Author's Note: This is the first Kim Possible story for both myself and JP-Rider.

Chapter One- Dormmates

It's been four years since Ronald Dean Stoppable moved to Japan to go to some school that he until then knew absolutely nothing about. He googled it and nothing came up, he had his best friend, Kim Possible do it, and yet again nothing came up from their combined research efforts. Ron left and he never looked back until he completed his time at the school and he decided to complete his high school education back in his home town Middleton, Colorado. What was he doing in Japan, well nobody would believe him but he was training to be a ninja. A Chosen One of ancient Prophesies.

'I hope, Rufus hadn't caused too much trouble for mom and dad; I've been gone for quite the length of time, but at least I'm coming home at all.' Ron thought to himself as he boarded his 6am flight, one-way flight from Japan to Colorado.

Ron boarded the plane and was about to sit down when he noticed the beautiful, attractive Japanese girl sitting in the seat by his. "What are you doing her, Yori?" Ron asks curiosity thick in his voice.

"I have come to join you on your adventure, Stoppable-San." Yori replies as she motion for Ron to take a seat next to her's.

Ron laughs before he sits down and turns to the Japanese girl. "I wouldn't call high school in America an adventure even if it is Middleton Academy." Ron jokes as he pats, Yori's hand making her blush but Ron didn't seem to notice.

"Maybe for you Stoppable-San, but this will be an experience for me and I could use a 'change in scenery' as you American say." Yori jokes back.

"Yori if you are going to live in America could you do me a favor, and just call me, Ron." Ron asks politely.

"Surely, Ron-San." Yori muses at, Ron's expense.

"To the future, Yori." Ron states as he puts his arm around Yori's shoulder.

"To the future, Ron-San." Yori agrees as she leans her head on, Ron's shoulder. 'Ron-Kun is so gentle and honorable.'

'Yori is so beautiful. God she is so out of my league.' Ron thought as he rest his head on, Yori's and they both drifted to sleep.

Ron and Yori step off the plane and were greeted by the smiling faces of Ron's parents.

"Ron…" Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable asked in serious shock and disbelief. "W-w-what happened to you?"

Ron stood in front of his parents standing 5" 9' and 180 pound, with an 85% muscle to 15% fat ratio. The biggest shock was that by his side was an extremely attractive Japanese girl who, Ron seems quite familiar with. 'What happened to our son?' The Stoppable Patriarch and Matriarch both thought at the same time.

"Mom, Dad!" Ron yells as he runs to hug his parents as, Yori stands by watching to loving family moment with a smile on her face.

'Maybe one day I will be involved in, Ron-Kun's family moments.' Yori thought as she felt her heart flutter at the thought.

"Mom, Dad this is, Yori. She will be going to Middleton Academy with me." Ron introduces, Yori as he pulls the love struck girl out of her thoughts.

"Greeting, Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable-Sama." Yori greets as she bows at a 130 degree angle.

"Hello dear." Mrs. Stoppable greets as she pulls the Japanese girl into a hug. Mr. Stoppable only offers a welcoming smile as he turns his attention back to his son.

'Is, Ronald dating this girl?' Mr. Stoppable pondered as he took quick glances between his son and this, Yori girl. 'She is quite the looker. I wouldn't be surprised if, Ronald is in fact dating her.'

"Come on kids. Let's get you two home. Yori you can sleep in the guest room, it is right next to, Ron's; so if you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask Ronald." Mr. Stoppable states as he grabs, Yori's luggage and gives it to his son.

The Stoppable family with the addition of, Yori arrives at the Stoppable household and Ron felt the excitement of finally returning home. Ron's parents were the first to enter their home and went straight to bed leaving, Ron to help, Yori settle in.

"Come on, Yori. I'll lead you to your room, and fix you us something to eat before we go to sleep." Ron offers as he grabs, Yori's luggage.

Yori's feels a blush grace her lovely features as, Ron once again is the perfect gentleman. 'He will make an honorable husband, and lover.' Yori thinks as she leans in and gives, Ron a kiss o the cheek. "Thank you, Ron-San."

Ron's only response is to blush and stutter as he speaks. "Y-y-you are w-welcomed, Yori." 'Wow she kissed me; even if it was only on the cheek.'

