Chapter Twenty- Bitter Sweat Ending

"Ron are you sure about this? When you had me design it I had it made for a girl, and I was going through a phase." Wade asks as he the two ninjas, Felix, Zita, and Justine were all in the kid genius's basement/bedroom. "Whoever wears this just… know that... I-I am sorry."

"What do you mean Wade?" Ron inquires as all three of the girls narrows their eyes at the young man. "What phase?"

"Blame Amazonian Warriors of Venus." Wade responds in a mere whisper as a metal case pops out of the wall and opens to reveal a suit. "The power suit you requested."

"Wow Wade... you were actually able to make it." Ron states in shock and concern for the genius. 'I never saw Amazonian Warriors of Venus but I'm so checking it out now.'

"Tell us Wade-San, why is the design like that?" Yori asks in irritation.

"It was the first time I ever watched an anime, alright. Just don't judge me." Wade replied as he blushes and the female ninja picks the power suit out of the case and examines the fabric.

"It is so soft." Yori comments in awe. "How will this provide sufficient protection?"

"When the suit is turned on it turns the soft fabric hard and durable as steel, but it is still very flexible." Wade answers with pride.

"Who exactly is going to wear that?" Zita questions nervously.

"Not me. I'm needed here with Wade." Justine answers, happy that she didn't have to wear the article of clothing.

"I can't walk." Felix smiles smugly.

"It would be dishonorable for a ninja to wear such a thing." Yori dismisses the girl. "Besides I must help Ron-Kun fight."

"So... me?" Zita asks with a nervous gulp.

'Score!' Felix cheers as he can just picture his girlfriend in the outfit..

"B-Bu-ut I can't fight." Zits responds in fear of the situation.

"You don't need to fight." Ron dismisses. "The suit will make you stronger, faster and more agile than you are now." He told the girl. "All you have to do is free the captives and lead them to safety. Yori and I will handle Monkey Fist and the other two."

"How sill I find them?" Zits questions the blond.

"Justine and Wade sill help you there, while Felix monitors the suit." Ron answers the girl.

"Monitoring the suit?" Felix asks in excitement. "That sounds badical!"

"That's right, Felix." Ron replies. "All you need to do is make sure Zita doesn't over exhaust herself; heart monitoring, body movement, stealth, everything."

"So, what will you do when you confront Monkey Fist?" Justine asks the blond ninja.

"We'll kick his banana eating butt." Ron states as he pounds his fist.

"And shove Fukushima in Monkey Fist's behind." Yori darkly states making the others nervous.

'Is she the devil?' They all think in nervousness.


"What happened?" Kim wakes up to see her mother talking to her gym teacher and her brothers laughing as they talk to each other in some weird code. "Where are we!?" She yelps in shock.

"Oh Kimmie you're awake." Ann Possible smiles at her daughter which confuses the young red head.

"Um mom... why are you smiling?" Kim questions the older red head.

"Because Ronald is going to save us." Ann smiles bright.

"Ummm... he... is?" Kim responds in confusion. "I'm confused."

"Ron. Is. Going. To. Save. Us." Shego repeats in irritation at having to repeat the older red head's words. "I thought you were smart?"

"I am smart!" Kim objects. "But this makes no sense."

"Um, does evil lair, being kidnapped by psychopaths, and being put into a cage mean anything, Kim?" Bonnie questions as she, Tara, Monique, and Crystal are inside of their own group cages next to Kim's group.

"Bonnie, Monique, Tara?" Kim said as she looks at the group. "I don't get why we're here?"

"Monkeys." Tara responds in a monotone voice. "Monkeys happened."

"Oh... rrright... why did Ron have to be right about monkeys being evil." Kim sighs before a loud laughing was heard throughout the room.

"Ahahaha! I forgot that Ron was afraid of monkeys! Hahahaha!" Hirotaka laughs like a maniac.

"Who are you?" Kim hotly demands from the man who was mocking her best friend's odd phobia of monkeys. "Stop laughing!"

