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Chapter 3: Threatening Threes; Part 2

Next Morning

Not surprisingly, Toothless was in a very serious mood next morning. As he took Hiccup towards the Dragon Academy, most of his attention was averted towards another direction. Again, Torch had to ride with IcyEyes (not that Torch was complaining at all for that matter) and Toothless seemed as stoic as Stoick. Hiccup had tried to pry it out of him, but Toothless hadn't replied.

Hiccup did worry and did try, but there was nothing else he could do. Something else that Hiccup observed was that IcyEyes was also a little more jumpier that morning too. The usually calm Night Fury, had been glancing all over, and constantly sniffing the air, as if searching for something. Hiccup, the 'dragon expert' was clueless.

When they arrived to the Dragon Academy, Toothless had silently ran off towards a near by cliff. It even startled Torch when Toothless hadn't replied to his hatchling insult. Hiccup, a little too occupied with Torch, didn't ask. It wasn't like that dragon of his would listen. Sure, Toothless was obedient... on a good day... but that was only when there was a problem involved, or because it was necessary. Otherwise, Toothless wasn't entirely dependent on Hiccup.

As Toothless stood on the cliff, and IcyEyes settled on being on the metal that surrounded the Dragon Academy. IcyEyes was not as distanced as Toothless was, which was why she watched openly, but it didn't mean that she understood. As she clasped her claws on the metal above the Academy, IcyEyes looked down at the humans administering all the tests. She was puzzled at the tests they took. Why would they observe a hatchling, and not a much larger one that would surely give them more accurate results? Humans...

IcyEyes watched the small dragon jump up on all of the humans and play around like a normal hatching would. It actually warmed her heart a bit. Torch was just another little one. That was what she thought, before she saw Torch ate an eel, and the warmness left, and replaced by shock.

He was an eel eater. That... that wasn't good. Only very specific types of dragons eat eels, and the ones that do, hardly live around the current area. IcyEyes jumped off the metal of the Dragon Academy, and flew over towards Toothless. She landed beside him in the cliff. His hard gaze looked over at sea.

"Did you see...?" IcyEyes asked trailing off.

"He ate an eel. I could smell the odor from here." Toothless replied, looking tense, and very agitated. IcyEyes narrowed her eyes in confusion.

"You seem to have a problem... with Torch, right?" she asked tilting her head. Toothless let out an annoyed sigh. He looked away. "Am I right?" IcyEyes asked louder.

"Yes, I do have a problem with him!" Toothless snapped. IcyEyes's eyes widened, but she didn't back up.

"Then, you're not just focused on his potential danger; you're also focused on your dislike for him. You've made it pretty clear that you are," IcyEyes continued, "Why?" Toothless didn't respond, he only continued to strictly watch the sea, as if he were guarding it. "I see." she said looking away. IcyEyes patted her tail on his, and she flew back to the metal above Academy.

IcyEyes knew Toothless. Well... at least, she thinks she does.

When he didn't respond, it meant that even he didn't know the answer. Everybody needed their own time to think, and she would let him. In the meantime, she would continue to watch the humans, no matter how much Toothless's silence was bothering her.

Torch happily looked at all of the humans and jumped on them, still thinking that it was a game. Torch wasn't sure what the humans wanted him to do, but he was entertained.

"Maybe if we show him that we're flying, he'll want to copy. Toothless and I will help demonstrate." Hiccup explained to the other teens, "Toothless! Toothless!" Hiccup called up.

The male Night Fury merely glanced at his rider, and ignored any further calls that were attempted. Hiccup's shoulders sagged in disbelief after he realized that he wasn't being listened to. IcyEyes frowned and eyed the tension between both males.

"What..?" Hiccup asked to himself, with confusion.

"What's wrong with Toothless, Hiccup?" Astrid asked, coming up behind him. Hiccup looked back at her with confusion.

