyEyes leaned up and licked the spot to completely link their trust towards each other. She continued to lick near his jaw and on his cheek, earning purrs from the larger dragon. Then, with a soft growl, he pressed his nose directly on to hers.

After, they burned their own harmless fire around themselves in a circle to warm up, and shield away. Both crooned loudly to show off their official coupling. And soon enough, the stars gleamed around them.


There was a depression that was now contagious to anyone who encountered Hiccup. It was like a grey cloud that constantly followed him, ruining the mood of anybody, especially his. The only one who stayed to comfort him was Astrid. His truly beloved. As he sat down on the cliff in a pensive mood, she silently made her way towards him. Her steps were light and careful, and Astrid was cautious towards proceeding Hiccup.

"I'm fine." Hiccup automatically said not even bothering to turn around. Astrid was silently impressed that Hiccup had been able to sense her. She pushed the thought back and pushed Hiccup to the side so she could sit down next to him.

"I never asked anything." she said looking at his stoic expression. His eyes were narrowed in a serious manner as he gazed at the sea. He sighed and looked at the female viking next to him. "How about you stop cutting around the corner, and tell me what you're really thinking." she said challenging his serious expression.

"Astrid, like I said I'm-" hiccup was abruptly cut-off.

"'Fine,' Yes, you told me that. But that didn't answer my question." Astrid said crossing her arms. Hiccup looked away sheepishly.

"I don't get it.. They just suddenly left without a warning. They could have gone anywhere. They didn't even follow the rest of the flock of dragons." Hiccup said dimly.

"Why does it bother you?" Astrid asked.

"Because I don't know how long they'll be gone. How can we even be sure that they left for-" Hiccup then cut himself off. He didn't want to admit it, but he was worried that his best friends would be gone for a while. His mother had briefly explained to him that sometimes dragons leave for nesting and sometimes take more time than others, depending on the breed of dragon. She said that they can even last for months. A topic that concerned him. He also recalled her saying that some dragons spend a whole year just courting each other.

"Are you worried that they won't come back?" Astrid asked, disapproval clearly in her expression.

"Do you remember a couple years back when Thornado had to leave my father? How Thornado had to leave him to take care of the hatchlings? I'm afraid that the situation is similar to this." Hiccup said glumly. Astrid shook her head and rested her arm on his. That caught Hiccup's attention.

"All of you have been friends since before we can all remember. The only thing you should be worried about, is your faith in your best friends. They love you so much Hiccup, and they have demonstrated it many times before. They will come back... hopefully with a special gift for you." Astrid joked. Hiccup's eyebrow rose as he looked at Astrid.

"Come on... I don't see you smiling yet." Astrid teased. That made Hiccup start to smile, but apparently, Astrid wasn't satisfied with it. "You call that a smile? Were's your usual Hiccup smile?" she asked. Hiccup looked amused now.

"Hiccup smile?" he asked half-smiling.

"Yeah, like this." Astrid demonstrated. She gave Hiccup an exaggerated version of how he smiles. Hiccup suddenly broke off into laughter.

"That is not how I smile." he said. The grin on Astrid's face strongly suggested that she disagreed.

"Changing the subject, do you know if my mother is here yet?" Hiccup asked.

"No, we just got a message that she was on her way." Astrid said.

"How much time do you think we have?" he asked.

"Maybe a while." the female viking replied. Hiccup grinned in a way that showed off his teeth. It seemed very attractive, and the way his hair brushed across, smoothly made even Astrid blush.

"Good. We have time for us now." he teased, delicately caressing Astrid's cheek. Apparently, Astrid couldn't take it anymore, and she just had to pounce at Hiccup, making sure that their lips were firmly attached.

The fire had died down, leaving scorch marks on the ground around the two Night Furies. Toothless stood fully awake at dawn, admiring his sleeping mate. She slept soundly at his side, firmly pressed against his chest. She rose with ever soft breathe she took. Although the male Night Fury could watch his mate all day, he wanted her awake. She was probably tired, but he wasn't going to allow her to sleep in. So, he then began to lick her face and around her ears just to tease the sleeping Night Fury. It was a compilation of gestures that showed how a Night Fury can go from hostile, to gentle in a matter of seconds.

IcyEyes had begun to wake up to the warm licks. She inhaled carelessly, satisfied with her environment. When her eyes popped open, she saw Toothless smiling softly. She nuzzled into his chest, and she felt the pleasant vibrations of his chuckles.

"Give me your toothless smile. A smile only for me." IcyEyes said looking up. At first, Toothless was a little embarrassed at having to been asked it; he knew she only wanted him to do it to tease him and make him flush. So, an idea popped into his head to make this a little more fun.

"If you can earn it." Toothless said smirking. The instantly caught IcyEyes's attention. She looked up at him attentively. She narrowed her eyes, as if in deep thought, and Toothless had already begun to hesitate. IcyEyes stood up quickly (alarming Toothless in the process) and grabbed his ear and pulled it slightly, causing the larger dragon to weaken and submit to loud purrs. IcyEyes giggled at the humorous sight. That snapped Toothless out of the trance, and he took the chance to pull away and have IcyEyes land on his chest again.