"Oh... did I strike a nerve? Don't like me laughing at the expense of your boyfriend?" Hirotaka asks with a raised brow and a wicked smile.

"Ron is not my boyfriend!" Kim objects with a very small blush.

"Stop being a dick, Hirotaka." Shego warns the man. "Don't make me hurt you."

"You don't scare me." Hirotaka smirks as the girl's eyes widen. "Cousin."

"No way." Bonnie starts.

"That's Hirotaka?" Tara adds.

"The sadist." Monique finishes.

"Sadist?" Anna Stoppable repeats as she glares at the man. "What do they mean by sadist?"

"Hehe, I'm not supposed to say anything until I have my lawyer?" Hirotaka responds with a smirk but on the inside he is slightly nervous of the hot glare that is being sent his way.

"Answer me." Anna demands.

"This guy, Mrs. Possible, he tortured Ron during training." Monique states with a hard stare.

"Hey, I was giving him motivation." Hirotaka defends his training style. "Not anyone can survive while being chased by dozens of tigers."

"Is this guy the devil?" Kim whispers to her gym teacher.

"No. Just the biggest asshole in the world ever. I quite agree with his training methods." Shego replies which shocks the red head.

"How can you say that!?" Kim screams in shock.

"Say what." Tara asks the red head.

"She agrees with that monster's training methods!" Kim shouts.

"The chosen one needs to have a harsher training method." Shego shrugs.

"Should you mention that?" Hirotaka questions the woman.

"Ron already told them." Shego looks bored as she hangs there. "I hope Ron gets here soon; I'm getting antsy."

"Why don't you jus-" Hirotaka was asking before he was kicked by the woman.

"Shut up!" Shego roars in anger.

"Master the prisoners seem to not take this whole being prisoner out of their will not seriously." Fukushima informs his master as the crime lord looks on in irritation.

"Don't pay them in mind, Fukushima." Monkey Fists responds to his apprentice. "They're just leverage to get to Stoppable and Yori after all. Soon, I'll get what is rightfully mine."

"And soon Stoppable will fall, and Yori will be mine." Fukushima states in determination as the Yokai Guy walks in with some news.

"Father, Ron and Yori are near our base." The hooded man reports to them.

"Really? I thought it will take longer." Monkey Fist said as he rubs his chin. "So Stoppable is far more clever as we thought he was."

"Well, this is a dead giveaway." Ron said as he and Yori stood out front of Monkey Fist's warehouse, which is surrounded by monkey ninjas. "Let's not get caught by the monkeys."

"Come on, we have to defeat Monkey Fist, Fukushima, and the hooded man." Zita comments with a slight boost in confidence.

"Yeah!" Rufus cheers while pounding his tiny fist into his tiny palm.

The monkey ninjas look at the two human ninjas as they get out of their way; they knew that they're the ones their master is expecting, as they let the two ninjas inside the warehouse.

"Well, that's generous of them." Ron states as they walk inside, preparing for the fight of their life.

"Quite." Yori agrees as she eyes the two ninjas at the door before taking them out. "Two less."

"You're amazing." Ron whispers lovingly to the female ninja.

"They are here father." The hooded man said as he removes his hood to reveal his face for all before him to see. "Our victory is assured."

"I can see that you are confident." Monkey Fist comments as the captives look on in shock and one looks on in heartbreak.

"No way..." Bonnie gasps in shock.

"Why that two-timing son of a bitch." Monique growls in pure anger.

"Am I the only one who saw it coming?" Crystal said as all look at her. "Right, not helping."

"I can't believe this." Kim mutters as she looks at the hooded man before her. "You son of a bitch." She sobs.

"Sorry, Kimberly." Josh Mankey said as he looks at his now once girlfriend. "But I must do what my father wishes."

"Wait, you're related to that freak!?" Bonnie asks in shock.

"Yes, Josh Mankey Fiske. Mankey was my mother's maiden name." Josh explains to the group.