"I don't know. I-I guess-"

"Well, whatever. Are you going to fly, 'Dragon Master' or not. Or is it that your dragon doesn't want to? Maybe he's up there looking for a better way to fly." Snotlout suggested crossing his arms. IcyEyes sneered at Hookfang, as he arrogantly strutted in front of all of the dragons.

"I really hope you realize that you're not funny, Snotlout." Hiccup replied, annoyed. The comment made Ruffnut and Tuffnut unintentionally laugh. It didn't faze Hiccup, given that it wasn't his intention.

"Well, so what? If you can't fly with your drgaon, than I'll gladly do it for you." Snotlout challenged. Hookfang nodded immediately.

"I still have IcyEyes with me." Hiccup said calmly. IcyEyes took that a symbol to back her friend up. She crawled into a hole in the metal, and jumped down gracefully towards the center. She landed near Hiccup and also nodded, supporting his statement.

"But she's not even your dragon." Snotlout claimed. Astrid, who was getting annoyed stepped up and pushed Snotlout over. "Hang on, babe. I know you want to get your hands on me, but there's no need to-" Snotlout was abruptly cut off by Astrid yelling (very mean Norse words.) Hiccup tried to stop Astrid from murdering the other viking, but only got caught himself in the middle of it.

"Astrid, why are you always defending Hiccup? Are you guys dating? Huh? It looks like that to me." Snotlout claimed. Hiccup and Astrid backed up from each other blushing with embarrassment. They hid their faces and looked away. Snotlout snorted with triumph.

"So, Astrid's not taken? Grandpa Jorgenson always did say that good things always happen when one is the best." Snotlout said.

"Then, it's clearly not you." Hiccup mumbled very quietly. Snotlout was about to retort before Hiccup cut him off. "Can we get back to the subject? We need to get Torch to fly!"

"You want to see that dragon fly? You'll see him!" Snotlout said angrily as he argued with the two other dragon riders. They strongly disapproved of what he was going to do and they argued louder. Snotlout argued back and grabbed the little dragon (startling him in the process) and he threw him up in the air.

"Fly little dragon! Fly!" Snotlout chorused. The little dragon stayed in the air for a second, rapidly flapping his wings, before he fell. IcyEyes winced. Now Fishlegs was also in the middle of all the yelling.

Not liking the loud argues and harsh words, IcyEyes tried to interfere also, but Hookfang was the one to get in her way. Trying not to lose her slight temper, she walked away angrily from him, reminding herself that Hookfang was just trying to aggravate her. If Hiccup was civilized as she, their problems would be solved.

Belch and Barf's attention was ignited at the sight. How were they going to entertain themselves if no actions was starting. Soon enough, Barf started gassing up the Academy, and Belch was igniting it to flames. All while Tuffnut and Ruffnut danced around, happily swinging their weapons. As the flames ignited, the rest of the dragons started yelling at the pair that caused it.

All while one little dragon sat there, unattended. Torch was beginning to get annoyed at the attention that wasn't on him again, so he began to walk around in a small circle. Then, he gradually quickened his pace, until he was zooming around, with red-orange sparks flying everywhere. Fire and sparks seemed to be releasing from him, and dance across the arena. All of it contransted greatly against to sky. Torch spiraled around the Academy, taking all of the attention of the teens and dragons (minus Toothless.) The only thing left behind were thick ashes on the ground, in the shape of a spiral.

The dragon-riders awed and the dragon's nerves were soothed.

"Did you see that?" Fishlegs asked, "He flew up and it like a typhoon!"

"And came back like a boomerang!" Astrid said.

"Spinning-Flame! Hot-Shiner!" Snotlout suggested. Everyone looked at him blankly, and he backed up, grumbling to himself.

"No, it'll be... Typhoomerang." Fishlegs said slowly. (Mostly) everybody agreed, and they got to writing. There was still some left over resentment, but with a new topic, it was forgotten.

As the dragons went back to their own spots without talking, IcyEyes too, backed-up into the side.

