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Chapter 1:A Satyrs Help

We all know about the Greek and Roman gods right. Well they are real, and sometimes they come to the mortal world and have children called half-bloods. I'm one of them. My name is Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, God of The Seas. It's been awhile since I've been to Camp Half-Blood because I'm at college. Yeah that's right. Mr. Accident is at college near Camp Half-Blood,Plus Annabeth goes to the same college so I'm not always alone now that my girlfriend is with me. I'm right now having a pop quiz in science so please don't interrupt me in my thoughts.

At a science class:

"Mr. Jackson," said Mrs. Fran," What types of chemicals are used to make lava?"

I was trying to remember but I couldn't get my dyslexia under control so I couldn't read the notes she wrote on the board a week ago but I still get A's and B's.

"The chemicals for lava are felsic, intermediat, and mafic, Mrs. Fran," I said.

"Correct Mr. Jackson," she said when she turned to Annabeth," Ms. Chase what types of chemicals create iron."

It was easy for her because she's the daughter of Athena.

"The chemicals are a rare form of xenoliths and silicate minerals Mrs. Fran."

"Correct Ms. Chase," finally she turned to our new student that came 2 months ago," Mr. Striker what is the name of the chemical #2014."

He looked a little uneasy when she asked him that because he came after she taught that.

"The name is a Beta-Trypsin Mrs. Fran."

"Correct Mr. Striker. I can't believe you get all my answers correct even though your new."

"Me either."

The bell then rang and everyone left when she said," Homework is to study all your notes because we're having a test tomorrow."

After Science we have Lunch then we leave for home. I didn't eat anything because today was fish day so I'm not going to get in trouble with my dad. When lunch was over me Annabeth and Jake almost got on the bus when we all heard a roar in the school.

"That sounds like a Minotaur," said Annabeth," But didn't you kill it already for the-," she was counting her fingers because I've had a lot of in counters with him that Annabeth lost count," 25th time."

"Wait you don't mean the half-man half-bull guy right."

"No we are but sorry for this," I said.

"Sorry for-," he didn't get to finish his sentence because I got Riptide my sword out and hit his head with the hilt of it.

"Let's go kill that Minotaur for the 26th time."

In the gym:

We were looking everywhere but there was no sign of him which was weird because he's the size of Thaila's tree.

"Where is he," asked Annabeth.

"Hey guys," said a familiar voice.

We then looked behind us and saw Grover sweating like a dog in summer.

"Hey Grover what's wrong," asked me.

The same roar happened again this time behind Grover.

"I found the Minotaur. Trying to keep a kid safe. Kid's name is Jake Striker. Have you seen him," he said.

"Oh yeah we saw him."

"Okay where?" asked Grover.

"Well I hit him with the hilt of my sword and he's on the grass outside."


"I thought he was a mortal. I didn't know he was a half-blood."

A shadow appeared on the wall and was running toward them.

"RUN GUYS," said Grover.

I uncapped my pen and Riptide appeared in my hand while Annabeth got her dagger.

"Let's go find Jake before he becomes Minotaur food."


"Where is he."

I looked around the grass and then saw him near the bushes.

"Over their," I said.

We ran to Jake to see if he was okay.

"I'll hold off the Minotaur while you guys get him to Camp," I said.

"No I don't want the same thing happening to you that happened to Thalia."


They then ran as fast as they could when the Minotaur broke the door of the college.

"Well let's settle this big guy."

He roared again when I said that like it was an insult. I ran at him and jumped to his horns and pulled them.

"Almost like day 1 when I fought you."

I drew my sword and cut off part of his horns and dropped.

"Now it's like day 1."

He charged at me but I jumped to the side and stabbed him.

As he disintegrated he said which is weird because he doesn't talk," The Sky shall rise again."

I ran to find Annabeth and Grover and found them at Camp Half-Blood.

"Guys you should get him some nectar and get him to the infirmary fast."

Before they left Grover said "Percy Chiron wants you. Says it's important."


I went to the Big House and Chiron was waiting their.

"Hello Percy," he said," Glad you could make it."

"Thanks Chiron. What's so important that you have to tell me right before my big test tomorrow."

"Well we need you to see Rachel to have a Prophecy because if my hunch is right, he Gods are in trouble now."

"Okay Chiron I'll go."

I went to Rachel's cave where she always is during the summer.

"Rachel," I said looking for her," I have something to ask you."

She then came from the cave into the light and she saw me.

"Hey Percy. What do you need."

"Can you give me a Prophecy that has something to do with The Sky because-" I was cut off when she fainted a little a green smoke spewed out.

"Child of Sea Beware the Sky. If you shall fail the Earth will die. Sea and Lightning must work this day, Or else the Earth will fall when Darkness reigns," she said before I caught her.

"You okay," I asked laying her on her chair.

"Yeah it's just that this Prophecy thing comes every time I'm asked a question."

"Well let's just go tell everyone about the Prophecy."

Sorry for cutting it right here I just can't wait for all the Heroes of Olympus try to save the world again. And if you know Greek myths, then you might know who The Sky is.

Next Chapter: A quest is brought.