AN: This is my first story and a currently that May grow if I ever think of it again. Feel free to criticize it liberally...I know I do for others fics. Don't bother trying to figure out the route though 0o.

Then let it break, if it shatters to pieces then forge an even better blade to take in hand. Should that blade crack then forge once again, until the battlefield is a graveyard of blades that have fallen and but a single sword claims the field that embodies the world. Let that sword bear the world until its time comes and time blows its dust to the winds. Then forge again.-Eric Dagger

Shirou POV

As I hold Nine Lives in my "hands" Arc-no EMIYA once more taunts me with words of the dead King "With swords that aren't yours, with skills that aren't yours, for dreams that aren't yours. Your entire existence is a lie!" At this moment I Know the Truth. This being in front of me isn't a version of myself from the future. For one such as I who has embraced the path of a hero nothing so small as years of misfortune, loneliness, and killing would turn me from my path. Nothing would make me give up even if I have to cross a thousand battlefields. Even if I have Give up all my companions. Even, even if I have to give up Sakura. Nothing will change my path from one of "Gae Bolg"...thoughts were abruptly cut off as blinding pain once more pierces my chest and I look down to see the cursed barbed spear entering me. As my vision fades I see that asshole smirking at me before. Darkness...

Consciousness comes to me in a flash tearing me from the arms of Rin and Arturia. Wait. Rin and Saber? Where is Archer...Gae Bolg? And why the hell am I NAKED IN A SHACK WITH RIN AND Saber! The last part I yell out rousing Rin and Saber from their slumber, Rin looking less zombie-like than usual and Saber looking wary and...shy, even more than my forceful awakening. As I look around in panic at my surroundings, while Trying to avoid looking at their naked bodies, close to hyperventilating Rin is the first to speak "Ah good Shirou you awoke us. How embarasing to fall asleep from a simple prana exchange" she winces a bit at that last part then looks more closely at me "Ney Shirou what's wrong?! Do you hear Beserker coming closer?" her words help me to force myself calm enough to reply "No why would he be here?"


Alarms start ringing in my head at this point. Was there a problem during the exchange? At my side I notice Saber beginning to tense further proving that something is Wrong. "Shirou? Are you okay? Do you know where we are?" He tenses slightly at my words and I notice him once more rapidly checking the room as if frightened and ready to run.

Saber POV

At His first words I knew something was wrong. Before that even. The moment I felt consciousness return I felt something from my small bond with him that this was Shirou yet...Not My Shirou. As I studied his form my eyes were drawn to his left arm...

Omni POV

Suddenly Saber bursts into action, her armored form showing that the exchange was succesful, frowning visage with hands swinging the wind shrouded sword at Shirou as Rin watches barely registering the movements happening at this speed. Closer the sword comes to his left side, his eyes widen as they noticed movement from her right arm moving instinctively to cover his face. Far too slow. Left Arm raised. His eyes are closing, causing Saber's frown to intensify. The blade comes closer. His eyes are closed now, waiting for that moment of pain to come.

Shirou POV


I open my eyes in surprised seeing Nine Lives traced in front of me instinctively blocking Sabers strike, my body already beginning the process of reinforcement. Even more surprising is the look in Sabers eyes. A look full of longing, sadness, and regret. It is this look that keeps me from starting the Nine Live Blade Works, instead causing my eyes to widen and look away sheepishly " Um Saber mind telling me why you're attacking me...and naked."