Instead, newly catching her attention, she saw how Torch mocked Hookfang. Followed by the Nightmare easily was loosing its large temper. As amusing as it was, she didn't particularly approve. The hatchling needed some discipline, but then again, he was a hatchling; and hatchlings listen to no one.

Hookfang swung his wing at Torch. Being the little dragon he is, the newly named Typhoomerang dodged it. The wing caused wind to go flying, and the wind made the thick ashes fly all over the teens. Not surprisingly, everybody stared angrily at Snotlout.

"Ah man. Ugh, I'll go get the broom." he said.


Toothless continued to look ahead into the woods. His gaze would not be averted. He stood on the roof as he heard the ridiculous hatchling trying to act intimidating. Toothless admitted it; there was some annoyance with Torch, but other than that, most of it was pointed at Hiccup... towards Hiccup's inability to listen and realize.

The roof supported him, and it was a better spot than inside. When Toothless began to hear light steps, his ears automatically perked up. When he turned around, he saw IcyEyes there, behind him. She looked at him questionably. Toothless stiffened and turned around. He shifted uncomfortably as he felt IcyEyes's stare bore into him. He sighed.

Before Toothless could remark, there was a roar. A roar.. an unrecognized one. A loud gruff one that still seemed distanced. It was enough to fully avert Toothless's attention. His pupils narrowed to slits and he turned back to Torch. Passing by IcyEyes, he landed softly in front of Hiccup. Toothless looked up at the human expectantly and motioned behind him.

"Hey Toothless, what is it?" Hiccup asked nonchalantly writing in the Book of Dragons. Toothless pulled his sleeve, in order to have him get up and follow. "Hang on, Toothless. I'm a little busy right now." Hiccup said. Toothless growled at him once more, and pulled him harder.

Hiccup fell, and spilled his slippery, oily ink. All of it fell and ended up on the dragon-rider. Hiccup groaned. He tried to wipe it off, but most of it smeared even more. He looked at his hands and saw that the navy ink was now on stained onto his palms.

"Really? Ah, come on. This is great... You're going to have to wait, Toothless. I have to get myself cleaned up now. Don't move... please. I really don't know what else could happen." Hiccup said beginning to walk out. That only left the three dragons in the same room. With Torch and Toothless basically alone.

IcyEyes's could foresee disaster.

Toothless looked at Torch snidely. Torch looked at Toothless mockingly. IcyEyes stared nervously at both of them.

"Night Fuurry." Torch chirped.

"Annoyaannce." Toothless chorused.

"Oooh no." IcyEyes replied.

"Why are you called a 'Fury?'" Torch asked in a small, yet loud voice. His voice was still high-pitched, something that Toothless found annoying. Toothless briefly glanced at him. "Is it because you get mad? I can get mad too." Torch said. Toothles chuckled and rolled his eyes.

"Oh no, if you do get mad, what will it do? Will you.. give me a fearsome roar?" Toothless chuckled, "That sure seemed to intimidate many, especially the humans." He shadowed over Torch. Torch hesitated.

"I-I will. You-you don't know," Torch said, stuttering boldly. Toothless looked away from the hatchling and turned his back to him. Toothless refused to get more involved with Torch more than he needed to. He knew that it wasn't worth his effort. He knew that IcyEyes was thinking that too, by the look on her face.

When he faced her, she looked at him with a small beckoning smile.

Torch tried calling him back, but Toothless ignored him. He refused to accept the bait. The hatchling started to get angry at this lack of attention. Torch, always being the center-of-attention didn't like that someone else had it.

"I'd get mad too, if I was ignored by Hiccup." Torch said, obliviously. The little hatchling didn't know at all what words left his mouth.

No response. Toothless continued to exchange soft words with IcyEyes.

"I was lost and afraid at first, now I'm not. Maybe you're lost and afraid. Are you...?" Torch asked tilting his head. Toothless started responding by shaking his tail slowly.

