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I stayed silent as Saber gathered her thoughts from back across the table the last few minutes seemingly forgotten."So..." I began only to cut myself off as she sends me a sharp glare 'Yep Definitely pushing it.' Though I was confident in being able to take her after facing Alter now felt like the time to take a non-hostile approach.

As Saber Gathers her thoughts plans start forming in my mind: with Lancer dead Kirei and Gilgamesh might move their plans up, check out Rin to see if she summoned Him once again, see if Beserker is once again Heracles, and then I have to find out how... My thoughts on the subject take a pause as I take a calming breath. Tomorrow morning I'll have to face Her.

"Shirou perhaps we have gotten off on the wrong foot. I feel we should reintroduce ourselves at this time." her idea is reasonable and I guess I was being a bit of an ass earlier. " Okay you're right, Hello I am Emiya Shirou pleased to meet you" I finish my statement with a small bow at the end. "Very well then as you seem to already know...I am King Arturia Pendragon of Camelot pleased to meet you as well" of course she doesn't bow but a nod of her head is fine. Okay I guess it's time to get serious about things. "Well Arturia I guess I'm sorry for being an ass earlier..I'm not quite stable at the moment with all that has happened to me recently and-" 'deep breaths deep breaths, there goes that damn smirk again'"What do you mean what has happened to you recently?"


Should I be honest with her or just enough to get by?

At this point honest seems to be a good idea so giving her a rundown of thing from the start of my Grail War up to now, and maybe including the part about seeing her naked should have been left out judging by how she's crossing her arms protectively. " So let me get this straight. You are a survivor of the last Grail War. You entered into the next Grail War unintentionally. Ended up reaching the end of that war as the last master standing" she closes her eyes and sighs at this " only to end up fighting Another dimensional analog of yourself, who also time traveled, in a bid to determine who would have the right to exist/ paradoxically erase himself from existence. And Then you die only to be reborn into another 'dimension' only to die again soon after and end up here." She once more opens her eyes, oi is that pity, "Your life fucking sucks"

Huh, well I wasn't expecting that from Saber 'then again I didn't expect her to vault a table and threaten me at sword point, I guess another thing for the differences' might as well get started I suppose. Before I begin talking I rest my elbows on the table and lace my fingers together near my mouth,for some reason Saber shivers and I begin feeling the need to plot, "So...How do you think we should go about this? If things are even somewhat similar to my universe and so far I've seen two Servants who fit the theme though I'm not sure if they have the same masters as before. But...If they do have the same Masters then all is going according to the Scenario" again she shivers 'huh maybe we should use the kotatsu' " But first we need to find out who everyone is here."

Unknown Location

A stoic Kotomine stands shrouded in darkness waiting on his contact to arrive. "Priest what is it you have called me for? I have better things to do than catering to you indulgences." The voice was raspy and somehow slimy, as if thousands of crawling things we being used instead of vocal cords. " Someone is interfering in the War." The thing tenses slightly at that "What do you mean interfering?"

" I mean that someone capable of killing Servants in one blow, a Servant who might I add has a high level of Battle Continuation" at this the voice snarls out " Is it one of the Magicians?" "No I don't think so the Marshall isn't here at the moment and the others are unknown. But that is not how I know wit isn't them, The magus' name is Emiya Shirou." "Emiya!?" " Yes apparently after the last war Kiritsugi adopted a young survivor of the Fire and it seems he passed his skills on." For a while there was silence then the thing spoke " I plans. My plans must be advanced" "Very well then I'll return to my duties. I'll keep in touch Zouken"