He narrowed his eyes at her, before beginning to nuzzle spots under her neck, causing IcyEyes to giggle. She began to squirm out of his grasp, but he trapped her under his wing. And when he was fully amused at his mate's laughing state, he allowed her to relax back towards the spot under his wings. That was when he began to murmur soft words into her ear. And so it began again again.

Days were irrelevant. The countless moments they had shared were irreplaceable.

But soon, as quick as the season had started, was as quick as it ended. With no regrets, the Night Fury couple continued to enjoy their last few moments together. IcyEyes remained extremely fatigued and weary from the past days. She also remained constantly in one place all day. While, it seemed bad to others, it was great to them.

Toothless was extremely elated, and spent hours lied down with IcyEyes, at first nuzzling gently at her stomach. But, soon enough, his attention was averted towards another object. One thing that he spent much of his time, always looking at. A specific detail that would change him and IcyEyes.


In the Great Hall, Hiccup gave his great speech that honored his father, and made all of the vikings cheer. Hiccup had been patted on the back with the same saying, "Good job." He had tried to have fun. He put on a smile for the crowd, hoping that at least someone would notice his different behavior.

Not many have.

Hiccup had been patient, constantly looking up at the sky to see if his friends had appeared, and the chances seemed pale now. While all the dragons had returned, it was even more depressing to realize that his weren't in the specific group. He celebrated for the sake of others, but the sadness remained.

There were only a few times people have caught Hiccup smiling during the holiday. The most being in one event that came to him unexpectedly. It was his mother finally arrived on the island, to visit from her long journey. Hiccup's joy had returned briefly, as he talked to the person he had missed and not seen in a while. It relaxed him to see the person who was able to understand his 'Dramatic flare.' The reunited family hugged each other, regardless of who saw. And, while Hiccup was happy, the tint of grey leaked thorugh.

Valka, however did manage to see past her sons facade, and asked about it saying that "A mother knows everything about her children," No longer hiding it, Hiccup had told her what happened and why his two faithful friends weren't near. He expected her to give him some knowledge on Night Furies and reassure him, but she had only given him warm words that reassured him and his friendship with his Night Furies. Hiccup's mood changed considerably to hear that now from his mother, and to receive a motherly kind smile and kiss on the cheek.

But, all that occurred before he observed the new hatchlings held in the village, and how the riders and their dragons mingled and laughed together. Hiccup couldn't hide the small envy that washed over him. But in the end, the only thing that passed his features, was a small sad smile. Something that both Valka and Astrid noticed. So, Astrid had decided to go after Hiccup this time.

"Hi Astrid. Isn't this great? I know the viking chorus might not have been the best idea." Hiccup sarcastically said gesturing at the off-key singing vikings, She smiled and raised an eyebrow. Hiccup looked panicked as if had just got caught doing something wrong.

"Yeah, sure. It's the chorus that's the problem." Astrid said sarcastically. Hiccup looked away, and Astrid bought her hand on his cheek to bring his gaze back to her. He slightly blushed and sheepishly smiled. "You deserve to celebrate today. After all you've done for everybody, you of all people deserve this." she said. Hiccup closed his eyes and smiled.

"Thank you, Astrid," Hiccup said with complete sincerity. The he opened his eyes and frowned, with his expression turning serious. "Why haven't they come back?" Hiccup asked. Astrid looked at him with pity. She gently stroked his hair and bought his face closer to hers to give him a sweet kiss. Hiccup's cheeks had considerably gotten redder and warmer, but nevertheless, he responded. It was only when she backed away, that she replied.

"I don't know." she said softly. Hiccup half smiled sadly, and Astrid had let him embrace her.

"Thank you, Astrid... You know.. I-I loveyou." Hiccup murmured softly. Astrid's face heated up, but she allowed herself to smile. Although, his words were faint, her heart skipped a beat and fluttered.

"Happy Snoggletog, maybe the greatest gift you could receive was.." Astrid cut herself off. She forgot what she was going to say as her eyes flew open and she saw a familiar black head stick his head through the door. With everybody busy taking, nobody had noticed him, except for Valka.

Astrid decided to tease Hiccup a little more before he realized who had arrived. "If I could make Toothless and IcyEyes arrive at this moment, what would you do?" Astrid asked. As Hiccup continued to embrace her, he responded.

"I'd probably kiss you, and most likely marry you." Hiccup said dimly. For a moment, Astrid's cheeks flushed, but then she quickly took off Hiccup's arms that were wrapped around her and pushed him away before he could regain his strength. (Astrid knew that Hiccup was now stronger than her now.) Hiccup stumbled a couple of steps before realizing who was in front of him;

A green-eyed Night Fury, clearly waiting and confused, finally brightening at the sight of his best friend. Hiccup's eyes widened, and he grinned broadly.

"Toothless!" Hiccup exclaimed running over towards his friend. Many emotions surged through Hiccup, and it was like he had been electrocuted back to life. It was like a pleasant jolt of good news had finally reached him. Hiccup was so full of joy, that he slipped, but lucky for him, Toothless was there to catch him. Hiccup quickly composed himself and stood up tall and straight like Toothless.