"So all this time you used me to get to Ron!?" Kim cries as she can't hold in her tears. "Didn't our relationship mean anything to you, you bastard!?"

"If it means a thing to you, I had no idea who you even were when I asked you out all those years ago." Josh smirks which pisses the red head off.

"I will end you!" Kim thrashes in her bounds. "End you!"

"Don't worry about her, my son. She was never meant to be." Monkey Fist assures his son. "We defeat them and then I will take the powers back that are rightfully mine."

"And I will have my revenge back and get Yori to be kind." Fukishima comments stoically.

"And I will get the honor of killing the 'Chosen One.'" Josh states with a smile but inside he frowns. 'But I will lose Kim... I can always find another girl.'

"Yo, Monkey Fist!" Shouts the voice of Ron Stoppable as he and Yori step into the sight of the three villains and to the much of the shock of Ron, Josh is with them. "J-Josh, what are you doing here?"

"Because plot twist, I'm the villain!" Josh counters as he holds his mystical lamp. "I'm the hooded guy who carries the lamp that sends those monsters after you!"

"I knew there was something not right about you, Mankey." Yori growls as the villain laughs loudly.

"Clever girl. Bet you didn't expect that I'm the son of Monkey Fist!" Josh announces to the ninjas.

"Wait, you were married?" Ron questions in shock as he looks at the mo0nkey/human hybrid. "Who would marry you!?"

"Enough!" Monkey Fist shouts. "You, Stoppable, shall feel my wrath for here I will kill you! I'll get my powers back, and once I do, I shall take over the world!"

"And then what?" Ron asks as he gets into a fighting stance. "What are you going to do after taking over the world?"

"I...attack!" Monkey Fist shouts as he, Josh, and Fukushima charges in to attack the two ninjas.

Fukushima charges towards the blond ninja as he carries a dagger so he can kill head first. But then Yori interferes as she kicks the rogue ninja down to the floor.

"Stand back, woman." Fukushima barks as he stands back up. "Once the Outsider is dead, you'll be mine."

"I'll never be yours, Fukushima." Yori responds with a glare as she holds a katana. "And it is you who is the outsider. You betrayed our Master to join as a servant of Monkey Fist; you have no right to have me."

"Then if I can't have you, no one will." Fukushima barks as he charges towards the female ninja with the dagger, which she blocks it with her katana.

Monkey Fist makes the first punch towards Ron as the blond dodges the punch; the blond preforms a swift kick as the monkey/human hybrid blocks it with one arm as he grabs his foot and swings him down to the floor. But the blond ninja lands on the floor safely just as the hooded man holding a sword, jumps down to kill the blond; the young blond looks at Josh as he clashes his sword with his own.

"You know Monkey Boy; you're as bad of a fighter as you are a lover." Ron mocks with a grin.

"Shut up, Stoppable!" Josh growls as he and the father and son join together in the fight.

"How do you expect to win with it being two against one, Stoppable?" Monkey Fist mocks as he and his son prepare to kill the blond ninja.

"I like those odds." Ron turns the katana into a bo staff and charges at the father/son team. "Zita, now!" He tells as a girl in a power suit busts through the wall and runs towards the bound prisoners. "Save Mrs. Dr. P first!"

"About time." Shego smirks as she melts the chain from her wrists and breaks her fellow ninja free.

"You were waiting to this?" Hirotaka questions as everybody looks on with their mouths wide open.

"Yeah. Got a problem with that!" Shego snaps as she gets attacked by monkey ninjas. "How about some good old pay back."

"Whoa..." Kim whispers in shock as the green plasma entices the normal people to look on like a moth to flame.

"Girl... that's cool." Monique comments as the masked girl saved her. "Okay. Who are you."

"Zita." Zita answers as the girls are more in shock than before.

"Zita!? What's with the suit?" Bonnie asks as she notices the features on the suit.