So, Torch reached over and bit Toothless's tail. The Night Fury growled in mostly shock, and furiously turned back to the hatchling. Torch jumped back in surprise, and already started to regret his actions. The Typhoomerang took a step backwards, before flat-out running. Toothless took that as a sign to chase him, and he did. Both of the dragons knocked over all of Hiccup's stuff. Torch jumped over to IcyEyes, and she stiffened.

Toothless's eyes stared intently at IcyEyes and Torch.

"Toothless..." IcyEyes hesitantly murmured. Torch looked down and stuck his tongue out from under her wing. Toothless narrowed his eyes and crouched down. Torch looked alarmed and immediately jumped down, just in-case Toothless did try something. IcyEyes followed the little dragon and her mate, to prevent anything else from happening. Toothless also happened to be following Torch, at an even faster pace than IcyEyes's.

The three dragons ran around the limited space of the room, knocking into each other. Stoick was absolutely right. There was no room for two Night Furies and another dragon.

When Toothless finally cornered Torch, he slowly stepped closer to the hatchling.

"Toothless...?" IcyEyes called.

"I'm not lost! You are! Do you know where you are?! You, don't know me." Toothless snapped. IcyEyes was confused on what to do. There was too many things occurring at a fast pace. She glanced around, trying to figure out her next move.

"Toothless?!" she asked louder. IcyEyes came forward and nudged Toothless.

"How about you tell me if you're afraid. Are you afraid? Where's your mother, Torch?" Toothless asked, glaring down at Torch.

"Toothless!" a new voice called. Toothless suddenly stopped with confusion. He was confused at an unfamiliar sharpness of the tone of voice. When his ears perked up, his eyes dilated and the redness of his anger disappeared, and his surroundings became clearer.

Suddenly, Hiccup stood in front of him, looking pretty mad and confused.

"Ohh my gods... My dad is going to... Wait, Toothless.. why- what? What are doing? Why did you do all of this?" Hiccup asked, with a noticeable sharp tone. Toothless stopped at the question, and he looked away sadly.

Interrupting, was another distanced roar. Seeing as he seemed to be the only one who noticed it, and the situation he was in, Toothless darted towards the window, and ran as fast as he could.

IcyEyes looked at Hiccup with pity, and crooned. When Hiccup looked at her, he saw that she was running out of the window too.


Toothless sprinted towards the forest until his ears could locate the direction of the roar. Toothless didn't have time for his thoughts at the current moment. The most important thing was that Hiccup was his best friend, and best friends should never give upon each other. He was loyal, and as Hiccup said, 'one little dragon' wasn't going to change any of that.

Even if Hiccup was disagreeing with him. Even if it meant thinking of others before him, and brushing aside his past, he had to find out what was really out here. What exactly was the threat?

Toothless was going to find out.

That's why he stubbornly ran through the forest, disregarding anything or anyone.

He quickly jumped on a tree, and located another one. Not using much effort at all but his motivation, he jumped towards another tree, at a great distance, and then another, and then the last one before he suddenly... stopped. He sensed it.

The hatchling smell. Toothless smelled it... along with another scent. Toothless stood still and watched the sights before him.

There were two hatchlings that looked like Torch, (except with different coloring) that ran across the open space, lightly gliding. Both hatchlings played around happily, regardless of what was around them. It wasn't until a couple moments, that something interrupted their play. It was a boar. A screeching, large charging boar. An ugly species.

The two little hatchlings were startled and they cowered back. They chirped calls as they frantically ran. Toothless studied them, as a stronger scent seemed to get closer. The stronger scent was able to match the dragon behind it. Looking up, Toothless saw a very larger version of Torch. The large creature before him flapped its mighty wings, and rustled the trees. Toothless was not intimidated, for this new dragon was not the first he's seen that was larger than him.