Ron did as he said and led, Yori upstairs to the guess room that as, Mr. Stoppable said is right next door to Ron's room, which delighted, Yori, but that made, Ron really nervous. 'I don't know how I will react to sleep next door to a beautiful girl. Sure I've slept in the same room as, Kim, but that's different we've been best friends since Pre-K. And this is, Yori...an exotic Asian beauty.'

Ron sat, Yori's luggage on her bed he left so, Yori could change into her new American style clothes that she bought to hopefully fit in more with Ron at Middleton Academy. 'These should attract Ron-Kun's attention.' Yori thinks as she strips out of casual attire and slip into her new sleep attire.

Ron was in the kitchen cooking up some quick grilled cheese when, Rufus squeaked and alerted him on, Yori's arrival. Ron looked and his jaw went slacked at the sight he be held. Yori entered the kitchen wearing a black tank top, and a pair of black boy shorts that hug her figure quite nicely. 'I shouldn't be surprised. She looks simply gorgeous wearing a simple hakama, so why am I surprised that she looks utterly sexy in a tank top and short.' Ron thinks as drool starts collecting in his mouth.

"What do you think, Ron-San? Do I look like an American?" Yori asks as she twirls around, showing, Ron all of her assets. 'Do I appease your eyes?'

"Y-yeah, Yori. You look more American than I do." Ron replies as he starts to smell that his grilled cheese has been slightly burnt.

Ron quickly removes it from the skillet and removes the skillet from the stove and places it in the sink. Ron passes, Yori her none burnt grilled cheese which she gladly took with strive. The two ate in a comfortable silence which hadn't gone unnoticed by, Rufus. 'Has my boy found a mate?' Rufus pondered as he watched the two humans eat their cheese while he ate his own.

All three finished eating and decided that they should sleep and be well rest for the next day when they sign in to their dorm, and get their schedules. Ron picked up, Rufus and walked, Yori back to her room before retiring to his. Ron bid, Yori and Rufus goodnight before he was greeted by sleep. 'Thank God there aren't any co-ed dorms at Middleton Academy. I would never get any work done that way.' Ron thought as the blackness over took him.

Ron was in the process of being awoken by the gentle touch of Yori pressing against his shoulder. "Ron-San? Ron-San?" Yori whispers as she tries a different tactic and straddles, Ron as she grabs him by his shirt and yanks him back and forth. "Ron-San. Ron-San. Ron-So-" Yori's breathe catches in her throat as a still sleeping Ron grabs her chest. "Ron-Kun." Yori moans which does wake up, Ron.

"He- ye-Yori?" Ron said as he woke up, and finds his hand on Yori's chest "Oh my gosh, I'm sorry, Yori!" He said before both fell down out of the bed as Ron fell on top of Yori, with both his hands on her chest.

His bedroom door opens and his mom appears "Honey, you and Yori have to get up to-" she pause as she saw her son, on top of Yori, with his hands on her chest "Oh my," she said as she shut the door "Take your time you two." she said with a sing song tone.

Ronald jumps up from the ground as he retracts his hand from, Yori's breast, and offers her his hand to help get up. Yori gladly accepts Ron's help and they are both on their feet.

"Thank you, Ron-San." Yori replied as she blushed from Ron's touch 'Oh Ron-Kun, you know how to pleasure a girl.'


Ron and Yori were dropped off at the Middleton Academy's campus by, Ron's parents as they were on their way driving to work.

"Come on, Ron-San, let's get our schedules, and room assignments. Who knows maybe we'll be closer to each other." Yori excitedly states as she grabs Ron's hand and drags him with her.

"Yori this isn't like Japan. They won't let us share room, dorm or even be that close to each other." Ron replies as he runs to keep up with the exotic beauty.

Yori has a smirk on her face. Yori had a secret; Sensei had set it up so he would be in the same dorm as, Yori so they could continue their training.

The two have made it to the registration office as they got their room keys and direction to where their dorm is going to be. Ron and Yori went to their separate ways as Ron goes to find his dorm room, as Yori secretly goes to "her's".

"So, where is the dorm I'm going to be living in?" Ron muttered as he accidentally bumped into someone.