"Blame the guy who made it." Zita responds as a monkey ninja charges towards her, only for the Hispanic girl to blast it from behind. "This is too cool. Now we need to get out of here while Ron and Yori kick some monkey was."

"No! Let me kill that bastard!" Kim snarls as she attempts to jump at her evil boyfriend but gets held back by the Hispanic girl in the power suit. "Let me go! I'll kill him!"

"No. You'll only get yourself kill or get captured. Your mistakes could get Ron and Yori killed." Zita replies as she runs out of the building with the others behind her as Hirotaka and Shego provide cover for them all.

"This never gets old." Shego smiles in pure joy. "Hurting things."

"You have issues." Hirotaka frowns before he smiles.

"Screw you!" Shego snaps as she broke the neck of a monkey ninja.

"PETA won't like that." Hirotaka comments as he kicks a monkey ninja as he punches another. "But then again, who cares what those assholes think."

Back at the fight as the girls escape, Ron knocks Josh down to a wall as he comments. "Wow Josh, you lack any skills."

"Shut up! At least I have one trick up my sleeve!" Josh responds as he pulls out his lamp, only for a dead ninja monkey crash onto him causing him to drop and break his lamp. "Nooooo! My lamp!"

"Wow... that was lucky." Ron frowns as he was hoping for more of a fight. And he found it when a monkey paw picks him up by his neck and smashed him against the cold hard concert. "..."

"You are mine, their! Ahahahahah!" Monkey Fist cackles as he brought his paw down hard on the blond ninja before he has a chance to defend himself. "Mine! All mine!"

"Ron-Kun!" Yori shouts as she fights the traitor to her family and school. "Get up!"

'Yori...' Ron thinks in desperation as he feels a rib break under the force of the man's assault. 'I can't give up. I won't!'

A blue light starts to engulf the beaten ninja and he kicks the monkey man off of him and summons his lotus blade once again.

"Repent to me. And thou shall be shown mercy." Ron said as his eyes turned an icy blue.

"Mine!" Monkey Fist yells as he sends his last fist towards the blond, but only for the blond to grab it. Monkey Fist looks a bit of a panic when he sees the glowing blew boy as he slashes Monkey Fist across the chest, splattering blood.

"Master!" Fukushima shouts as he feels the sharp blade pierced through his heart by the female ninja. As he spits out blood, his head turns to the ninja as he notices the coldness in her eyes. "But I...love you..."

"Well I don't, baka." Yori tells him with no remorse for his feelings. "The human brain can survive without a heart for seven minutes, you know? So, I want you to think over your poor choice in switching sides; because this is the consequences of betrayal." She darkly said as she kicks the body down to the floor, raising her own blade towards it.

"Damn, that was the most brutal thing I ever seen." Shego comments with Hirotaka, as well as the barely alive ninja monkeys agree.

"That's the way of the ninja, Shego." Hirotaka comments as he and Shego see the big monkey ninjas, or gorilla ninja, confronting them. "The bigger they are, the easier they fall."

"Don't you mean the harder?" Shego asks as her hands glow green.

"Unless you doubt yourself." Hirotaka notes as the two charges at them.

Ron and Monkey Fist clashes together as the hybrid snarls. "First, you took my monkey powers. Then, you have beaten my son. Now, you have my apprentice killed. YOU WILL DIE, STOPPABLE!"

"Really?" Ron smirks as he transform his lotus blade into chain sickles as he use one sickle to stab the criminal in the left shoulder.

"GAH!" Monkey Fist screams as he feels his left shoulder go limp from the pain. "You insolent, damn boy."

Ron only stands with his lotus blade aiming for the evil man as he focuses all of his MMP; his whole body glows blue as well as his eyes as he then air jumps towards Monkey Fist as he ends up standing behind him.

Monkey Fist looks shocked as he sweat drops. He feels something but doesn't know what, but he turns to the blond as he sheaths his lotus blade slowly, as he stops at midpoint.

