This is my new story written in England somewhere to fit in Pip's personality (btw im not British lol)

"Father..? " said a young British boy with shoulder length golden blonde hair and blue oceanic eyes as he saw his Father lay on his bed in their home.

"Father please wake up!" cried the boy named Phillip Pirrup but everyone called him Pip for short.

"Now Pip…." A dark figure appeared behind Pip a woman with long black hair and a dark presence with a black dress on "You know your father passed away its time you let him rest in peace we are going to bury him soon" she said as she tried to pry the boy off the bed.

Pip cried first he lost his Mum who he hadn't even meet because she died while giving birth to him and now his father.

"No… please don't take him away he is all I have left, please" Pip cried begging on his knees to his new stepmother.

His father meet this woman right after his mother died she used to work for his family while raising two children of her own: a boy and a girl.

Pip's father pitied the woman and married her so she would have a nice house, food and clothes for her and her children.

But as years passed by his stepmother started abusing Pip as soon as his father was buried Pip was moved to the attic and had to serve his new step family like bringing them food and doing chores, and a lot of other labor work. And if Pip didn't do the job right he was left without food or even worse he was beaten until he couldn't take anymore and would faint.

Pip now being eighteen years old was tired of all this, tired of working hard and being a slave to a family that didn't even love him.

Pip felt alone, abused and betrayed.

Alone because he had no family, abused because of his step family taking advantage of him and betrayed because he always thought that he would one day have a nice family with his father and a nice stepmother.