"Prince Damien…?" asked a palace servant as a young man with dark hair that was black and black eyes that looked almost red wearing a black suit with a black cape turned around.

"Yes what is it?" asked Damien Thorn impatiently as he was about to walk out of the palace.

The servant bowed and then stood up again "Excuse me Sir, but the king said it is time to plan your ball so you can meet your future wife."

The prince sighed why must his father insist on him getting married he was only 20 years old for goodness sake!

"Do you by any chance know where my father is?" asked Damien.

"Uh… no sir but I saw him in his room earlier."

"Alright thank you ill go find him."

"But Prince Damien, the ball…."

Damien ignored the servant as he walked up the stairs to his fathers bedroom.

"Father..? " He said as he knocked on the door.

A large man with grey hair black eyes and a red suit on opened the door, "yes son what is it?" he asked impatiently.

So that's where I get my impatience from thought Damien as he rolled his eyes.

"Father why do you insist I marry? Why can't you wait until I'm older?"

The large man sighed as he sat on his bed "son we talked about this pretty soon I will be gone and you will need to become king and have a wife and children to carry on our royal blood line."

"But Dad…"

"Damien…" his father interrupted "just please listen to me and do what is right."

Damien sighed as he put a hand through his dark hair "Alright fine but I get to choose her."

His father smiled, "I'm proud of you son".

Knock Knock!

Pip hurriedly ran down the stairs with a mop bucket to answer the door, as soon as he opened it a small man with a horn had a scroll on his hand.

"I have orders from the palace to invite every eligible maiden to tomorrow night's ball held for Prince Damien!" he said as he handed Pip the scroll.

"Thank you sir" said Pip.

"You're welcome miss I except to see you at the ball" said the small man as he hurriedly left.

"But I'm not a…" oh never mind thought Pip as closed the door; he guessed his shoulder length golden blonde hair did look rather feminine but he liked it that way.

"Pip who was that?" asked his stepmother as she walked in from the kitchen.

"Orders from the palace about tomorrow's night ball" said Pip as he handed her the scroll.

His stepmother read the scroll , "Every eligible maiden?" she said.

"Estella! Come down here!" she yelled as her blonde daughter walked down the stairs.

"Yes mother what is it?"

"Estella there is a ball tomorrow night for every eligible maiden to meet the Prince, and Pip wil be your escort."

"What?!" they both said, "But mother why can't you or Pocket take me?"

"Estella your brother is only 13 years old he is too irresponsible and young, you are a 17 year old girl who might need protection which Pip will more than happily be providing." She said as she glared at Pip.

Pip sighed, "Yes stepmother" he said bitterly.

"Besides I will be busy tomorrow night and won't be able to attend."

"Yes mother I understand and I guess Pip will be alright."

"Good it is settled then, tomorrow night at 9pm you will both leave for the ball."