"You should never anger a tiger when you take his mates, Monkey Fist." Ron comments as he puts his blade, just as many cuts all over Monkey Fist's body spreads out blood. "Because you might just get mauled." The ninja smirks deviously as he takes his lotus blade back out. "Thousand cuts of death." The blond screams as with lightning speed the blond gives the defeated man one thousand cuts all over his body.

"You ca... an't leave me like this." Monkey Fist coughs on his own blood. "I'll d-die."

"Meiyozu ni shinu." Ron whispers as he plunges the katana into the man's heart, instantly killing him.

"It is done." Yori states to her boyfriend with great pride before a power that they did not suspect to feel make them jump.

"Master Sensei!?" Ron and Yori yelps in shock as they feel the man outside the building. "What is he doing here?" The blond asks in concern and confusion.

"I do not know." Yori admits to the blond. "But we must not make him wait."


"You must all forget about Stoppable-San and everything that happened because of his presence." Master Sensei informs the girls, the twins and Mrs. Possible.

"Like one, no way. And like two, who are you old geezer?" Bonnie snorts as she narrows her eyes at the old man.

"Look. None of us plan on forgetting Ron anytime soon." Kim states in confidence.

"Yeah! He's our boyfriend!" Tara agrees with the red head and her best friend.

"You misunderstand me. I meant that you'd forget that he ever returned to Middleton in the first place, but you will forget Yori completely." Master Sensei responds with light chuckle.

"That ain't happening, old dude." Monique objects with a raised brow and her hands on her hips.

"Hold up, Sensei." Ron said as he and his partner approach their sensei. "Isn't there a good solution for them to not forget about me and Yori, like alternating their minds."

"Ronald, the higher council had decided that since the mission was completed you and Yori would return to complete your training and that all memories of you two will have to be erased to not to make their lives more complicated with their absence." Master Sensei informs the two ninjas.

"What? When was this decided?" Ron inquires as he looks on in shock.

"Please Sensei; you shouldn't make them forget all the times they have with Ron-kun." Yori pleads with her sensei. "He has done so much for them."

"Hold up, Sensei." Ron said as he and his partner approaches their Sensei. "Isn't there a good solution for them to not forget about me and Yori?"

"I am sorry, Stoppable-San." Sensei told him with sincere in his voice. "But they must never know what has happened during your stay in Middleton, or Yori's existence."

"But why do they have to forget?" Ron asked him as he looks down. "I've finally reunited with my friends, and they love me too much. Why do they have to forget about their times with me and Yori?"

"I am sorry Ronald, but it has to be this way." Sensei tells him as he begins to work his magic. "I'll leave you two to say your goodbyes to your love ones."

"Understood, Sensei." Ron replies as he and his partner turn to see the group. "We're sorry that we have to leave you girls behind. If we knew this is how it ends, then we wouldn't have gotten so close to you. We hope you forgive us."

"Our mission to take down Monkey Fist was our top priority." Yori said as she frowns. "But we didn't expect being close to you all, as my friends, and Ron-kun's girlfriends."

"No!" Kim cries as tears flowed down her cheeks. "You can't leave! You haven't even been back a year! And I just got out of a bad relationship; I need my best friend to help me cope with ice cream and terrible movies!"

"Ki-" Ron gets cut off.

"Don't you say a fucking word!" Kim screams as she latches herself to her best friend. "You and Yori stay here with us! PLEASE don't leave us! Don't leave u-" The red head is cut off by her best friend kissing her, and first she was beyond shocked and didn't know how to handle it but she couldn't help but close her eyes and kiss back before a sob chokes her. "...Y-You c-can't go. Not aft-ter that."

"You won't even know that I was gone." Ron lovingly whispers into the shaking girl's ear as he sees his girlfriend's, his best friend's mother and brothers shaking as well. "It would be like I never never came back, and none of you ever fell for me."

"No." Bonnie sobs as she and her best friend also latch into their boyfriend. "That's not fair Stoppable."