"Oof, sorry, ma'am." Ron said as he helps the women up.

"Watch it!" the woman snarled as she accepted Ron's hand up.

"Hello ma'am, Ron Stoppable." Ron greets as he once again offers his hand except this time for a handshake.

The woman just stares at it before shaking his hand. "Shego Go. If you're a student then I'm your physical educations teacher, and den mother for some of the dorms." Shego finishes as she motions with her hands around the halls to emphasis her point. "So what can I help you with? You have that lost puppy look." the woman asks as she eyes, Ron.

Ron gazed at the slim woman. She has basically pale skin with long raven hair, green eyes, and green lipstick. She wears a green sports hoodie with a whistle wrapped around her neck and the whistle in between her large bust, and blue shorts that show off her well toned legs and black sneakers on.

'Damn that woman looks fine.' Ron thought as he's snapped out of it when Shego slaps him upside the head.

"Quit starring the merchandise." She scold him "Now tell me what can I help you with?"

Ron looks down ashamed before he covered it up with a smile but his blush remained. "I need to find my dorm room. Hopefully you can help me." Ron explains as he shows, Shego his assignment room number.

Shego checks the number and smirks and gets a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Right this way, Buffoon." Shego states as she leads Ron to his new living space.

"Wow, this school looks awesome!" Ron comments as he follows Shego around the school as he sees how big it is, and many cliques he passed by.

"Yeah, yeah, you got the jocks and cheerleaders, the Goths, the glee club, drama club, science nerds, hardcore chefs, even the models." Shego listed before she adds. "Four years of this and I'm surprised no teacher haven't ever quit on these students."

"Ok, Buffoon this is your dorm." Shego starts to leave but addresses, Ron one last time. "Oh, and btw, Buffoon. Don't have too much fun."

'What was that about?' Ron ponders as he opens the door to his new dorm. "Hello new dorm-mates." Ron greets with a big smile on his face.

"Ron-San" Yori greets as she hugs him. "See this is just like Japan." 'Excepts some things will change.'

"Yori? But if your here...then is this a co-ed dorm?" Ron questions as he see's two more girls enter. 'Bonnie and Tara. I haven't seen them since I left.' Ron thought as, Yori released the hug. 'Wow they have gotten even cuter.'

"Stoppable." Bonnie muttered with no interest. Bonnie Rockwaller is a slim girl with brown hair; teal slit eyes, tanned skin, and wears a purple short sleeve shirt that fits her perky chest, black short skirt well fitted for her wide hips, and black boots. Ron remembers her as the mean girl who would always push him off the swing just so she can ride it back in Elementary school.

"Wow Ron, you look different." Tara comments. Tara King is a blonde slim girl with blue eyes, wears a green sleeveless shirt and blue long skirt and white flats on. Ron knew Tara as a nice girl who's Bonnie's best friend.

Ron was shocked. Not only is his dorm co-ed, but he shares it with three beautiful girls. One who is his friend and he has feelings for, one who was always nice to him and he had a crush on before he left for Japan, and one who was his very first crush.

Ron was about to respond to both girls when he heard a voice call to him from behind. "Ron, is that you?" said a familiar voice.

Ron twitched from the familiar voice as he turns around and saw the red haired, green eyed girl, wearing a green tank top, and blue cargo jeans, looking shocked by his appearance.

"KP!?" Ron asked, as his memories resurfaced.

Kim Possible was a childhood friend of Ron's since Pre-K. She was the first friend he ever had and the two became close friends. When Ron is chosen to go to a school in Japan, he promises Kim that he'll write. But due to the school being secret, it was difficult to write to Kim. He wrote one letter to her since he can't use e-mail. He wrote letters for about a month now, and he furthered his training that includes being in the woods for months, causing him to stop writing letters.

Ron forces his shock of seeing his best friend and goes for a hug. "Hey, KP. It's been too long." Ron greeted before he was met with Kim's open palm.

"Why the hell didn't you keep writing me?!" Kim accused as she glared daggers as she tilted her head up wards.