That was before the flames started. Toothless did not observe Torch in the Academy, but he had some idea of how the hatchling spiraled his flames, but this dragon in front of him, did it in a much more... aggressive way. Hot seething flames engulfed the area and circled the large Typhoomerang. Toothless eyes narrowed to slits as he watched. The mother typhoomerang stared down, and Toothless cautiously stepped back to prevent from being seen. Though, he stepped back with great (unintentional) force and in the process, he ran into another solid surface.

Toothless quickly entangled up with the solid surface as he rolled over. He slammed into the ground a couple times as he rolled down the forest her was in. Toothless wasn't able to see anything. When he finally stopped, he regained his vision, and located what the other thing was. He blinked rapidly, and realized that it was only IcyEyes. Toothless wondered how he wasn't able to hear her before.

She seemed to be standing right behind him, why hadn't he... wait, if IcyEyes was standing right behind him, then she...

"Did you see it?!" Toothless asked, with his eyes widening.

"I saw it; I- We, saw Torch's mother," IcyEyes said.

"What are we going to do? What am I going to do? H-how can-can I-" Toothless was abruptly cut off by another question.

"Wait! Toothless, calm down! First, tell me, what happened? I mean, what happened back there?" IcyEyes asked. Toothless's questions had stopped, and he stood quiet. His mouth, previously hanging open and full of questions, was now silent and closed.

"That doesn't matter; We have to go and warn Hiccup." Toothless said turning around. IcyEyes groaned.

"So, you're not planning on actually answering my question directly, correct? You're letting me decipher it, then? That must mean that there is even past, that both mates do not know about one another." IcyEyes pursued. Toothless started walking back.

"The past has past. There is- is.. uh, just things we need to do now. We can both help, if we just focus on one thing. We have bigger problems, in-case you missed out on a protective mother..." Toothless muttered incoherently. He shook his head and began towards his path back to the village.

"Maybe a reason you're hiding this from me, is because you're trying to hide this from yourself." IcyEyes said in a likewise tone.

Next Day

Toothless and IcyEyes ran back towards the village. The mother Typhoomerang was sensing Torch far too quickly than they had first had anticipated. That meant that there was little time for planning. At first, when Toothless and IcyEyes arrived to the house, Hiccup was asleep, so both Night Furies decided that it was best to stay in the shadows. None of them wanted to awake another argument between each other. Literally.

So, both Night Furies waited until morning. At sunrise, there would be more opportunities. Yet, both Night Furies each had a different idea of how they were going to solve problems. IcyEyes wanted to convince or persuade Hiccup to come along with them, but Toothless just wanted to snatch up the little hatchling and leave it to its mother.

IcyEyes had to Hiccup arrived first, much to Toothless's annoyance.

She had slowly had came up to Hiccup, who was in the Blacksmith, and softly nudging him.

"IcyEyes? There you are! I hoped that you would come back. Where's Toothless?" Hiccup responded all at once. IcyEyes nudged his arm harder and turned around to look back at the sky. Hiccup looked at the sky and just gave her a puzzled look. IcyEyes groaned. "Is.. it going to rain?" IcyEyes shook her head and pointed her snout towards the forest.

"Why are you acting like this? Is there something you want to show me?" Hiccup asked. IcyEyes nodded quickly. Before she could do anything else, she was distracted by Torch popping up on Hiccup's shoulder. IcyEyes's eyes widened and she took Torch with her mouth (retracted teeth) and began to point towards the forest. Torch giggled as he was moved around into IcyEyes's grasp.

"Yeah, we found Torch in the forest." Hiccup said. IcyEyes set Torch down. Why wasn't Hiccup understanding?! "IcyEyes, if you're worried about Toothless and I, there's no need. Toothless just needs his own time. If not, I'll go and find him and see. Thank you, for caring, though, like you do." Hiccup said. IcyEyes sighed as the oblivious human placed his palm on her snout.

They was going nowhere, (literally) and IcyEyes could already sense him; sense Toothless. Sense Toothless close... close enough that he was right behind her. She turned around and she saw flash of black fly right over her. IcyEyes suddenly foresaw a rising discussion between a dragon and a rider... Her thoughts were followed by exclaims and growls.