"Even if we lose our memories our hearts will know that something is wrong." Tara whispers as she inhaled his scent. "Lost loves and friends can never be forgotten."

"Our hearts will know that something is missing, baby boy." Monique said as she sniffles and holds back her tears.

"Our souls will know." Hold adds.

"Hey guys!" Felix lands with his jet pack wheel chair. "Why is everybody so glum? Why are they crying?"

"Ron and Yori will have to return to Japan, but we will have to forget about them." Zita told him.

"Yeah, and it's just not fair for us!" Crystal states as she cries onto Hope's shoulder.

"Hey, Sensei, isn't there a solution to this?" Shego asked the old man she looks up to. "We can't end it like this, even if it is necessary."

"For once, I agree." Hirotaka comments with a nod. "Stoppable-San has a special place in these girls' hearts. Erasing his time with them will only lead to an unfixable damage."

"Yeah, not to mention the psychological damage that can bring to the girls." Mrs. Possible comments. "Have you ever thought about what would happen if Ron was to return and they don't remember him. What that would cause him."

"Yeah, and without Ron, Zita and I wouldn't have gotten together." Felix states as he holds his girlfriend's hand.

"Please Sensei? At least make the high council them reconsider." Ron pleads. "Or at least let us visit every once in a while."

"I'm sorry Stoppable-San, but it is your duty to live with this. Shego, will you come back to the school?" Sensei replies as he rubs his beard in deep thought. "There has always and will always be a place for you at the school."

"I-I'm honored, Sensei." Shego bows as she walks to stand next to her little sister before she looks at her ex-students. "You buffoons better keep in shape... or I'll burn the fat off." She warns with one lit hand. "Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Shego." Kim responds with a sad smile, but doesn't break the hug.

"It is time, Stoppable-San." Sensei announces and the blond ninja effortlessly separates himself from his girlfriend's and stands between his lone girlfriend and her sister.

"Anata o aishitemasu." Ron whispers as he links arms with the two female ninjas.

"Ron... I'll take that date now. Or whenever you are ready to." Shego whispers so the girls don't hear it.

"Badical." Ron whispers back as the short master steps before the citizens of Middleton Colorado and he starts to blow a dust into their general direction.

"When you wake up you will have no memory of Stoppable-San, Yori or any of the events that involved them." Sensei states as his magic begins. "Anything that has to do with him will be gone when you wake up, furthermore you will never understand what is missing."

"T-That's so cruel." Tara chokes as her vision starts to face. "Ron I love you!" She cries out before she and the others pass out and fall to the ground.

"Now what?" Ron questions his sensei.

"The ninjas will take care of your friends, but you four must return to the school at once." Sensei answers. "You must train with Shego and build a partnership like you once did with Yori."

Ron sighs as he looks at Yori and Shego. "And what of the others?"

"They will go on with their lives, Ronald." Sensei whispers him. "Now, let us come back to Japan."

"Wait, what about my parents?" Ron asked as he then realizes what he said. "Never mind, I doubt they'll miss me."

"They have already forgotten about you, all evidence of you has already been deleted and removed." Sensei comments as he strokes his beard. "He should leave now." They all start to walk away as several ninjas pick up the unconscious people.

"Cheer up, lover boy." Shego said as she places her hand on his cheek as they walk. "Someday you'll see them again."

"You sure?" Ron asks with hope bright in his heart.

"No, but I wouldn't mind it." Shego shrugs as she spares a glance to the girls being carried away. "I wouldn't mind it."

"Neither would I." Ron responds as he keeps the hope bright in his heart for another chance to win the hearts of his once girlfriends.


That is the end of Ron Meets World. I know it wasn't what you were suspecting and I ensure you that this wasn't how I envisioned it but I was too far gone from the original script. I think a remake is in order… and it would be ssssooo much better; I'm thinking college.

Thank you for the reviews and the kind words; if I have disappointed you then I apologize right here and now.