Both of them eyed each other happily, but their expression held some seriousness it. There was silence...

Then, Hiccup suddenly reached over towards Toothless, and gave the dragon a big hug. Toothless seemed confused by the gesture, but he seemed to take it openly. After a moment, Hiccup backed up, and automatically noticed that IcyEyes wasn't next to him like she always was.

"Where's IcyEyes?" Hiccup asked puzzled, glancing around. Toothless turned towards the door and growled softly. The door of the Great Hall opened again, but IcyEyes walked much slower than Toothless did. Her eyes had considerably brightened. She walked in a sort of weird way, as her wing was creased. She stopped in front of Hiccup and he rubbed her snout like he always had. She crooned softly and turned to her side. Hiccup walked closer to see what she was motioning to.

Toothless stood tall and prouder than any dragon in the Great Hall. Though, his eyes held extreme excitement. He made his way protectively across IcyEyes as she began to lift the crease in her wing.

Hiccup gasped as his eyebrows raised. His curiosity flared as he caught the sight of two baby Night Furies, curled up against their mother, sound asleep. The cold air suddenly hit the little hatchlings, and they started to wake up. Two very large eyes opened, revealing green orbs just like the fathers. Large green eyes started at the figure above it curiously trying to observe who it was. The other little hatchling covered itself in its small delicate wings to prevent from being woken up.

The green-eyed baby Night Fury made a series of interested murmurs that sounded much more high-pitched than Toothless's or IcyEyes's. Hiccup looked at IcyEyes for approval, and she instantly nodded.

Hiccup lowered his arms, and the baby Night Fury jumped slightly in his palms, trying to regain some balance. Hiccup smiled at how adorable the little Night Fury was looking up at him. It tilted its head, and crooned to Hiccup.

"Hey there, little guy." Hiccup said. The Night Fury looked up in amazement at Hiccup as if he had done something great. The little one basically jumped in excitement, and licked Hiccup's palm. The baby ended up cringing at the new taste. It earned chuckles from its parents. The green eyed Night Fury leaned towards Hiccup and licked his whole face. Hiccup blinked in shock and amusement.

Well, as long as it wasn't on the suit.

Astrid made her way past all the vikings that now surrounded Hiccup and went see why they all stood there. When Astrid got there, she almost 'awed' out-loud at the adorable sight in front of her. Hiccup gleefully carried a miniature Night Fury, barely the size of his palms and wore a large smile. Astrid stepped closer to him and saw that IcyEyes had another little hatchling that was still trying to wake itself up.

Toothless looked down at his baby with a tender expression and beamed pridefully. Astrid keeled down and looked up for permission, to which IcyEyes happily granted. Astrid carefully took the tiny dragon in her palms, careful not to harm to fragile soft dragon. Once she levitated the other Night Fury off the ground, it awoke almost immediately. Large blue eyes carefully inspected the new creature in front of it. Astrid carefully scratched its ear, and the hatchling's wariness was forgotten and replaced with a high-pitched squeaky purr. The small dragon circled and patted Astrid's palm with its paws to make it a comfortable spot to sleep on, and let its wings spread out completely and dangle from Astrid's palm.

Valka had also silently made her way into the crowd, and she had brightly smiled at Toothless and IcyEyes. She saw as Hiccup and Astrid placed the two baby hatchlings onto Toothless and IcyEyes's side, and how Toothless sat up straight in a protective fatherly stance.

"Yah have a beautiful family, Toothless." she said bowing her head in respect. Toothless turned to her and gladly did the same gesture.


Snoggletog eventually did end, and only the teenagers plus Valka were the remainder of the people that stayed in the Great Hall. When the crowd had finally died down, Hiccup took the chance to sit next to Toothless and IcyEyes and their family. Toothless had curled around his mate and friend, having his babies lie on him. It was almost humorous to see how happy Toothless was. He had been constantly reminding IcyEyes of their family and licking her snout to show that he truly did love her. (Even though IcyEyes already knew.)

"This is nice gift, Toothless. It might not have been to me, but I feel like this is a real honorable gift. It definitely makes up for leaving me stranded here for 4 days." Hiccup said. Toothless rolled his eyes and chuckled. "Hey! None of that sarcasm now; it's not a good influence," Hiccup teased. Toothless shook his head and laughed, making the little green-eyed Night Fury stare at it's father in curiosity. Toothless licked her head, and the little hatchling was back to sleep.

"Good thing you have IcyEyes, or else you would have been hopeless." Hiccup said. This time IcyEyes was the one to laugh. Toothless looked offended, but IcyEyes made up for it, by nuzzling his neck. It seemed to satisfy Toothless. "I love you guys, and looks like these little ones too..." Hiccup continued.

"But... hmm, maybe Astrid and I should get a similar gift." Hiccup teased. Astrid blushed a deep red.

And so, came the Gifts of The Night Furies. This was very long and it took me great amounts of effort. Lots of fluff! So, I hope you all like! The baby Night Fury with the green eyes is a female, and the one with the blue eyes is male. So, I hope you enjoyed seeing the little hatchlings, because I don't think I'm gonna be writing about them in a long time.

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