The room went silent. No one dared to break the silence as they looked at Ron, who looks guilty and is in deep shit. He can't tell Kim or everyone else besides Yori about the school he went and the training he has to endure. Other than Kim's glare, Bonnie was watching with amusement, Tara looked in worry, and Yori stood looking more worried.

'I'm in deep dog shit now.' Ron thought 'C'mon brain, come up with an excuse that will have KP believe other than saying 'Oh you know, went training in the woods, then earned mystical monkey powers from monkey statues. Dang it, Sensei, why didn't you give me a countermeasure for this kind of stuff?'

"Well, Ron" Kim said, still glaring at him.

"I ran out of things to write you." Ron confessed; which is partly true, Ron stopped having things to talk about in general that wasn't about his training or his ninja missions.

Kim's glare only worsens as she stomps out of the dorm, slamming the door behind her.

Ron turns around and stares at the two worried and one amused faces looking at him. Ron's gaze fixed on, Yori as he spoke. "That went rather well, don't you agree?" Ron picked up his luggage and walked to find his room that is on his sheet of paper.

"Do you think Kim is going to be alright?" Tara asked Bonnie in concern.

"Who knows, she was majorly brooding when Stoppable stops writing to her." Bonnie replied as she checks on her phone "But she'll get over it. But what I wonder is, who is that girl that was hugging Stoppable?"

"I don't know." Tara replies as she unfortunately felt jealous of the exotic Japanese beauty hugging Ron. 'Jealous?! I thought I was over my crush on, Ron?'

"They appear to be rather close." Bonnie states which just adds fuel to the fire that is, Tara's jealousy.

"Ron-San." Yori greets as she bows when she enters Ron's room. Yori see's Ron nod which she takes as a signal to continue. "When shall we restart our training?" "And where shall we do our training, we can't just do it anywhere." Yori adds as she sits on, Ron's bed. 'I'm in bed with Ron-Kun.' Yori mentally giggles.

"Well, we need to find a secured place to train so no one will spot us." Ron informed as he unpacked his luggage "Somewhere empty and underground."

"Why not up the rooftops?" Yori suggested, as she lay on Ron's bed.

"Too noticeable for the security to spot us." Ron told her.

Yori was about to give another suggestion when she heard a squeak from inside of Ron's bag. *Squeak* "Warehouse." Rufus suggested to his two humans.

"Rufus-san is most correct, Ron-san." Yori agrees as she stretches out on Ron's bed.

Ron does the same and lies down next to, Yori. "I agree. Tomorrow after all our classes we will go out and try to find a warehouse, to use." Ron agreed, unaware that two pairs of eyes were spying on them.

"What are they talking about, Zita?" asked the light brown Mexican girl who with black hair, eyes, and wears a pink sleeveless shirt and baggy pants. Her name is Hope Rodriguez.

Zita, the dark skin girl with black bob cut hair, black eyes, and wears a purple shirt and blue cargo pants "Who knows, they're either talking about some strategy game, or that Kim's best friend turns out to be a chosen one sent to this academy to train to be prepare for some unspeakable forces of evil." Zita Flores replied, getting a closer look on Ron.

"Really?" Hope naively asks again.

"Nah, they're speaking gamer talk." Zita confirmed, dismissing the "Chosen One" option. "Besides, that kind of things only happens in anime."

"We don't have classes until tomorrow. Do you want to get a head start on finding a warehouse and restarting out training right now?" The two girls hear, Ron ask the Asian girl who is asleep.

Ron receives no response so the two girls watch as Ron turns his head to see that the Asian girl was asleep. "I couldn't have put it any better myself, Yori. I'm still on Japan time too." They hear Ron speak to the sleepy, Yori as he gets out of bed, and makes sure that Yori was more comfortable in his bed as he unlaced up his shoes, and removes his shoes, and made himself a spot on the floor. "I'll see you tomorrow, Yori; I'll sleep on the ground. The Chosen One can't behave is such fashions, don't ya know."

"Chosen One, then?" Hope said inwardly.

"We must investigate this. Who knows what those two are going to do." Zita replied, as she and Hope head back to their rooms and plan on following Ron and Yori tomorrow unaware that Ron disappeared from the room.

This is the first chapter of mine and JP-Rider's new and first Kim Possible fic, Ron Meets World.