Toothless began to growl at Hiccup for him to realize what Torch signified. Toothless constantly motioned for Hiccup to go with him and follow. With each attempt, Hiccup refused. Toothless would never attack Hiccup in any form, which was why he stuck to growling and snapping remarks at the boy.

"Toothless! Would you calm down? Honestly, I don't know what has gotten in to you." Hiccup said.

"I don't know what you have inside either." Toothless grumbled and snorted. Hiccup crossed his arms.

"What do you want to do then?" Hiccup asked.

"I want you to follow me so we can prevent danger!" Toothless remarked.

"Why are you in such a hurry to drag me?" Hiccup asked.

"Really, Hiccup? I love you like my kin, but you can be really-"

"Is this because of Torch? Are you jealous?" Hiccup asked raising his eyebrow. Toothless stopped and suddenly backed up. His mouth hung open, and he gave an indignant snort. Torch watched both of them, intently and IcyEyes flinched at the words. She looked away.

"No. It's not!" Toothless growled shaking his head. Hiccup crossed his arms. Torch came up on his shoulder and looked at him mockingly, with his tongue sticking out. Toothless snarled and ran for the little hatchling.

Torch jumped over Hiccup and continued to be chased by Toothless. Somehow, Gobber (who was casually listening) had also gotten himself involved, and hung from Toothless's tail. Hiccup tried to follow too.

Meanwhile, Toothless angrily chased after Torch, and with his motivation, he caught him fast. The little hatchling winced. IcyEyes pushed Toothless, and he managed to drop Torch. Ignoring that, Toothless looked upon Torch with narrowed pupils.

"Where is your mom, Torch? Do you know she's looking for you? What are you doing here?" Toothless asked a bit more harshly than he intended.

"I-I don't want to go back! I-I-" Torch couldn't finish.

"Toothless stop." IcyEyes pleaded. Torch looked at Toothless unknowingly. Then, Torch lit up with flames, and managed to escape behind Hiccup. Toothless cursed for momentarily being distracted. Toothless went for Torch again, but was met by Hiccup.

Both dragon and rider glared at each other. Green with green, but Toothless was sure that there was no jealousy green.

"Stand down, Toothless." Hiccup ordered. Behind him, Gobber whistled a sad tune, causing Hiccup to also stare at him to back away for a moment. Toothless bared his teeth.

"Toothless..!" Hiccup warned.

"Hiccup..!" Toothless warned.

A moment passed.

Toothless shook his head and snorted. He realized now, what he could expect out of this situation. Toothless ran of again, not even exchanging a word with IcyEyes. He even ignored her flash of pity. This caused her to sigh, and to slowly walk away too. It seemed that none of the trio were 'peachy' with each other at all.

After Flight;

The Cove

Toothless was abandoned. He wasn't, but he sure felt like it. There were times that Toothless rarely, rarely wished he could fly on own.

One of the times were now.

Hiccup didn't listen, and he didn't even bother to see what Toothless was talking about. It irritated him so much.

He was helpless.

Toothless couldn't take off on his own, to show Hiccup the dangers before Hiccup stumbled on it, on his own. And, Toothless knew that it would eventually happen. There was a mother Typhoomerang and Berk! Did no one else notice that detail!

What else bothered him, was Hiccup's assumptions. There was a lot more inside, than there seemed like on the surface.

Toothless also knew that he bought some of these results, on to himself. Because of his own emotions, he disregarded everything and continued his bias and based everything on his past. That was why he was alone at the moment. Not even IcyEyes was with him, even though he wished that she was.

She had ran off when he did. He didn't see her when Hiccup flew him over here to trap him. Hiccup had probably knew that IcyEyes would do something to stop it, so that's why Hiccup trapped him in one of the rare moments him and IcyEyes were apart.

So, why did he feel like this was affecting him the most?

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